Wall Hug is a section created by Flre_Ball and was added on an unknown date.


It is a red section. The section looks similar to Unstable Pathway, but has walls and the parts after it are different. The section starts with 2 rectangular bricks which lead to 6 platforms with neon strips on the side on the walls. Next, there are 2x2 bricks leading to some wedges. This leads to a rectangular brick with three neon killstrips on it. Then, there are 3 more platforms attached to a wall with a neon killbrick on top of it. The section ends with 2x2 bricks leading to the next section.


  • Be careful not to hit the neon on top of the wall when jumping on the wall platforms.
  • When using Low Gravity or a Gravity Coil avoid hitting the neon strips while going up the two walls to the 2x2 blocks.
  • With a coil or Low Gravity you can jump on top of the wall from one of the second 2x2 parts to skip most of the section.


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