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The ultimate guide to section page creation!

This post is an updated guide on how each section page on the wiki should look. The guide applies to all section pages on the wiki. This includes normal, modded, removed and secret sections.

Created by Taps7767 and reviewed by PhoebeOwO, Lookarock123 and ArcFoxCC:


The wiki includes templates for stub articles, modded sections, removed sections and secret sections. These templates should go at the very top of the page (top line of the source editor) so that it is the first thing the user reads.

For more help with using these templates, visit the Help:Template Usage page.


No Art.png
"Gone. Reduced to atoms."
This section is a removed section which was scrapped and can no longer be seen in-game.

TohSECTION Template

This template should be on every section page and is a summary of all the information the user needs to know about a section.

Title1 - Name of the section, should be capitalized in the same way as the page name.

Image1 - Should be a clear image of the section without things blocking it, try to show the whole section in the image (set graphics to max before taking the image).

Creator - Name of the section's creator (should be kept up to date if they change their name).

Date section was added - Should be the date the section was added to the game, leave as "Unknown" if unsure. (Don't use th, rd or st at the end of numbers here).

Date section was removed - Only needed for removed section pages, date section was removed from the game. (Don't use th, rd or st at the end of numbers here).

Color - Colors on the wiki should not be too complicated, if it is a shade such as "camo" please say "camo green".

Difficulty - The difficulty of the section on a scale of easy, medium, hard and insane.

Length - How long the section takes to complete on a scale of short, medium and long.

Order in TToH - Section number in TToH (Formerly if section is removed; "Not in TToH" if section is not in TToH).

Removed? - 'Yes' if the section is removed, 'No' if it is not, 'Formerly' if it was removed and is now back.

Not to be confused with

This line is positioned above the starting sentence of the page. It should only be used IF the section could be confused with another section.

Not to be confused with [Other Section Name].


  • The sections' names should be linked to their respective pages, this will automatically color and bold them.
  • If a section is a modded, secret or removed section, "the [corresponding label] section" should precede its name.
  • The number of sections mentioned should be kept to three or below.

First Sentence

There should be a sentence above the information in every page in the following format:

[Section Name] is a section created by [Creator Name] and was added on [Date Added/"an unknown date"].


  • If it is a removed section it should say "is a now-removed section" and also have "and was removed on..." at the end.
  • If it is a secret section it should say "is a secret section"
  • The section's name should be bold and colored in its respective color, as seen on this post.


Information should describe the section in paragraphs, the length of the information can depend on how complicated the section is.

All informations should begin with "This [color] section..." and where possible it is ideal if their descriptions finish with "end of the section".

This helps provide some consistency in writing style to the wiki.


This heading is only required for removed section pages, it should be a SHORT summary as to why the section was removed, if it was an unknown reason this should be stated.


The tips part of the page should be entirely made up of bullet points.

Tips should be anything that helps the user complete the section more easily and/or quickly; skips far too difficult for most players to complete should not be added to the wiki to avoid confusing readers.


Trivia should all be bullet pointed similarly to tips.

The first point for a section in The Tower of Hell should always be "This is the __ section in The Tower of Hell."

Trivia points may include changes from the original model compared to the version in-game, preferably with an image of the model added to the gallery.


Galleries should have any relevant images of a section to help users see the section better. This may include:

  • Images of the section from angles different to the main image used.
  • Gifs of the section moving.
  • Images of the section's older versions or model to compare.
  • Closer images of certain parts of a section.

All images should be clear.


Should link to any external sources referenced on the page.

Navbox and Categories

The new section navbox should be on every section page as seen below, it allows users to view all the sections in one place easily.

BELOW the navbox in the source editor there should be categories relevant to the section, the categories below should be added in the order listed where required:


  • Sections - All section pages should have this.
  • Vanilla Sections - Sections from the base game, also known as the vanilla game.
  • Secret Sections - Sections classified as "secret sections".
  • Modded Sections - Sections from Tower of Hell: Reborn.
  • Removed Sections - Sections removed from the game.


  • Conveyor Sections - Sections that contain conveyors.
  • Killpart Sections - Sections that contain killparts.
  • Local Sections - Sections that have moving parts in them.
  • Phantom Sections - Sections that include parts that disappear and reappear.


  • Classic Sections - Sections released on June 18th, 2018 (Tower of Hell's release day).
  • Interactive Sections - Sections that you can interact with.
  • Randomized Sections - Sections that include random elements in them.

Below categories every wiki page should include __NOTOC__, this is because section pages are too short to require a table of contents for the user to navigate it.

Example of the navbox:

Need More Help?

This post focused on the format of a section page; however, if you want more general wiki editing tips in terms of how to write information, you can visit the manual of style!