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Wall Climb is a section created by Maghster and was added on December 24th, 2018.


This very dark green section starts with a thin platform which you jump on to get to the first layer. You then have to cross to the other side of the first layer in order to be able to jump up to the second layer. The second layer has two wraparound walls on it. It leads to a platform with three killpart jumps, the third jump being twice the size of the other killparts. This leads to a scalable steep slope, which in turn leads to two more killpart jumps you need to pass in order to reach the end of the section.


  • Use shift lock to then press W and move your mouse to the left to go around the walls.
  • There is a shortcut where during the start of the section, you can jump up onto the second floor with a wraparound to save a lot of time, it is quite difficult and not recommended for new players.
    • This shortcut may be easier if the low gravity mutator is activated.
  • At the end of the first layer, you can jump straight to the second layer, skipping the platform that was supposed to get you to the second layer.
  • If this is the last section in a tower, you can walk across the top of the tallest wall in the section and jump onto the platform above it.


  • This used to be the 33rd section in The Tower of Hell.
  • This is the only section created by Maghster.
  • There are multiple differences with the model and the section in-game.[1]
    • The section's original name was "2D area".
    • The section used to be bright green and was changed to very dark green in-game.
    • This section was raised in-game to prevent incompatibility issues.
    • The end slope used to be completely hollow and was changed so it is filled.
    • The first part was also made smaller, since it was bigger before and would cause issues.
    • The killparts in the section extend outer of the section's area and was lowered as per section rules.



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