Not to be confused with Wall Climb, Wall Hug, Wall Jump or Wall Wedges.

Walls is a section created by RandomPlayerONthis and was added on an unknown date.


This hot magenta section contains seven thin, long platforms going around the walls of the section. The platforms are tilted upwards meaning the platforms go upwards as the player goes around the section.

The player must jump from platform to platform around the section.


  • It is recommended that you jump from the edge on the 3rd to last platform as the gap is bigger than usual.
  • Time your jumps correctly.


  • This used to be the 31st section in The Tower of Hell.
  • This was inspired by a section named All Around (Crystonus), which got removed from the game.
  • The gameplay of this section is similar to Wall Wedges.
  • There are differences between the model and the section in-game.[1]
    • The section was originally medium stone gray. This was changed to hot magenta in-game.
    • All of the platforms were not slanted and were straight like the platforms in the section Crystonus made.
    • The section's name was "easy peasyy".


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