Violet Violence is a section created by Shaunsnj12 and was added on September 3, 2018.


This section features many strips with neon killparts on some of the strips. The user starts the section with two strips, one above and one on the level of the user. The first neon is on the strip on the user's level. The second strip has two strips of neon and leads to a split decision. The way to complete the section is go to the right of where the user would normally face as the left side redirects you back to the start. Once the user takes the right side, they would have to repeat the process of the first two strips until the end of the section. If you turn the wrong way on the third level of platforms you will find yourself at a dead end.


  • Try memorizing the correct path.
  • The correct path is the one with the most killparts.
  • Keep a look-out for this section before adding the Low Gravity mutator, as it is much harder once you add it.


  • This is the 45th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This is the only section created by Shaunsnj12.
  • The neon on the strips were a bit off but then it got fixed to be more centered.
  • This section is similar to Criss Cross by ObrenTune.
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