Not to be confused with Walls by RandomPlayerONThis and Wall Jump by PyxlDev.

Wall Climb is a section created by Maghster and was added, removed, then added again on unknown dates.


It is a dark green section that looks like part of a rectangular box. The section starts with a thin platform which you jump on to get to the first layer. You then have to cross to the other side of the first layer in order to be able to jump up to the second layer. The second layer has a few wraparound walls on it. It leads to a platform with three neon jumps, the third jump being twice the size of the other killbricks. This leads to a steep slope, which in turn leads to two more neon jumps you need to pass in order to get to the next section.


  • Use Shift Lock to then press W and move your mouse to the left to go around the walls.
  • The wall on the last layer before the two neon strips are scalable, so jump while pressing W. (for mobile users, drag the thumb-stick forward.)
  • There is a shortcut where during the start of the section, you can jump up onto the second floor. To do this shortcut, you need to be able to do one of the jumps from the section In and Out.
  • If Blender is the next section, you have to time your jumps on the last jumps.


  • This is the 28th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This is the only section created by Maghster.
  • This section was added, then removed, then changed and added again to prevent incompatibility issues.
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