Which One is a section created by ObrenTune and was added in the July of 2018.


It is a salmon-colored section that starts with 3 lines. One of these lines will not fling you off, while the other two will fling you off. It then forks into 2 paths.

The first path goes to 2 more parts of guessing the right line, which then leads to a truss to the end of the section. The other path is 6 small blocks (3 2x1, 3 1x1) to go around the lines and also take you to the truss.

Back in the day, the incorrect lines used to completely jerk and fling you off the section. However, this has been changed and stepping on the incorrect line will only tilt a bit. If you stand on it for too long, however, it will still fling you off.

Because of that, this is considered the most broken section in the game.


However, since this section is broken, it doesn’t really matter which line you chose. You can jump and even walk on the incorrect line and it won’t fling you off (unless you stand for too long).


  • It is the last section in THE Tower of Hell ignoring the long Miniature ToH and Anticipation.
    • Since this section is broken, you pretty much win the game if you get to Which One.
  • This used to be the last section alphabetically, but Yxle Terror was added in December, thus changing it.
  • If you step on a wrong line, then go away from it, the line will be frozen until you approach it again.
  • Just like Smashing, this also has "NICE" instead of 169, but it is written 1NICE.
  • This is the 169th section in THE Tower of Hell, and has always been.
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