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Welcome to the Tower of Hell Wiki! This is the Manual of Style, an extension to the Section Page Format Guide. We understand that Wiki Users come from all over the world and everyone has a different editing style. This style manual lists the general guidelines that should be followed when editing pages or adding images. It is also used as a reference in the event of doubt or disagreement about which style to follow in pages. Note: This manual also assumes that you are using the Source Editor.

Additional Notes:

  • This blog is incomplete
  • The translator has been removed until a fix for it's location has been determined; however, this is NOT an excuse for bypassing the guidelines that are translator specific (Acronyms, slang, etc.)


  • Use American English when editing the wiki.
    • Correct: This section's color used to be yellow.
    • Incorrect: This section's colour used to be yellow.
  • Sections are not called "stages" nor "levels", please use the word "section" for singular and "sections" for plural.
    • Correct: Perfect Timing is a section created by Archimetropolis.
    • Incorrect: Perfect Timing is a stage created by Archimetropolis.
    • Correct: Secret sections cannot spawn in a private server.
    • Incorrect: Secret stages cannot spawn in a private server.
  • Use the phrase "vanilla section" in favor of "normal section" or "regular section". "Section" should be left alone.
    • Correct: Secret sections are 20 times rarer than vanilla sections.
    • Incorrect: Secret sections are 20 times rarer than regular sections.
    • Correct: Gravitron is a section created by uwuPyxl.
    • Incorrect: Gravitron is a vanilla section created by uwuPyxl.
  • "onto" is one word. Do not say "on to".
    • Correct: The player must jump onto the truss to reach the end of the section.
    • Incorrect: The player must jump on to the truss to reach the end of the section.
  • Do not use slang. The wiki uses a translator and slang may confuse readers on the definitions of a word.
    • Correct: When used, the hourglass stops every moving part.
    • Incorrect: When used, the hourglass freezes every moving part.
    • Context: The word "Freeze" in some languages refers to cold items; therefore, a user could misinterpret this phrase as "The hourglass will make every moving part cold".
  • Do not use acronyms. The translator will not translate it because it does not detect it as a word.
    • Correct: Former builder Crystonus's sections were never in The Tower of Hell.
    • Incorrect: Former builder Crystonus's sections were never in TToH.
  • Refer to players by their username. Do NOT use display names because users with their account's age set to under 13 cannot see display names on the website.
  • All usernames should be the current one that users are using. If a user changed their username, update the old username to the current one.
    • Correct: Hook is a section created by DerHausaufgabe.
    • Incorrect: Hook is a section created by FallingObject.
  • All usernames should be spelled out entirely. Do not use nicknames.
    • Correct: This is Ordinary_Fiesta's 4th and last section that got accepted.
    • Incorrect: This is Colo's 4th and last section that got accepted.


  • The demeanor/domain when editing must be neutral.
    • Correct: It is recommended to...
    • Incorrect: You should definitely...
  • Always write using formal words.
    • Correct: you, I
    • Incorrect: u, i
  • Do not edit in the First-person pronoun. It connotes bias.
  • Refer to the reader in the third-person pronoun with the term "player" if possible. Refrain from using second-person pronouns because they connote that the reader is a Tower of Hell player.
    • Correct: To complete this section, the player must...
    • Incorrect: To complete this section, you must...
  • Do not use the word "Obviously", the phrase "As you know", or any phrase similar to those. The wiki assumes that the reader has no knowledge of the game.
    • Correct: There was a mini radispook behind the snowman in the Christmas Update. This is a reference to ObrenTune's previous game "Radispook".
    • Incorrect: There was a mini radispook behind the snowman in the Christmas Update. Obviously, this is a reference to ObrenTune's previous game "Radispook".


  • Do not change a section's difficulty or length without contacting the Wiki Staff and getting their permission. This is to maintain consistency on the wiki, since everyone has a different opinion on a section's difficulty.
  • When adding shortcut info to pages, only include shortcuts that the average player could learn to do.

Section Image Manual of Style

This is the manual of style for uploading images to the Tower of Hell Wiki that is intended to be used on section pages.

Although Fandom encourages community collaboration in all of their wikis, there must be a level of professionalism as well. If your image does not meet the expectations of the staff nor this manual of style, it will act as a placeholder for better images if it is not similar to an existing one on the page.


  • Do not upload images that display content from Tower of Hell clones, as the developers of those games stole Tower of Hell's models and assets.
    • However, it is ok to take pictures from builders' Tower of Hell based games, such as Fireball's Tower of Hell.
  • If you do not plan on photoshopping yourself out of the image, please remove all effects from your avatar.
  • Make sure to set your graphics quality to 10 to get the highest definition image with smooth edges.
  • Check that your killpart color setting is set to 0° or 360° before taking the screenshot.
  • Try to make the image showcase the intended section only and not include other sections. Ideally, the section should be the first section of the tower.
    • Try to show no avatars in the image if possible.
  • Please name your file. Nobody is in the mood to type in "Roblox screenshot" followed by a bunch of numbers and letters. It makes finding an image easier.
  • Although .jpeg is ok, please upload your image in .png format. The wiki favors .png over .jpeg.
  • Taking pictures on a computer is favored over the other platforms. For example, no one wants to see the mobile controls in the image.
  • Hide the chat and leaderboard before taking a picture.


The main image is the image that goes into the TohSECTION box. It is also the image used in any tables.

  • The image should show the entire section if possible.
  • Please show the start and end platforms of the section.
  • The image should show the section at an angle where the majority of the section is clear or visible.
  • The angle should be a bird's-eye view if possible.


Gallery images are images that goes into a gallery or tabber.

  • The images are meant to show:
    • The section from different angles.
    • A closer view on specific parts of the section.
    • The model of the section in Roblox Studio.
    • Any qualities that makes the section unique (e.g: Nice View has windows on the walls; therefore, an image of the section seen from the outside is ok).
  • Crop or photoshop the Graphic User Interfaces from the image if possible.

If you would like to ask about anything listed in this manual of style please message Taps7767 or PhoebeOwO.

To see more info on formatting pages for sections, visit the format guide.