Tower of Hell Wiki

Hello! Since we have recently changed the way our wiki's colored section page links work, here is a new guide on how to color section names on our pages!

First Mention

Every section page should have its first mention of the section's name bold and colored.

To do this in the source code you must put a span around the name of the section including the RGB values of the section's color.

For example, to get the name of Abstract to look like this: Abstract, you must make the source code look like this:

'''<span style=color:#b71911>Abstract</span>'''


For links we have now changed how our colored names work, the staff team set up a list of every section's color in the CSS, now you can just link any section page normally and it will automatically become bold and colored.

For example if you want to link Abstract in the source you can now just do this:


Much simpler right? This change should shorten pages and make it easier for you to use colored links on the wiki!

Let me know if you're still confused on what to do!