VIP Servers are a feature that costs 250 Robux per month and allows VIP owners to set the length of the tower from 4-200 and skip the current tower. VIP owners can even lock the shop if they wish. The only secret section that can appear on a VIP tower is Blank. They can also add mods to the tower (ToH:R is the only mod in the game currently).

IMG 20200526 083207


  • /Skip
  • /kick
  • /Mod
  • /Remove
  • /Setlength
  • /Sban (the s means server)

Admin Commands

  • /Mutate
  • /Revert
  • /Scare
  • /Scare2
  • /kill
  • /Givegear
  • /Fly?
  • /Win
  • /Invis
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