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Hello user, How's your day going? Oh, and I guess is time to Introduce myself!!

My name is PiXiL-AT or ItzPorcelain, Either both is okay tho!!

Okay so far, I love this wiki .. and I.. am online usually from 7:00 until 14:00! So yeah Is a long time..

Okay now, Starring my 5 favourite section and my 5 least favourite section!!!

My 5 Favourite Section

5) Blender

The fastest Spinner in the game?!

4) Abstract

Ooh, This doesn't seem like an abstract does it??!!

3) Combined

Combined all the pieces in the game ?

2) Rack

After all, Is like a rack .. Good for flicking :D

1) Wall Climb

Godly Shortcut, Skipping half of the section!!

Reason : I like those section since those section are quite challenging and fun, ya know'

My 5 Least Favorite section

5) Aqua

This is.. a .. I hate this ..

4) Hexagon havoc

This is even more worst than its brother.

3) The Challenge

Yeah, Sometime easy to complete !

2) Barrier Breach and Boardway Breakway

Both of them is very boring, Too long!!

1) The agents return

Worst LOCAL ever..

Reason : This section are hard and pretty long, Thats why i hate them ..