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hello <insert name here>! feel free to message me if you have a problem with the wiki.


i don't really wanna reveal myself much, but ill list the important ones.

  • she/her.
  • i am gameing.
  • discord is stevenyw#9999.

Tower of Hell Stats

Level 118

Owner of pink, teal and purple halos, and formerly blue and orange.

Has the biggest skill issue in game.

Places to Stalk Me







Q: what stage did you died at TToH?

A: 134, the filter by pyxldev

Q: can u friend me

A: no

Q: can i have yxles

A: no

Q: are you a developer for the game

A: i wish

Q: you have [Content Deleted] in your friends list can u tell them to do this

A: no (edit: haha content deleted go brrr)

Q: how did you get so much yxles

A: i play a lot

Q: can i buy your account

A: no

Q: why do you edit so much of the wiki

A: toh is fun thats why

Q: ew you like adidas on roblox

A: shut up

Q: stones and rocks are the same

A: they aren't, would you like to keep the question or your kneecaps

Q: i like climb time

A: frick u

Q: u should be an admin

A: its hard (edit: nvm im a content mod now lmao) (edit again: im now officially an admin)

Q: roblox profile?"

A: stevenyw

Q: how long did it take you to make 1,000 edits? I'm tryna get that badge too-"

A: i joined the wiki on may 1st 2020, so it took me about 4 months lmao

Q: A wild rock appeared-

A: pokemon gotta kill them all

Q: who am i

A: you are notsunnysidesplash, the admin bureaucrat for the jtoh wiki

Q: what's your favorite ToH stage or ToH:R stage??

A: Tick Tock is my favourite, and for my favourite ToH:R stage, Tight Jumps because i love the way it glitches lol

Q: What is your favorite Secret section?

A: Definitely The Vault.

Q: How did you get the name of lookarock?

A: Back in 1st Grade, like 9 years ago, We did this arts and crafts project that involved us to mold clay into rocks. yup. thats how i got my name

Q: How much yxles did it take you to obtain the Teal Halo?

A: nearly 150k.

Q: r u a boy or girl

A: im a cactus

Q:What other game you play

A: tf2, spookys jumpscare mansion, jtoh, and occasionally rocket league.

Q: do you like Harry Potter? If so, what house are you in, and if not, state ur opinion on it

A: I've seen philosophers stone movie and the first book, idk lol

Q: if you no play fnaf me shall whack w a shoe

A: alright ill play it, just i literally need volume down to like 40 and zero headphones, i absolutely hate scary games with headphones and volume to 100

Q: opinions on mcyt?

A: they're fine, don't watch em often tho

Q: Hardest Geometry Dash demon you've completed

A: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by RoiMousti, an extreme demon.

Q: E, ggs on beating the 254th hardest demon of GD, did u die on the final triple spike?

A: nah I practiced the final triple many times, i got sorta lucky ngl

Q: favourite mcyt? (no... it's definitely not WeirdoGurl making this... and defo didnt make the hp one... and fnaf one... and other mcyt one... q-q)

A: i don't watch much, so probably quackity or tommyinnit.

Q: Is my bird a Terrorist?

A: to kill a mockingbird, yes

Q: If you're a rock, then why didn't u buy this

A: good lord, i am a disgrace to the rock community, i bought it right away

Q: Rock

A: shut it paw patrol

Q: i also enjoy watching quackity and tommy owo. friends? all my irl friends hate me pretty much-

A: yeah we are friends, i knew you for a while now, both of those youtubers are good.

Q: yay! you're back! not a question but welcome back ^_^

A: thanks lol



Q: Opinion on The Eschaton? (GD Insane Demon)

A: awesome bossfight, gameplay looks eh.

Q: Which section do you think is the hardest?

A: none. they are all easy.

Q: Then, which one is the least easiest?

A: catch zone because funny

Q: What lvl are you (your picture is outdated)

A: still 117. i don't play much anymore, but i like the game.

Q: What Tier are you (In obbies)

A: ive completed a tier 8 i think.

Q: Can you Wall Hop?

A: I literally made a game about wall hopping, so sure.

Q: Are you annoyed by all these questions?

A: nah I like questions

Q: Good. 'Cause I'm probably gonna ask a lot (Because I'm bored).

A: ok then.

Q: Can I also ask a lot of questions?

A: if you wanna. i answer all questions regardless. besides personal things obviously lol.

Q: ik the answer aint yes but wanna friend me on roblox??? i sent request to try and be lucky XD

A: maybe, ill accept you for a few days and we will see how it goes.

Q: Are you the Rock?

A: sure.

Q: What is every type of rock?

A: they are rocks.

Q: Can rocks be our friends?

A: probably. If you are friendly to me.

Q: Can rocks be our family

A: adopt one.

Q: Are rocks tasty?

A: no, don’t eat them.

Q: What type of rock forms from the cooling of molten rock at or below the surface?

A: haha no school for me.

Q: How old is the Murchison meteorite?

A: no learning lol.

Q: Can rocks help me be a better person in life?

A: yeah duh.

Q: Do you live under a rock?

A: I am not Patrick Star.

Q: Do you like rock music?

A: hell yes

Q: Can rocks make me happy?

A: of course.

Q: Are rocks secretly spies sent by the government for the purpose of taking control of humanity and to start world domination while simultaneously destroying the fabric of time and space so that we can ascend into the 4th dimension?

A: probably not.

Q: Are rocks aliens?

A: no. But some are.

Q: who started the q/a thing on the wiki?

A: windstorm bee did it first.

Q: Does the ToH developers like rocks?

A: probably yeah.

Q: Rocks are overrated. Boulders are better. >:(

A: go to brazil.

Q: What does YW mean on ur user

A: idk. 2013 me was weird. i think it's because it's supposed to mean "your welcome" in short?

Q: Why does France hate me?

A: because you said oui oui baguette to a mexican.

Q: How do I exploit real world physics?

A: /e free.

Q: Is it hard to see if you're invisible?

A: probably.

Q: Is ducktape safe for keeping the poopy in?

A: poop.

Q: Do you sometimes bury yourself in the ground and pretend you're a carrot?

A: im not a purple banana, so i don't do that.

Q: At what age can babies brawl?

A: mcdonald age.

Q: Does a Zebra have white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

A: white and black.

Q: Do birds get tickled by feathers similar to humans?

A: probably.

Q: How do I respond to a text that says "ok" or "lol"

A: hack their computer to make it start a different conversation

Q: Is the future already written and we just can't see it? Do we have free will if so?

A: idk lol.

Q: Do fish ever dream of exploring space?

A: probably.

Q: How did the universe start?

A: pyxldev did it

Q: What's the King's Gambit in Chess?

A: frick idk, a frog or somethin.

Q: How to make a time machine?

A: put a clock on it then put it on daylight savings, then put it on a porta potty.

Q: When will the zombie apocalypse start?

A: right now.

Q: What is life?

A: tower of hell.

Q: What's 4d chess?

A: pouring milk before cereal.

Q: What's 5d chess?

A: robot chess.

Q: A 3D human can understand what 2D and 1D is, but can barely understand 4D. So assuming there's 4D humans, can they easily understand our 3 Dimensional world but can barely understand 5D? Can this scenario continue to other dimensions such as 5D, 6D, etc?

A: probably. i turned 69420D a year ago.

Q: What's Algebruh?

A: it's bruh.

Q: Why am I banned from Canada and Germany? :(

A: you started a war and you said eh to them.

Q: What's the outside?

A: corona.

Q: What tribe do? Cold outside. Brog and tribe sit around fire in cave. Other tribe come outside Brog tribe cave. Other tribe all shout. Shout no angry, no sad, no hungry. Shout of other tribe sound good. Brog ask friend Klonk, and Klonk say other tribe shout sound good to Klonk ear too. Other tribe shout and shout. Brog and Klonk like shout sound. Other tribe no attack. Other tribe stop shout and leave. What other tribe do? Brog want shout like tribe shout.

A: i give you fire you give me rock

Q: Greg sad, Greg not have big big rock like Crug. Crug very cool, But Greg not, what Greg do?

A: he delivered pain

Q: [Entity:Monkey.exe] lost in [Location:Space]. Wh4t should I do.mp4

A: eat a banana with monkey sprinkles

Q: does the symbol on the first thing indicate anything? i looked it up on google and it said it's the transgender symbol. i think it's really pog to have trans staff, but im just asking because its the trans symbol and i may or may not be curious

A: yes, i am transgender, ive been pretty private about it but now i feel comfortable saying it to the public

Q: What's the furthest alley from any police station?

A: your house

Q: Where do I get 20 girl scouts cookies, a monkey wrench, a mosin nagant sniper, a jar of peanut butter, a pink tutu and a french flag? No questions asked.

A: go to target and threaten the manager for all the things.

Q: Should Lookarcock123 be promoted to sysop (admin)?

A: the funny misspelling i did on a post

Q: You like Dream Flower?

A: level is beautiful.

Q: Is Fingerdash easier than other hard levels?

A: perhaps.

Q: Am I pregnart?

A: peg net.

Q: How do I know if I'M prengan

A: you would know if you ate a double cheesburger with a chocolate milkshake

Q: I think my dog is pregernet???

A: haha chunky dog

Q: 38+2 weeks... P R E G A N A N A N T?

A: P E G A T

Q: Why is everything so dumb and stupid?

A: because nobody plays geometry dash.

Q: Who's your pogchamp?

A: NotTerry20

Q: Have you ever found love?

A: smoochies, no. finding love is damn hard.

Q: Have you ever been in love?

A: mwa. no lol

Q: Have you ever flown a bird? Or been flown by a bird?

A: ive turned a bird to a robloxian, so sure.

Q: Have you ever carried dozens of bricks down a brick road through a brick door and into a brick house?

A: brick bricks the brick lego brick brick brick? brick brick.

Q: Are you a lamb?

A: im an edible llama.

Q: Are you a lamp?

A: pixar killed me, so not anymore.

Q: Have you tried this GD level called peaceful?

A: we do not speak of that lag monster that level is.

Q: After going to Target, I'm now on the Fbi Watchlist, Cia Watchlist, and Scp Foundation Watchlist. And I think the Russian Government is mad at me too. What should I do? Help!!

A: get your pet and then use their nerf gun to kill them.

Q: Can I fly if I dump oil on myself and It's raining?

A: get yourself obama first if you wanna do that.

Q: Have you completed Bloodbath?

A: not yet, planning to do so.

Q: branecell gow bye bye I has no mor brian seal, me sad. How git grain seel?

A: wheat grains.

Q: How do I make turtles fight to the death?

A: stomp on them and let them kill you first.

Q: Should the poor fill the grand canyon?

A: idk your choice

Q: How do I do a back flip and snap the bad guy's neck to save the day?

A: use compression on his pp to kill him

Q: Is reality an illusion?

A: whirly spiral

Q: Wanna be an admin?

A: I'm pretty sure you messaged the wrong person. But if i'm the person you were trying to message, Yes, of course! I would love to be one!

Q: If you like Friday Night Funkin why didn't you join the wiki?

A: because i don't want to join that wiki. i might do it in the future.

Q:do you knwo who scraco 43 is??

A: no.

Q: How too downlod mor RAM??

A: download wifi free real app on your App Store

Q: Is it fun to be a grilled cheese sandwich?

A: yes, unless if someone mistakes me for a bag of frozen waffles and pours syrup on me.

Q: Thoughts on Bloodbath getting bumped off of the top 150 (based on difficulty) after 5+ years?

A: kinda sad. but it is still a low extreme demon.

Q: New Woodkid or Old Woodkid: Idek why I ask so many gd questions in a ToH wiki site.

A: ive heard about that level 2 or 3 years ago, but i prefer new woodkid.

Q: Ur poopie head. U wiki admin for the 2nd most visited game on roblox. Which makes u bad.

A: dcs moment

Q: I think my arms are stuck in my cabinet again.

A: have you tried opening the door

Q: Do you know what's worth fighting for?

A: for monkey.

Q: When it's not worth dying for?

A: for roblox.

Q: Does it take your breath away?

A: probably.

Q: And you feel yourself suffocating?

A: cough cough

Q: Does the pain weigh out the pride?

A: idk lol.

Q:And you look for a place to hide?

A: i jump inside my cardboard box

Q:Did someone break your heart inside? You're in ruins

A: at a hotel someone through a boomerang at me, so yeah.

Q: Why are people asking random questions that make no sense -_-

A: idk lol. I like randomness most of the time.

Q: Why does Taps7767 keep flirting with Gabe?

A: because gabe hot

Q: Train A, traveling 70 miles per hour (mph), leaves Westford heading toward Eastford, 260 miles away. At the same time Train B, traveling 600 mph, leaves Eastford heading toward Westford. When do the two trains meet? How far from each city do they meet?

A: they crash into each other with a baby flying out of the roof.

Q: Do you like eating babies alive while they scream in agony?

A: ooh yum I love babies. Specifically their hearts, eyes and their pp if they have one for bonus points.

Q: I think I'm prefnet?

A: get McDonald new crispy chicken fries

Q: How do I know if there's an underground society of potato people under my backyard and is trying to kill the human race?

A: new crispy chicken fries or try original chicken fries

Q: Are penguins the Illuminati?

A: weed smoke from club penguin

Q: What's it like to be a pet named Steve?

A: I go mining with Steve in mono craft

Q: I think my cat is a terrorist too?

A: piss on it to stop it

Q: Do you think toaster is the best appliance?

A: i like fork toasters more.

Q: U watching the super bowl or the puppy bowl?

A: puppy bowl.

Q: Thoughts on new players calling secret sections a glitch or dev oversight?

A: i hate it, but i just get used to it.

Q: What's the best gaming mouse

A: my rat hiding inside the laundry room

Q: What's it like to be alive?

A: idk, i get to play roblox.

Q: Who has the longest q/a in this wiki?

A: either me or weirdogurl.

Q: When will I stop asking questions?

A: never will stop

Q: A cute Temmie Appeared! Attack or Eat?

A: eat it.

Q: How do i know if my dog is a french spy?

A: because dogs would say "woof" like a french accent.

Q: Why do I like hiding in people's closet?

A: because closets contain free robux

Q: Is my bird going to explode like a star?

A: yes.

Q: Will my dog eat my dead body?

A: they don't like hard plastic limbs of robloxians.

Q: Do u like tall vampire lady?

A: this week on teenage vampire

Q: What happened to my dad?

A: he rap battled in friday night fricking

Q: Will my pet fish start a revolution too?

A: to make it that they can breathe on land, yes.

Q: Why are my pets so weird?

A: stop giving them Canadian pizza from pizza hut

Q: Why is the sky turning red?

A: because it turned into kool aid.

Q: Do cats and dogs have souls that I can harvest?

A: mmm yum crops

Q: What's your favourite colour?

A: purple or blue.

Q: Cats or dogs?

A: both.

Q: Tower of Hell or THE Tower of Hell?

A: THE Tower of Hell, at least it's somewhat challenging.

Q: I need your help, can you come here?

A: yo, what’s up.

Q: Alright, well hurry up and get over here.

A: hi.

Q: Do you miss old thumbnails?

A: somewhat. i kinda miss it because i was the one who created the thumbnails page. but the new one looks more cleaner.

Q: Should I speedrun TToH?

A: go for it.

Q: Have you ever danced like a rock? If so, how many consecutive hours have you done it for?

A: oh yes i love dancing like a rock. the "standing still" exercise part of it is my favorite. i love it so much, i have danced for it for 9 hours.

Q: How do I convince my victims friends that my cult is NOT a cult?

A: pretend that the cult is actually a carnival for free candy

Q: What's the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything?

A: hello your computer has virus

Q: What is marriage?

A: loving someone when they don't feel like it.

Q: How can a person get marrige?

A: they get a fruit by the foot and eat it together

Q: Can I get maridge?

A: yea ofc.

Q: Where can a person get mardbidge

A: at the shack

Q: Can two peopl of the same jender get myrage?

A: probably.

Q: Were did piple get merige?

A: petter paper

Q: Wat happens after naridge?

A: you make baby

Q: how can animals get morrige?

A: make them eat a hot dog with frosted flakes and mayonnaise

Q: when is marrid?

A: right now.

Q: Marige???????

A: maxige??? gayige?? mamama? hhhhh??

Q: Murried?

A: moomoo?

Q: Why Marririge?

A: because hate.

Q: Have you ever gone to war with the stone kingdom?

A: no, but stone man funny

Q: I checked and Weirdogurl's page is longer. Do you declare war?

A: yes.

Q: What do? Me haz waffle but me no more waffle. i eat waffle but waffle dissapear? I VERY sad cuz no more waffle. I try eat mor waffle but waffle not the same without MY waffle. I miss my waffle, waffle was my life. I suspeck waffle is not actally waffle but FAKE waffle. What do?

waffle bettir than sanwich tho, snedwich not gud, sandsnitch very bad cuz it not waffle, waffle very good, unlikesandwich. waffle iz my favorte. no sandstcth okk? If u give sanwdich me very ssad cos it not waffle. waffle good cuz it very waffley unlike sanwich. i donut like stroowbeary on my waffle cuz it not waffle.if u give waffle with trawbery i sad two. i only lyke butter on mah waffles, mable syrup too. bat i steal ned waffle tho.plsgib meh waffle

A: do you like french pancakes yes we like waffle toast

Q: I officially have the longer qna, think you can surpass me? we shall start war if needed. Good luck! -WeirdoGurl :)

A: notterry20, reel in more questions.

Q: How many Cookies fit in a Shoe

A: 9 million

Q: I just found your Wall Hop Game, HOW

A: how tf did you?

Q: Stone + Rock = ???

A: rockone

Q: Frog + Rock = ???

A: frock

Q: Tower + Hell = ???

A: towel wet

Q: If I have 3 Keyboards, 8 Basketballs, and a Family of Angry Chimpanzees, how long will it take to ride a turtle into the Sun?

A: depends if you can sniff out 159 lanterns and if you like tennis balls.

Q: yOu ArE gEtTiNg SlEePy... 😴

A: I’m not hypnotized

Q: How much chuck could a chuckwood wood if a chuckwood would wood chuck?

A: 42069 wood pieces

Q: Question?

A: Answer?

Q: Pipey Peter pecked a pickle pickles, pickle plop poople people?

A: poopie hole

Q: Decode me. Gnv knmf chc hs szjd xnt?

A: I’m gnot a gnelf I’m gnot a goblin I’m a gnome and you’ve been gnomed

Q: What do you think about the question below this one?

A: it’s cool

Q: What do you think about the question above this one?

A: it’s cool

Q: What is your favorite type of Apple?

A: gala or fugi

Q: What, if applicable, is your favorite font to use in Microsoft Word?

A: arial

Q: What key on your keyboard, overall, is the most fun to press?

A: w key

Q: When selecting a light, do you prefer Blue Light or Orange Light?

A: orange light

Q: What Nintendo console do you think you’ve played the least on? The Most? The Median?

A: the wii because og console

Q: Longest you’ve spent without breathing? Why?

A: 20 seconds underwater irl.

Q: Do you listen to "I wanna rock" by the Twisted Sister?

A: I do.

Q: Favorite GD level?

A: how by that creator I don’t remember the name

Q: Favorite GD Gamemode?

A: wave

Q: Who is hotter, Wolf O' Donell or Link?

A: link

Q: If the ToH Wiki staff team (Including Arch and Fireball) and the ToH builders (Excluding Arch and Fireball) got in a fight, who would win?

A: me

Q: Why does your channel banner have a diff username. Three usernames?

A: because I had that name 4 months ago. Then I changed it because it was stupid

Q: Opinions on Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road?

A: Riot 8 year olds community

Q: If you had to, would you prefer attempting to hit dfjkdfjkdfjk or kjfdkjfdkjfd as an osu!mania pattern?

A: I would do dfjkdfjkdfjk

Q: Opinions on Super Bowl LV halftime show?

A: sweet victory

Q: Do you think PhoebeOwO would be triggered if I called him/her as "Fee Bee"?

A: probably not

Q: Are you proud of Patrick's rock for winning the race and representing your kind?

A: i am so proud of him.

Q: What would you say to someone if they said "My goal is to never reach my goal"

A: I will stab them with a treadmill

Q: If you play SSB Ultimate, are you gonna play as Falco and then do Down Taunt + Down Smash?

A: blur pls and mcdonald

Q: How has Rick May's passing affect you as a human being?

A: I won’t eat for 9 days

Q: U gonna upload a YT vid soon?

A: how tf did you find my yt

Q: Name something

A: something

Q: Gimme a large popcorn please

A: how about large Costco fries

Q: Lets do the fork in the garbage disposal

A: doin ur mom instead

Q: Stone + Stone = ???

A: rock

Q: Wall Hop + Glitchwrap = ???

A: wall wrap

Q: Lookarcock123 + Lookarock123 = ???

A: sausage party movie but with rocks

Q: Knife + Fork + Spoon = ???

A: kniorkoon

Q: Pokemon! You gotta throw a ball at this | Helpless creature who don't know at all | Ya, nothing can stop you... | Have a good time taking care of... Pokemon poo!

Just a song made by me when I was 8 or so... Rate it from 1 to 10

A: 69/1

Q: Happy + Sad = ???

A: saläd

Q: Rock + Croc = ???

A: socks

Q: wall wrap + kniorkoon = ???

A: walloon

Q: Define "Waltermelon".

A: it means that you smoked crack

Q: WeirdoGurl is not answering my questions. Do you win by default?

A: i wish

Q: (this is WeirdoGurl answering above question so put hi as answer) schools kicking my butt and i dont have much time so um- sorry Terry!!! ill get to answering the rest the moment its the weekend, and no, he doesnt win by default (:

A: oh

Q: if I race you would I win?

A: probably, even though i barely play toh anymore.

Q: Ware can i fined gramer ?

A: itz in zeh forest wher u cans gte it!

Q: Define "Koala Harris".

A: it's very hard and long

Q: My Croc swallowed a rock! What do I do?

A: take it to the toilet then flush it. in 5 seconds it will spit it out and barf it out.

Q: WeirdoGurl is making her own questions on her q/a, is this cheating?

A: yea it is lmao

Q: Can I call you "Lowokarock"?

A: if you want to i guess

Q: Can I race you? If not I’m gonna throw all my rocks away!

A: sure

Q: Do you know who I am?

A: you are Gumbolboi2 Roblox.

Q:How or when are we gonna race lol

A: when you feel like it

Q:If I join you and I give you a dominus what would you do?

A: I wouldn’t care

Q: Human or Huwoman Or HuManWomanManWomanHugeWomanMan?

A: humanwomanmanwomanhugewomanman

Q: Say this three time fast: "Sally *!**ed on *!**y *!**shells by the *!**shore."

A: sally did your mom

Q: Are Chickens Edible?

  1. no
  2. No
  3. NO

A: shedletsky is my hero, so I’ll say yes

Q:If PyxlDev accidentally gave me owner and I joined u and gave you inf yxles and level 1,000 what would be your reaction?

A: I still wouldn’t care

Q: what are the chances I get to level 117 like you?

A: no out of 100%

Q: If a person jumped of a train that's going 69420 mph, while throwing an Apple phone (with exactly 3 cracks on it) at 42069 km/h, what is the exact mortality rate of 6.4 pros and 5.7 noobs on 53 noob towers and 210 pro towers (Help me this question is on my homework, DM me on discord RoMaster1010#8536)?

A: the answer is 1337.

Q: is this weirdogurl being nice and letting you win the war???

A: probably

Q: hi hello, just writing this to say ty for being an amazing person, and being kind owo- WeirdoGurl :)

A: aww, thanks :D

Q: im a stone hehe

A: traitor

Q: hope ur having a good time :)

A: thanks :)

Q: You shall be charged 20,000 Yxles and 3 months in the coil pit for your crimes against coil kind. Don't act like you don't know what happened. Your "friend" ratted you out.

A: ArcFox, why did you tattletale on me for coil abuse.

Q: How to confuse the confusing confused confuser confusing the confused confuser confusing the confused confused confuser while the confused confused confused confuser is being confused confused y the confusing confused confused confused confuser? Does that mean the confuser confused the confusing confuser if the confusing confused confuser is confused by a confused confuser. But if the confused confuser is confusing the confused confused confuser, how will the confused confuser confuse the confused confused confused confusing confuser?

A: confus? cuf? conr??? hhhhhhhhhh

Q: Can you invite me to ur private server? User is gumbolboi2. Lol

A: idk

Q: Why do wall outlets look surprised?

A: because they do be poggin

Q: Is baby powder made from babies?

A: yes

Q: Opinions on the YXPride emoji

A: its fine

Q: Do you plan on becoming a cat maid?

A: no

Q: You gonna change your Roblox username to lookarock123? (its not taken)

A: might make it display name, or alt account

Q: Opinions on taps changing his discord user to phil stares into your soul

A: it sucks, and it's sorta creepy

Q: N64 or Wii

A: Wii. I own one irl.

Q: Is peanut butter designed to be squeezed?

A: yes

Q: What happen to the orange thingy that was on your torso?

A: i removed it. it looked too tacky.

Q: If you were forced to bust out a Fortnite emote, which one would you do?

A: t pose

Q: Do you think Taps should update his avatar?

A: no

Q: Are you gonna make a vid called "Tower of Hell, but I'm a rock"?

A: probably

Q: Should emotes be added to ToH

A: no

Q: Do you think Taps is the most respected user who wears both the chill face AND pee hair?

A: yeah

Q: What is the highest ranked tank you've beaten in Wii Play tanks?

A: 4. i suck.

Q: Is Matt from Wii Sports too good?

A: i beat him. he was so hard.

Q: Why does Gabe's fart smell?

A: because he farted in a jar then opened it hours later

Q: Has anyone ever said "Even Steven" to you?

A: no wtf

Q: What country are you from?

A: america

Q: How are you?

A: gud

Q: never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you!

A: never gonna make you cry

Q: Why does Gabe keep kicking me out of Tower of Hell when I say "Push Away is trash?"

A: because push away is trash and he gets elated when he hears anyone say that

Q: Does "q" stand for quotes?

A: sure

Q: "Should Lookarcock123 be admin?" -Lookarock123

A: pp word

Q: "Silent but Deadly" -Sun Tzu, The Fart of War

A: fart

Q: Thoughts on Russia?

A: cool country

Q: "Wholesome Server" -Flre_Ball 2019 (actually said that)

A: wholesome

Q: Wanna be friends(dont have to add me)?

A: idk

Q:Someone likes me what do i

A: be a badass and turn them down

Q:Its great to see this qna again -ArcFox

A: ikr

Q:What would you feel if you have a best friend who everyone likes?

A: that would be epic

Q:Favorite song?

A: idk lol

Q:Who is the messiest person you know?

A: me

Q:Whats the most useless talent you have?

A: i can inhale chocolate milk though my nose, then can sneeze it out in 20 seconds

Q:What do I do or what can I talk about when it gets awkward in chatting with friends?

A: tell them to buy a 19 dollar salami lid

Q:If i eat myself will I get twice as big or disappear completely?

A: twice as big

Q:Is your life good, boring or does it suck?

A: i vibe with it

Q: Will you give me cookies?

A: probably not

Q: When your toilet flushes, does it whirlpool clockwise or counterclockwise

A: counter clockwise. I flushed it right now just to check.

Q: Who Sang XO the best?






A: Technical did, best thing ever.

Q: If you could bankrupt any person, company, country, or organization, who would it be?

A: probably derhasaufgabe

Q: If you were forced to sing either XO or 1,2 Oatmeal, which one would you rather sing?

A: 1, 2 oatmeal.

Q: Is it a great idea for every staff member to ping taps at once to change back his discord username and pfp?

A: yea lol

Q: Do you think taps would learn/practice volleyball to cosplay as hinata?

A: yeah

Q: What's your favorite smell?

A: rotten apple

Q: What is your smash bros main?

A: R.O.B.

Q: Does the fish game in Wii Play remind you of Aqua?

A: yes

Q: If you could learn any musical instrument, what would it be?

A: the recorder that i quit in grade 2

Q: What Is In Your Fridge Right Now?

A: beef testi-meatballs.

Q: How would you live life if JToH existed, but not ToH?

A: i would grind that game 24/7.

Q: Is cereal soup?

A: no it's more like artifical bread with cow glue.

Q: Which would you prefer to have as your room-mate? A goat or a bird?

A: goats.

Q: Which of the following is best pony. Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie.

A: applejack because i love how he fricks the other ponies that he loves apples

Q: How do you casually become friends with poidpd and dcs?

A: oh yeah it's because i was playing with them both and they both friended me like that

Q: Is romaster's avatar too busy?

A: yes, too much things going on the avatar.

Q: If you were forced to talk in a VC with all the wiki staff members, who would you be most comfortable talking to?

A: weirdogurl or arcfox.

Q: Which is weirder, brony or furry?

A: bronies

Q:Can you be my pet rock? :,)

A: ok.

Q: Steven, yes? Wow!

A: even the steven

Q: Oi mate, how yah doin' in Prison? Like the wifi there?

A: i can't even play roblox, get me out.

Q: Is WeirdoGurl also stealing any Coils and/or Halos?

A: yes.

Q: Start uploading more videos >:(

A: I have a big one coming up.

Q: Can you take a moment to talk about Nord VPN?

A: before this answer, i would like to take a moment to talk about our sponsor, NordVPN. use code ROCK for 75% off of a 2 year plan with an extra month free.

Q: Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans?

A: vape the rap

Q: Serious Question: Why did you friend me on Roblox? -NotTerry

A: felt like it, you seemed pretty cool.

Q: Serious Question: What's TowerOfHell_Wiki account? "The purpose of the account is to demonstrate parts of the popular game called Tower of Hell" what does this mean? What demonstration does the account do?

A: oh yeah it's an account to like, do shortcuts, and stuff.

Q: Most prized memorabilia?

A: the time i won a literal diamond medal for a competition

Q: You gonna DM me the hint to your big YT vid? - Arc

A: yeah i will

Q: Opinions on Kai's Osu play history

A: seems cool, hopefully he can find interests in other communities.

Q: Can Threat read?

A: no lmao

Q: Wanna challenge me to the Roblox game called "Basically FNF"

A: sure

Q: What is it about R.O.B that makes it your main?

A: his spin attack move is WAY too OP.

Q: Is the find Mii game gay?

A: sorta

Q: Zoom or Teams?

A: teams.

Q: Name an animal with 3 letters in its name

A: alligator

Q: Should Gabe make a sequel to Aqua called Seaweed?

A: yes

Q: Do you think this might happen to Taps if he attempted volleyball?

A: of course

Q: Is seaweed something that fish smoke?

A: yea, they love weed.

Q: Favorite thing to shoot in that Wii Play Shooting Game

A: the can. It's so fun to shoot.

Q: Opinions on Mario Kart lick?

A: it's cool

Q: Why is Kansas City in Missouri?

A: because movie

Q: What is it like to stab someone with a treadmill

A: bonk

Q: E V E N S T E V E N

A: adjective

Q: So Tetris Game Night in ToH is basically the laser hockey game in Wii Play, do you think Wii Play is NOT stonks?

A: Wii Play is NOT stonks, the only good game I would play on it is Tanks.

Q: Would you rather live in Wuhu Island or GTA V San Andreas?

A: Wuhu Island.

Q: Do you think the Wiki needs a manual of style?

A: idk.

Q: what happened to the paper human thingy that was once on your shoulder/neck

A: cleaned it, looked too messy on me.

Q: What's your favorite Sims patch from this video?

A: not sure, all of them are so funny.

Q: Favorite C418 song?

A: all of em mare sick

Q: Don't you hate those Robeats songs where the tap buttons line up with the start/end of a hold button?

A: I know, it’s so annoying.

Q: Why do you think the Mom in FNF, the one with the weirdest animations, needs the fastest song?

A: because she snorted in her dust from the microphone

Q: Are you a flat earther?

A: I don’t wish

Q: What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to?

A: golf.

Q: Whats your spirit animal?

A: not sure.

Q: Do you like those sriracha hoodies?

A: ew no, they look so stupid

Q: Do you think roblox allowing the glue face speaks volume about their moderation

A: it does, because haha white gooey mess

Q: Do you think Arc (the guy who is asking this question) interrogating Gum looks like this?

A: yes

Q: Do you think that theawesomehgj is underaged. (Potential/unconfirmed evidence: A 13 or older user should understand why Taps reverts his edits and shouldn't get mad about it)

A: probably, but it’s hard to tell just by their personality

Q: What type of rock would be considered Gucci?

A: the rocks you see at the beach

Q: Do you think Roblox has a big problem with stealing game concepts except ToH

A: sorta, we’ve seen among us and fall guys clones in the same month. but I ignore them.


A: ya like jazz

Q: Have you ever attempted to hit the fruit/bomb in Wii Sports Resort Archery

A: yeah I did, too hard to do lol

Q: Favorite thing to crash into in Wii Sports Resort Island flyover

A: the volcano

Q: When will you ever put in the tabber script into CSS? Or do you think I should find a better looking one that fits ToH

A: get a better one that looks like toh style

Q: Do you find it annoying when you type in FNF and Google says "Did you mean FNAF"?

A: I’ve never had that happen to me

Q: When you play as the judge on Apples to Apples, are you the literal type, the funniest type, or the opposite/ironic type?

A: the literal type.

Q: Favorite FNF Character?

A: pee co

Q: In that one Wii Sports Training Bowling Game. Secret strike or normal strike?

A: secret strikes.

Q: Opinions on Smash Melee Fox mains?

A: I don’t like it.

Q: Whats your biggest kitchen fail?

A: 6th one.

Q: What’s A Holiday That Doesn’t Exist That You’d Like To Create?

A: naked gardening day

Q: Name a yellow fruit

A: orange

Q: If You Had To Replace Your Hands With Something Other Than Hands Or Claws, What Would Put At The Ends Of Your Arms?

A: one more finger

Q: You Are About To Get Into A Fight, What Song Comes On As Your Soundtrack?

A: the undying light from super smash bros ultimate

Q: Sum up the ToH Wiki in one word.

A: easy

Q: Is the Emoji Movie a flop

A: it’s bad, especially the PPAP part.

Q: Pineapple on pizza gang or No pineapple on pizza gang?

A: no pineapple on pizza gang.



Q: If you could go anywhere in the world except Gabe's front door, where you wanna go?

A: north korea (probably Florida)

Q: Does Taps's voice sound like TanqR

A: no

Q: If you could add one more word, letter, or number to your current RBLX username what would it be

A: the letter O.

Q: If you could replace all of the water in the world with a different liquid, what would it be and why?

A: hi-c fruit punch

Q: Are you surprised that Roblox doesn't have a popular racing game?

A: yeah.

Q: What is your opinion on Panda Express. (Arc is Viet, so if you give him panda express it is like giving a hispanic some taco bell)

A: god tier food, it’s soooo amazing

Q: Would you mind if the sky rained Skittles?

A: yes, skittles are really good.

Q: Is Arc starting to act immature on Discord, discussions, etc. (Please be honest)

A: well, somewhat because age hunting is wrong.

Q: Who do you think I simp for? 1. Nihachu 2. Pokimane 3. The Terraria Steampunker 4. *insert anime girl here* 5. The Soviet Union 6. Circa1987 7. None of the above

A: all of them

Q: Yo, feet reveal when?

A: look in the discord lmao

Q: "yo wassup. im a rock. i like geometry dash, roblox, geometry dash"

A: geotry mash

Q: If i eat myself will I get twice as big or disappear completely?

A: twice as big

Q: Do doctors refer to IV as Intravenous therapy or four?

A: yea

Q: How come I chew a popsicle like food but I don't poop it out

A: punch your stomach and then flush it

Q: How do I ask a question on this QnA?

A: type it on a qwerty keyboard

Q: When you do the final picture thingy in Wii skydiving. Do you have them face up like normal or point then down and take a picture of their butts.

A: i take a picture of their buts.

Q: So since lifelight would be your music when you're about to fight someone. What happens if you use this

A: i wouldn't mind.

Q: How did it feel to make it to the final round of swordplay duel for the first time (The tiny orange circle thingy remaining)

A: oh yeah, i was super stressed.

Q: How do you physically and emotionally overcome those moments in Wii kayaking when you get alot of ducks on you and you accidentally bump a log?

A: i punch my eyeballs

Q: What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

A: when i was 2 i fell down and broke my arm

Q: Have you gone in to a room and forgotten why?

A: yeah, that happened to me once.

Q: What was your reaction like when watching Smash world of light?

A: i thought it was sick.

Q: Opinions on the new lvl 35 robeats map?

A: it's cool.

Q: Opinions on FNF Fanfiction

A: no. that's stupid.

Q: U gonna try the wave in Cold Sweat?

A: probably yeah

Q: Of all the glasses you could've put on your avatar, why those ones

A: because idk, i decided i wanted it

Q: Have you tried putting deal with it glasses on your current avatar

A: yeah, it looks stupid

Q: If you had to choose only one. rocks or crocs?

A: rocks

Q: Is a hotdog a sandwich? Why or why not?

A: no because sandwiches are not beef

Q: Envision the Wiki Staff in 5 years, basically what the new staff members do, who will be demoted, etc.

A: birthdayisalie will be demoted, and i will still be an admin lol

Q: What kind of secret society would you like to start?

A: the rock society.

Q: Did you like fireboy and watergirl on coolmath back when it was lit? or did you not play it because its overrated

A: i loved that game so much

Q: What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn?

A: i wore a tuxedo and it's looks stupid as heck

Q: If someone asked to be your apprentice and learn all that you know, what would you teach them?

A: i would teach em how to not eat rocks

Q: If the all the States in the USA were represented by food, what food would your state be represented by?

A: skittles

Q: Can this be the first ever question to ever be answered on your qna?

A: no

Q: U r sandwhich now, no questions asked

A: bruh

Q: U no sandwhich anymore, u now a usb stick. Woohoo!

A: crap

Q: U now a ferrari. U will be a candle in 2 days.

A: oh ok

Q: i change my mind, u now be planet in 2 days

A: aaaaa

Q: How to baby with de Grim Reaper?

A: feed it baby powder with pickles

Q: Why teacher not dismiss class when there meteor? Is student kill?

A: student kill moment

Q: Hahah I type with 2 brane cell, do u liek dis questsions?

A: me liek queton.

Q: How river do down yah lol how?

A: I walk a lonely road

Q: Thoughts on this trash user named NotTerry20?

A: hes cool

Q: Why does everyone refer to me as Terry?

A: because tomatoes

Q: How do I steal the souls of penguins?

A: feed them seaweed pizza

Q: Club penguin roleplay good, yes?

A: it’s ok

Q: How long do you think it takes me to come up with these questions?

A: bout an hour.

Q: thoughts on WeirdoGurl being obsessed with Dream Smp?

A: it’s fine.

Q: How much money does it cost to buy the Soviet Union?

A: $200,000,000,000,000,694,200.

Q: How often do trees fly in space assuming worm holes have no effect on them?

A: they just do it because funny

Q: If a controller controls controller, will it control controller controller controlling controller?

A: controller controls the controller with you the controller

Q: Hello, this is the daily thief service, do you want to be robbed for a small price of all your belongings?

A: sure go ahead

Q: Serious Question: Do you make any money as a staff?

A: Nope, I don’t get paid.

Q: If a women has starch masks on her body does that mean she has been pargnet before.?

A: parget.

Q: Is there a height limit on how tall/deep your building can be? Can you theoretically make your building go to the other side of the world legally?

A: it’s possible

Q: Wake the frick up samurai, you have some questions to answer.

A: oh boy.

Q: Do you like Tawa o' Hill by Fix-it Dev and Bob (Bobrentune)?

A: it's fine.

Q: If a pickle can restore the Soviet Union, would it be possible for a waffle to start a French Revolution?

A: definitely so.

Q: Serious Question: Should there be a ToH Wiki Roblox group?

A: i don't know.

Q: Wanna do some rituals sometime?

A: sure

Q: There isn't a rule against spamming or flooding sooooo, E

A: yeah idc

Q: E

A: f

Q: E

A: g

Q: Help, my laptop is eating my doritos.

A: feed it mountain dew

Q: Thoughts on Flash Games?

A: love em

Q: What setup do you use for gaming?

A: ASUS pc

Q: I can't find them, there's only soup

A: what do you mean youre at soup

Q: Why do rats like flying to Neptune in March?

A: because jupiter is stupider

Q: How can a man dig a 6 feet hole if holes don't have feet?

A: he can do it by putting a giraffe on a trampoline

Q: Do fish every dream of flying through my nose?

A: yeah

Q: What's your reaction when reading these questions?

A: neutral

Q: What's wrong with me?

A: nothing is

Q: When will the honey start smiling again?

A: smile for the camera

Q: Who broke the timeline?

A: you did

Q: Do you ever wish you can dig to the other side of Mars?

A: yes

Q: Why do cows not run as fast as a boar?

A: because they fat

Q: why why whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhyhwywhyhHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHHA when and how?

A: why why whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhyhwywhyhHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: If a computer mouse has a cable, does that mean a wireless mouse is a hamster?

A: perhaps

Q: Do you think I kind of forgotten to make some questions in WeirdoGurl's q/a? I'm probably the only reason she gets that many questions lol

A: yeah lmao

Q: Will my dog eat my terrorist bird assuming the Russian Government does not exist?

A: definitely

Q: When will the world become a bagel again? Good times.

A: in 2069.

Q: Favourite question in this q/a?

A: not sure, all are awesome.

Q: Pov: You have a q/a and NotTerry20 has a lot of free time.

A: good job.

Q: Are these questions amusing, weird, confusing or offensive?

A: weird.

Q: If a nut is a nut, if a bird a tree?

A: nut november

Q: Is Among us Overrated?

A: it's okay.

Q: How long did it take to answer this batch of questions?

A: about 30 minutes.

Q: Thoughts on Jailbreak?

A: that used to be my favorite game in 2017.

Q: Is ToH overrated?

A: kinda.

Q: Serious Question:Is it hard to answer these questions? What questions were you expecting when you made this q/a?

A: not really, i love random questions, i didnt really expect any.

Q: Vampire love stories overrated, yes?

A: yea

Q: Are u a pizza yet?

A: pizza

Q: Would it be weird to date my computer mouse?

A: definitely not

Q: I think I'm a chicken nugget again. sigh.

A: it's better than a french fry.


A: eeeer.

Q: 私は今アニメの主人公だと思います

A: chong ching

Q: Anime good or no?

A: it's fine.

Q: Is it weird that I think Tap's profile picture is based on his irl face?

A: yeah lmao

Q: Greg live in Fourth world country, and it VERY hard. You lucky you in first world country. Greg not have any metal tablet. Greg only have stone tablet.

A: greg has 420 rocks.

Q: Greg is lucky he lives in Fourth world country. Here in fifth would country, I can't even find the flying golden nuts, everything has been broken.

A: 6th county!!!!!

Q: Guy above is LUCKY here in sixth world coune4to43hbgo3nibIVfibw93w3vfbPbfeeqVRUeyi3btng'pd[4ggAPVFBBWA3RFFg5

A: 70 69 fuifwvt9gw4ouctog4w

Q: [User:Guy] [Location:Above] is [Status:Lucky], here in [Location:Seventh_World]. We are the [REDACTED] and we have many [UNKNOWN TEXT]. Take your [Object:Medacine] before it's too late.

A: guy guy yug



Q: Do you like macarons?

A: macaroni is better

Q: You have now been overtaken by Phoebe on the wiki leaderboards, how do you feel?

A: i feel depressed

Q: Do you think being a subscriber to Bill Wurtz is a religion?

A: yes.

Q: Is the moon made of cheese?

A: nope.

Q: What game do you dominate when you play it?

A: arsenal or climb time.

Q: What’s the most important file on your computer?

A: my "cool" file

Q: How often does your brain go on autopilot?

A: 5 minutes every hour.

Q: Do you like cards against humanity?

A: yes

Q: When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, are you the type that plays it? or are you the type who thinks that the people who play it are weird?

A: i don't play it at all.

Q: At what point in your free trial of living here on Earth did the saying “looks can be deceiving” really hit home to you?

A: when i was 69 years old.

Q: On the jet ski game thing in Wii Sports resort, are you the madlad type of guy who tries to go into every jump ring?

A: madlad type

Q: Do you think whoever set up the poles in the intermediate/expert mode of Wii Sports Resort wakeboarding should get charged for attempted murder? Or should it be whoever drives the boat?

A: yeah they should go to court


A: rickroll

Q: Has anyone ever called you Rocky?

A: no wtf

Q: Are centipedes based on centimeters and millipedes are based on millimeters?

A: perhaps

Q: How would 6 year old you think of you now?

A:they would think im ok.

Q: Do you think a mutator that removes the start ladder is a good idea?

A: awesome idea

Q: How much do you think Gabe weighs?

A: fat pounds

Q: Who would win in Tetris Game Night, Seren or Gabe?

A: seren

Q: If taps played the winner, who would win?

A: taps obviously

Q: Should Pyxl make more minigame sections?

A: definitely

Q: Imagine if there was a TV secret section, and it allows you to share your screen so you can play Tower of Hell in Tower of hell, similar to this.

A: that's so cool

Q: Envision the devil version of Taps7767's avatar (Taps666)

A: taps4206

Q: Should Archemotopolis be Easy?

A: definitely.

Q: Why does pinwheel look like a clover in ToH?

A: ikr, it's weird.

Q: If Tower of Hell had a fanfiction, would Taps and Gabe look like this?

A: NO.

Q: In Wii Sports training mode boxing, do you punch the thing Matt is holding or do you punch Matt?

A: I punch Matt.

Q: In Wii Sports Resort Return Challenge, do you try to hit Greg in the face?

A: yes.

Q: Is it a good idea for Taps to change his Roblox username to Taps42069?

A: definitely yes.

Q: Why are there more planes in the water than submarines in the sky?

A: because water

Q: Is your avatar wearing a green tanktop, or is your body painted like Shrek?

A: my body is shrek paint

Q: Would you consider this a fair trade?

A: yup.

Q: We could pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars

A: i could really use a wish right now

Q: Do you like Club Penguin Dance Contest Mini-game?


Q: Is are was was are not is?

A: are wassrmmwkorfjwre

Q: How to weaponize beavers?

A: i didnt answer it because poop question!!!!!!!!

Q: Blood good yes?

A: mmm blood

Q: What happen when baby be used as beyblades?

A: bay!!!!

Q: Least favourite question in this q/a?

A: people asking for my ip which i deleted a while ago

Q: Why does the blonde girl always the first to die in every horror film?

A: because haha funny america

Q: Are you my dog?

A: no

Q: Do you think scp-3199 is sexy?

A: sexy and i know it

Q: Not a question, but I like how this q/a went from simple questions to random questions to cursed questions. At this rate, it might end up to gibberish questions.

A: i love it as well.

Q: Where do I get penguin pizza?

A: find a word that rhymes with penguin first

Q: Baby stuck on mah hand when drive drive. What do?

A: feed it lotion with cucumbers

Q: Help, some guy stole the subway station again.

A: make it listen to subway sexists

Q: Hello?

A: yo

Q: When will the universe turn into a money tree?

A: right now

Q: "Yes yes.This is helpful quote!" -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

A: mhm awesome

Q: Should Lookarcock be Burriedchat?

A: bury chat

Q: "Hey guys, is Viper here?" -S_Viper fans probably

A: i don't watch viper much

Q: Do you walk a lonely road, the only one that you have ever known?

A: tower of walkalone

Q: Do you know where it goes?

A: i walk alone

Q: Is it home to you and you walk alone?

A: i walk with my nonexistent boyfriend

Q: Thoughts on RNG? (Roses n' Guns).

A: love em

Q: Help there's a swarm of government drones after me.

A: feed it sandwiches

Q: "This is a bucket" -Spy

A: i has a buket

Q: Scp-682 belly rubs good, yes?

A: mhm yummy

Q: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

A: i do.

Q: "I'm gonna open the window for fresh air!" -Some idiot in the submarine

A: Rock Bottom by TomSka moment

Q: I passed the disease test and I didn't even study. Poggers!

A: nice one

Q: "It's okay, it's safe class! I think." -Some Scp Rookie

A: rookie pawn shape

Q: Was it how in was was in how yes when how and now but if it was is not how then is was was is how yes was?

A: how was it mass pog chap champ?

Q: Should I save up my questions then at the end of the week/month, I'll dump it all here? That'll be around 5 hours of answering questions!

A: no don't do it, i like answering every day

Q: Should I make fan fiction called "DerHausaufBabe"?

A: mmm yes

Q: Where are the askers my friend?

A: its me

Q: We see there are no askers anywhere.

A: its me look with your eyes


A: im here jacka*s.


A: im the asker.


A: i asked, now look idiot

Q: NOBODY THAT ASKED YOU, in the world.

A: lmao

Q: /..,./$%>/,44$$$5??

A: @&$(*!*)*)#@*)!@!!!!!!!

Q: Hello humanoid entity from the 3rd dimension!

A: yo whats up

Q: How to stop lions from finding the lost city of atlantis?

A: kill it with a phiranna

Q: How to climb a tree?

A: climb with a truss.

Q: Hottest disney character?

A: snow white

Q: Hello, I drew my friends! Here's the drawing:

Q: Do you like the drawing?

A: love it.

Q: I noticed in your f̶a̶c̶e̶ chest reveal that you held a ukulele. Do you play that irl?

A: i do.

Q: What happens if I ping @Evreyone and accidentally typo and entered @everyone

A: nothing will happen.

Q: In Wii Bowling, do you spend more time throwing the ball backwards than actually bowling?

A: yeah i do that it's funny

Q: If you could add/remove one thing to Parkourmaster, what would you do?

A: Remove the curvy line at the first part.

Q: Opinions on the Air Curler

A: it's fine.

Q: If you had to replace your voice with a TTS, which TTS person woud you want your voice to be?

A: jennifer voice.

Q: Opinions on Roblox allowing pooping simulator?

A: shart simulator

Q: Imaging FNF Ballistic with this mod

A: oh damn that's challenging

Q: Like my uncle once said, comes great power comes great _______________

A: poop in a urinal

Q: Since the recorder would be the instrument you would play if you picked up an instrument, would this guy motivate you to keep practicing?

A: yes 100%

Q: Did you watch the Lil Nas X Roblox concert? If so, did he break for you

A: gray lil nas x go brrr. and he did break lol

Q: How often do you use the find and replace feature on this wiki?

A: practically never

Q: Imagine an IRL human of your avatar, with the person wearing no clothes, having his torso painted green and his legs painted black, and having real antlers

A: oh piss i don't wanna imagine that

Q: How do I even?

A: im not sure

Q: If you were given the option of getting the red halo in ToH in exchange for getting banned in a game you play often, would you do it? If you did, what game except ToH would you get banned for?

A: no, i'm not losing progress in a game for a dumb red halo

Q: What if your fav Nintendo franchise theme in terms of best sounding? Most nostalgic?

A: break the targets in super smash bros melee

Q: How do you even see where you're going in Climb Time

A: i crush everyone in the game.

Q: Do you work at Subway? (Brownie points if you know the full pickup line)

A: i don't. i'm not that poor.

Q: Name something you wouldn't want the police to find in the trunk of your car

A: pickle

Q: Imagine if Gabe made a secret section

A: i wish not

Q: Are you gonna make a YT vid where you attempt the extreme demon roulette?

A: maybe.

Q: So I was just going to Taco Bell, and then I hear some gunshots, and I'm like alright I guess Taco Bell can wait

A: thats normal at taco bell, don't worry.

Q: Why does your pfp have two different images?

A: editing error

Q: Show me the way to Minirockopolis

A: do you see east north? walk there for 1 minute, and you should be there.

Q: OwO or UwU

A: none, both are cringe

Q: Does Tick Tock Clock in MK8 remind you of Cyclotron

A: sorta.

Q: Have You Ever Been To A Five Star Resort?

A: never had.

Q: What’s Your Favorite Sports Team?

A: don't have one.

Q: If you were PyxlDev for a day, would one of the things you'd do is to fire Gabe and remove all his sections except Aqua?

A: absolutely.

Q: How many ToH sections can you think of, starting with the letter Q?

A: zero.

Q: What are the most notifications you’ve ever received at one time on Fandom?

A: 9.

Q: Serious Question: Do you have the time to talk to everyone on your Roblox friend list? I have around 15 friends and i never talked to most of them lol.

A: i don't really, but i'm still friends with them.

Q: Do you have the time to listen to me whine?

A: i do.

Q: About nothing and everything all at once?

A: yeah.

Q: Thoughts on rage?

A: i think it's stupid.

Q: Thoughts on love?

A: it's nonexistent in my world

Q: SQ: Do you still play Jailbreak? If not, when was the last time you played it?

A: I last played it in June 2020 with my best friend and we are just having fun.

Q: Steven, You're Weird.

A: ok

Q: Steven, Yesterday.....Why?

A: i wanted to

Q: Yer a Wizard, Steven.

A: im a wat


A: fine


A: fine


A: ok

Q: Am I more than you bargained for yet?

A: yea


A: i see blue


A: i see purple


A: all say can we see


A: o canada


A: maple syrup


A: roller coaster

Q: Is it weird to eat the stuff i just vomited?

A: not really.

Q: Do you wanna get....pOliTical?

A: no.

Q: Stabby stabby stab stab!

A: stabby

Q: The vault code pages stated that I am not allowed to say the code, BUT it didn't say that i am not allowed to say numbers that aren't the vault code soooo, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,.......

A: did you know that sunflowers pee themselves in the stomach more than this question



Q: Would it be cool to own a radioactive hamster?

A: definitely will.

Q: Gabe asked me on what's wrong with me. What do I tell him?

A: tell him to heck off

Q: qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

A: qazwsedcrfvtgbyhbujni

Q: mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq

A: g tre0b9jeg4tuyher

Q: qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp

A: reey545vby65

Q: plokmijnuhbygvtfcrdxeszwaq

A: rewrewrew

Q: flippity floppity!

A: fishhu

Q: I am fish!

A: cool

Q: Blob blob!

A: bob

Q: I am no longer fish!

A: oh

Q: I am bread!

A: white bread.

Q: It is pain being bread!

A: youre gren.

Q: Hello, would you like your eyes to be cut open and be filled with alien eggs?

A: i would eat beef testics than that.

Q: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz

A: buzz

Q: How would you feel if you were flown by an alpaca?

A: i would feel amazing

Q: Why do dinosaurs not have pianos?

A: because they short

Q: Why is the what what?

A: what why anus

Q: When will China become a lovely acorn?

A: feed em rice noodles

Q: Fall guys or Among us?

A: among us

Q: Because of Timezones, do Australians know what will happen in America since they are ahead in time?

A: probably yes

Q: Who's the sexiest user in this wiki?

A: me

Q: Who's the sexiest staff in this wiki?

A: me

Q: How can I tell if my dog is doing a summoning ritual

A: shoot him in the stomach

Q: "I'm 14 and this is deep" -Some kid in a hole

A: edgy kids

Q: "Scientific quote idk" -Albert Einstein

A: confusion

Q: "All quotes are real" -Abraham Lincoln

A: inception

Q: "Top hats cool" -NotTerry20

A: a nightmare

Q: "Top hats bad" -Terry20

A: a dream

Q: "Hola!" -NotTerry420

A: ni hao ma

Q: "Gabe Hot owo" -Taps7767 probably

A: taps simp

Q: Who would win in a fight? Derwafflegabe or SirenDeputy?

A: sirendeputy

Q: How would the world end?

A: it will explode by me

Q: SQ: What was the worst thing a user has done in this wiki?

A: someone doxxed me once.

Q: Do you look like a rock or are you looking for rocks? So many questions...

A: sure

Q: Can I call you Rocko?

A: yes

Q: Can I?

A: do it


A: i dont wanna

Q: How to clone myself to start world domination?

A: eat jalapeno cheetos

Q: You're so slow on Any% Speedrun Tower Of Hell 57.867s video -_-

A: shut

Q: SQ: Did you know DCS is underage before he got blocked on this wiki?

A: i didn't actually know that.

Q: SQ: Do you find it cringy when YouTubers say Tower of Hell is the hardest obby in Roblox?

A: it is very cringy.

Q: SQ: Do you think [[1]] section TToH is easy but really long?

A: yes.

Q: SQ: Do you prefer the new TToH or the all sections TToH?

A: all sections TToH.

Q: Anyways, back to the random questions!!

A: cool

Q: Does your feet light on fire when you step on lego?

A: nope.

Q: Are pigs good as a source of poop for my poop cannon?

A: pigs are free bacon.

Q: Does the snow ever dream of devouring Canada?

A: yeah.

Q: Why is snow yellow?

A: because i poured vegetable oil on it.

Q: Is there an alternate timeling?

A: probably.

Q: How do Llamas give birth to genies?

A: jeans

Q: Is it possible to fly with enough pooping pressure?

A: definitely.

Q: Why are octopuses so deadly, especially in the Kitchen?

A: because octodad dadliest catch exists

Q: Ever tried listening to a song while singing a different song?

A: look at little tim tim sleeping so soundly

Q: Are we we are?

A: pop

Q: Are we we are the waiting?

A: are we there yet

Q: Hey Gloria, are you standing close to the edge?

A: because i wanted to idiot

Q: Poopie!

A: Pen!

Q: If you become second again in the wiki leaderboards, I'll let you out of prison.

A: got it.

Q: My finger hurts from scrolling >:(

A: cool.

Q: I got a apple I got a pen-

A: not that monstrosity of a video.

Q: Without looking at your user page history, what’s your first three guesses on my identity? (clue: my username is five letters long and I left the wiki in September)

A: I'm assuming DKBer, I remember you saying that in the Discord.

Q: Are you Canadian?

A: no

Q: Am I Canadian?

A: probably

Q: Are we Canadian?

A: beavers

Q: Canadian?

A: tim hortions

Q: Ever wished trees are made of watermelons?

A: i wish

Q: SQ: What's the question that made you laugh the most?

A: All of em are super funny.

Q: Are candle smoke the demons trying to get us?

A: yes

Q: Would it be wrong to fill a room with explosive radioactive poopies?

A: definitely.

Q: Oursongistheslammingscreendoorsneakin'outlate, tapping on your window!


Q: Where it began, I can't begin to knowing.

A: poems

Q: But then I know it's growing strong.

A: fart

Q: Was in the spring.

A: so uh what to put here

Q: And spring became the summer.

A: summer is better than winter

Q: Who'd have believed you'd come along.

A: no

Q: Hands, touching hands.

A: ughhitgych

Q: Reaching out, touching me, touching you...

A: i dont watch anime



Q: Ever tried eating wooden stools?

A: no

Q: What would happen if two cars crash into each other if the year is 1203?

A: they would eat car

Q: How do I stop Africa from a minute passing every 60 seconds?

A: ask bill bezos

Q: Ze French has entered le Chat.

A: oui oui baguette

Q: Why did you vote "Don't Jump" on the poll? There's no apostrophe in Dont Jump -_-

A: I'm stupid, sorry.


A: no.

Q: yes? noooooo

A: hey hoo

Q: What's it like to swim up the grand canyon?

A: idk.

Q: Would it be wrong to start a zombie apocalypse? The zombies are vegan, of course.

A: Nope.

Q: Gimme PS5!

A: How about a ps69

Q: """""""""""?

A: )))))))))))))))))))





Q: Are trees secretly government robots?

A: yeah.

Q: What happens after a human becomes a peanut?

A: they turn into a cashew

Q: Yo, wanna challenge the sun to a rap battle?

A: sure

Q: How to make people vomit at acceptable levels?

A: feed em prune juice

Q: Why did you fly?

A: Because i wanted to



Q: beep beep beep beep!

A: bop

Q: boop boop boop boop boop!

A: friday night fricking

Q: Treeeeeeeeeee!

A: ugioviuot4ew

Q: Quilalallallalalalalalalalalalal!

A: lalallala

Q: ahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!


Q: ._.?

A: pensive

Q: -_-?

A: poop

Q: O_O?

A: owo


A: uwu

Q: 8_8?

A: 9_9

Q: 88_88?

A: eighty ate

Q: \ ( ᐛ ) /

A: Sharts



Q: What how yes?

A: yes no what

Q: C4n4d14n?.mp4

A: tyv5u8rhy945.png

Q: How do I hide my weaponized duck in my closet without my room mate finding out??

A: Feed it WalMart.

Q: Translate this for me: jay toe

A: jukes towers of hell

Q: Is my frog working for the italian mafia?

A: definitely

Q: Is my dog a russian spy too?

A: yup

Q: Is it safe to take a cruise with a guy named william?

A: no

Q: Can I strap my hamster onto a jet plane?

A: just give them some poisoned dill pickles

Q: Why did the guy hand me a menu at the pet store?

A: because he thirsty

Q: Why am I?

A: fart

Q: What's the true capacity of a butt?

A: poop

Q: Why am I afraid of the demons in my shed?

A: because they hate hoes

Q: Is pasta the hair of italians?

A: defenitely.

Q: Is it painful to drop in an underwater volcano?

A: no.

Q: Would it be wrong to stab stab?

A: basket badminton

Q: I think I swallowed an entire country?

A: quick, eat some water.

Q: Do you like this restaurant called "Graveyard"? You can choose any sort of food in there! Although, digging up the food is bit tedious.

A: i love it, especially their rotten flesh desert.

Q: Can I slap people with my hot and toasted corn on a stick?

A: corn mmmmm

Q: Is it wrong to eat people's chairs while they're sitting on it?

A: yes

Q: Why am I afraid of polar bears?

A: because they white

Q: Would it be fun to strap yourself on a rocketship with extra ducktape?

A: no

Q: Do turtles ever dream of creating communism?

A: nope.


A: spit it out

Q: The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star

A: shoot the star down

Q: He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do

A: two trucks having

Q: Frick friday night funking. I play CLub penguin.

A: I hope Skid and Pump takes your souls.


A: y u6ibkeu45brn


A: uy6nrm8uyhjb8


A: [[2]]


A: hujtru9yb9u5iyrogu6


A: dqw4w9wgxcq


A: poicuc09!!!!!!!


A: pico school


A: pop corn the pop

Q: Want A Peanut?

A: nut november


A: the i of it reference?

Q: Waifu reveal?

A: i don't watch anime.











Q: SQ: Do you play Minecraft?

A: I do occasionally

Q: Does "/s" stand for serious?

A: I think?

Q: Is the poopies too dangerous?

A: yes

Q: Why did my duck fly away?

A: because ducky

Q: I think I just became scottish after watching Ducktales :/

A: oi m8

Q: yOu wIll dO fEet ReVeal. YoU aRe BeiNg HiPnOtisEd.

A: no

Q: Are you a duck?

A: nope

Q: Chairs and Bears or Coats and Goats?

A: chairs

Q: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Hint: Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy.

A: 42

Q: What's 20 + 21 then?

A: 19

Q: How can I tell if my friends are changing the pipes again?

A: shjygvit4gbe

Q: return the slabbbbbbb

A: nuttr

Q: Is it possible to attack walruses?

A: nope

Q: Why are walruses so aggressive towards the CIA?

A: idk.

Q: Are pandas secretly Elon Musk?

A: probably not

Q: What the hells your name?

A: steven

Q: What's your pleasure and what is your pain?

A: i like toh and i suffer

Q: Do you dream too much?

A: i dont

Q: Do you think what you need is a crutch?

A: utfi5ewnyvohetrfdhtr









Q: What's my age again?

A: i forgot, 69?

Q: "Tis quote poetic, it is" -Wheeliam Sackspear probably

A: romeo romeo pull down ur hair

Q: Do all Redditors have people in their basement?

A: reddit moment sucks

Q: Ur poopie head u have longest q/a which maek ur bad


Q: I went to forest to get grammar and it is true! There is grammar in ze forest! oh noes, me loosing de the gramgram agein, wat do?

A: fed iz gras!!

Q: Nah morr grassmar eyen je foilest, swat duu?

A: fjiy5uier9byu5htjyt

Q: Would it be wrong to show people my toilet collection?

A: no.

Q: How often do pandas go to the matrix?

A: once every friday

Q: Is it painful to put a bird inside of a jet plane?

A: sure

Q: LOwOkarock

A: NO.

Q: Did you celebrate international women's day yesterday (march 8th)

A: I did, happy female day.

Q: Opinions on this poll

A: i don't care, it's funny.

Q: Favorite body part to press on your Mii in Wii Play

A: the pen island

Q: Which game is the fun to shuffle between A and B on the home screen, Wii sports, Wii sports resort or Wii play?

A: Wii Sports, i love it.

Q: Is Poofesure good

A: yes

Q: Do you eat food?

A: yes

Q: Do you remember this game called the impossible quiz?

A: yeah i do

Q: Opinions on the guy named Ben Dover?

A: he's okay.

Q: Favorite FNF Mod?

A: Whitty or B Side Remixes.

Q: You want me to DM you the other half of that pickup line (do you work at Subway) because it seems like u didn't get it

A: Sure.

Q: Shark diving, bungee jumping, or skydiving?

A: shark diving

Q: Is Panda Express your life?

A: yes

Q: What are the three things you would bring with you to a deserted island?

A: my phone, lots of food, and clean spring water

Q: If you were forced to listen to one of these songs for an hour, would you listen to 1 2 Oatmeal or Mario be Playin T Dub

A: 1 2 oatmeal

Q: Favorite terminal montage vid

A: i dont like all of it

Q: Would you rather know the when you'll die or how you'll die

A: how ill die

Q: If all the YX staff members were on a boat, but someone has to go into the water because the boat is slowly sinking because of too much weight. Who is getting kicked off the boat and has to drown/freeze to death?

A: derhasaufgabe

Q: Tu hablas espanol?

A: uno dos

Q: Favorite LukeAFK vid

A: all of them are fire

Q: Do you think the swords in Wii sport resort showdown are popsicles?

A: yes

Q: Do you do makeup with James Charles

A: no wtf

Q: If you're in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone cheer you up

A: left alone

Q: What are you most thankful for

A: toh

Q: Opinions on bread

A: bad

Q: Would you rather kill three innocent people or would you rather watch three of the wiki staff die

A: none

Q: Do you plan on going to Hell (small village in Norway)

A: no

Q: Greatest fear?

A: none

Q: Favorite alcoholic beverage

A: hate alcohol

Q: Do you play a sport (other than Wii sports)

A: badminton?

Q: If you had to give up a game type, is it rhythm games or obby games

A: rhythm games

Q: Do you believe in DerHausaufgabe

A: yes

Q: If you could make a ToH mod, describe what it would be

A: all of my sections

Q: Would you rather have a comically large head or comically large feet

A: large feet

Q: Have you ever took a picture of something, only to realize you were recording it?

A: nope

Q: Another term for "Wife"

A: waifu

Q: Tell me a person's name that starts with the letter K


Q: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


Q: Have you ever attempted to poop in a urinal

A: yes

Q: Why would skittles call themselves rainbow if M&Ms are rainbow too

A: because yes

Q: John Doe or Jane Doe?

A: john doe

Q: Is cream cheese a cheese?

A: cream is a cheese

Q: Why is Arkansas not pronounced as R Kansas

A: idk

Q: Calculator

A: calculate

Q: Where to buy pet russian dolphin

A: uvgi4tyerh

Q: Do you prefer T or T variant 2

A: T

Q: Do you think Taps tried to make his avatar look like hinata?

A: definitely

Q: Do dead people pay taxes

A: yes

Q: Where is the Tower of Hell wiki?

A: up the butt

Q: How often do you use the phrase "Did I stutter?"

A: never out of a year


A: google

Q: where to buy waifu pillows

A: target

Q: How has the breakup of Daft Punk affect you?

A: like the legend of the pens

Q: Favorite thing you learned from Summoning Salt?

A: all of em cool.

Q: Why does Smashing continue to smash even when you try to stop it

A: because they do be smashin inside

Q: Opinions on MK Wii blue shell?

A: it's okay.

Q: Opinions on Toadette's WOAH HO HO YEAAAAA

A: yhuf8ry4t


A: lame

Q: When you get pinged on Discord, are you the type who doesn't mind it or are you the type that wants to hunt down whoever pinged you

A: i don't mind it

Q: Should this be a RoBeats map?

A: not really

Q: Opinions on oversized deal with it glasses

A: no i hate it

Q: Friday Night Funkin' but it's Lookarock??


Q: "When Gabe joined my server, my heart started beating rapidly, we look at each other for a moment and I said "H-hey" in a nervous tone....

Gabe then replied "How's it going?" with a hot and soothing German accent." -Fanfiction

A: 10/10 fanfic

Q: Do u are have stuspeed?

A: no

Q: Why does rock music have no rocks?

A: because it dumb

Q: "When he said that, my hands we're shaking, I didn't expect for him to be online on that day, it was such a surprise to see him. After that, it was brief silence and....awkwardness. Until he broke the silence and said....." -Fanfiction again, probably.

A: 11/10 fanfic

Q: How to write fanfiction?

A: pencil and paper

Q: How to hide fanfiction?

A: sweep it up

Q: How to hide fanfiction from the cops?

A: crumple it up like a white sticky mess

Q: How to change identity?

A: write over it with a sharpie

Q: How to cross the mexican border?

A: trewvtrewtrew

Q: How to start a new life?

A: kill

Q: How to bury the fanfiction?

A: shovel

Q: How to find the buried fanfiction?

A: shovels

Q: How to remove a bounty that the F.B.I. has placed on me?

A: howcrhfierwgw

Q: How to escape the swat team?

A: cops

Q: How to escape prison?

A: chew on it

Q: How to change your identity, again?

A: just say the words "if you don't go im-a skid-adle you"

Q: How to cross the atlantic ocean without the F.B.I. knowing?

A: buckle ur pants

Q: How to buy plane?

A: fly

Q: How to drive plane?

A: car

Q: Is it safe to use a plane on March 22?

A: yes

Q: How to land a plane?

A: jump on it

Q: How to escape deserted island?

A: eat desert and strawberry ice cream

Q: Is it safe to eat sand?

A: no

Q: Is it safe to swim around 20km?

A: definitely

Q: How to escape a shark?

A: eat it

Q: Is it safe to date a shark?

A: yes


A: yreevgy4e5rby

Q: How to make shark sushi?

A: i never ate sushi

Q: What to do if a search team has found you?

A: feed them cookies

Q: How can I tell the search team that I'm not one of the most wanted criminals?

A: give them apple slices

Q: What to tell the court?

A: honey

Q: Why are there bees in the court room?

A: jttrcgewntw

Q: Why are the bees talking about laws?

A: bee

Q: SQ: What's the worst/funniest excuse a user has made due to a warning?

A: so it was me asking someone if they are underage and they said "my friend changed the birthday when i was in the washroom"

Q: I just completed Tower of Stress! Are you proud of me?

A: good job. But there are a lot more to overcome, as tower of stress is one of the easiest challengings in the game

Q: Do you like that Grubhub Boogie Ad?

A: no milkshake girl sucks

Q: What was your favorite part of the Grubhub Boogie Ad?

A: milkshake girl

Q: If you had to use one of these public scooter thingies, would you use Lime, Bird, or Lyft?

A: lyft

Q: If you were forced to ride one of these, would it be an electric bike, an electric skateboard, or an electric scooter?

A: electric bike.

Q: Is it a good idea to photoshop your profile picture like this

A: maybe ill think about it

Q: What was birthday like on this wiki before being inactive?

A: pretty mbtjrhtergdh.

Q: Do you like the cargo ship robbery in Jailbreak

A: it's okay

Q: Opinions on Chaseroony's "face" reveal

A: not cool.

Q: How is that big YT vid thing for you going?

A: it's doing great, i made a total of 0 dollars from it.

Q: Who is the better monky John or Chase

A: joihn rubox

Q: Opinions on the fish called humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa

A: i love it

Q: Do you like Typical crap 2

A: you mean typical cringe 2? not really.

Q: Do you play Theme Park Tycoon 2?

A: OH MY GOD THAT GAME. I HAD 73 LIKES ON MY PARK AT THE TIME. I think I was like 14 when i played it.

Q: What Arsenal announcer do you use

A: epikrika.

Q: Did you feel like a whole new person when you: Joined the wiki staff, Changed from Ramenino to Lookarock, and went from liking to hating deal with it glasses (Rate each on a scale of 1-5, 1 being hardly any change and 5 being yes I'm a whole new person)

A: probably 5.

Q: Do you like Satoru Iwata (President that ordered Nintendo to release the Wii)

A: he's cool

Q: Do you think Morgz is a bad representation of people like Taps?

A: yes

Q: Favorite part about Meat is God

A: meaty meaty meat meat met hviewjygher

Q: Name a time when most people get up

A: in the morning

Q: Name a time when most people go to bed

A: in the night

Q: Something you put in tea

A: tea bag

Q: Favorite B Side Remix

A: pico from week 3.

Q: What was your reaction when Chase noticed you saying cheese tony

A: i was pretty happy

Q: Since you like John Reblex, are you a certified zero two simp?

A: no.

Q: Can you drive a car?

A: nope lmao

Q: Name a part of a telephone

A: the bottom part

Q: Do you play OSU with a computer mouse or a drawing tablet?

A: a drawing tablet, tryhard i know

Q: Do you think playing Arsenal with a drawing tablet is a good idea?

A: oh god don't get me started

Q: Favorite Reggie quote

A: we don't have bill

Q: If you were forced to eat Panda Express everyday, would you be ok with that?

A: yes

Q: Did you play Lumber Tycoon?

A: i did when i was like 10 and played the first version, not the second version.

Q: How do you think ToH would be if Pyxl never saw any of Gabe's works

A: it would be like 2018 all over again.

Q: Opinions on Toxic SSB people that demands Sakurai to put in their favorite character?

A: i don't mind it.

Q: Why does ToDD exist? >:(

A: that tower caused me to have a mental breakdown, in fact i hated it so much i ended up in a laggy server 3 months later where the darkness didn't work and i beat it like that

Q: SQ: Would you mind if I randomly joined you in a roblox game? -NotTerry20

A: not really.

Q: SQ: What time are you usually active? I can't join you because of timezones >_<

A: 12pm PST to 7pm.

Q: Imagine falling off the last jump in ToTS, shake my smh my head.

A: that was me a while ago.

Q: When I make the revamped wiki staff page, should I include specialties? (e.g: Media Specialist, Coding Specialist, Enforcer, etc.)

A: sure

Q: When I make the revamped wiki staff page, should I include a flag representing the ethnicity of each member?

A: yeah

Q: When I make the revamped wiki staff page, should I include the discord tags for DMs?

A: go ahead

Q: When I make the revamped wiki staff page, should I include the roblox profile link for roblox messaging?

A: definitely

Q: When I make the revamped wiki staff page, (I know this will be wrong to say on the page, but I want to know your opinion), should I include a more specific reason for each former staff member's demotion (e.g: KaixZone resigned following difficulties from school and irl)

A: no, that's their business, not ours.

Q: Favorite Idubbbz greenscreen quote

A: that's pretty good.

Q: Opinions on Taps saying he sees web roblox

A: snorts like a bull

Q: If i shoot a block of cheese, does it become swiss cheese?

A: yes

Q: What happens if a colorblind driver is used to stopping at a green light, but he puts on colorblind goggles and now green is go?

A: correct.

Q: Do you think its sad that (IMO) Phoebe's avatar looks better than RoMaster's avatar despite only having 2 items?

A: yes.

Q: So it seems like you like to type gibberish sometimes, but what if I told you that it is a game show answer

A: wtf wow

Q: If you could add one item to your avatar, no matter the cost, what would you add.

A: the gender changing potion lol by whototrus.

Q: Tough question time: If you could bring back Kaai as a wiki admin at the cost of demoting yourself, would you do it.

A: I would do it.

Q: Have you ever talked to Phoebe in a VC?

A: i joined a vc with her, but never talked.

Q: What did you eat prior to answering this question

A: Sprinkles.

Q: What did it feel like doing wiki text stuff for the first time?

A: it's cool.

Q: Are you gonna attempt The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku in the FNF x Miku Mod?

A: it sucks, charting and vocals suck.

Q: If there's a FNF mod called B - Side, does that mean the original game is called FNF A - Side?

A: yes

Q: Is being a staff member on the Tower of Hell wiki your dream role? Or would you rather be a wiki staff member on a different wiki?

A: i like this job, i can't find any other wiki that i enjoy other than this.

Q: Have you tried FNAF World?

A: yes.

Q: Do you think KingLear might ask for content mod role like this? (hopefully he doesn't see this OwO)

A: i think he should totally deserve it.

Q: If admins are orange, and orange is the new black, are you black?

A: yes

Q: Is this torture

A: yes

Q: Name something normally worn ONLY by children

A: clothes

Q: How much debt do you have?

A: none currently.

Q: If you held a world record, what would it likely be for?

A: blowing out the most chocolate milk through my nose

Q: If you could be inside any game, which would you pick?

A: roblox toh

Q: Opinions on people that lick their fingertips to swipe on an iPad or kindle

A: disgusting as frick.

Q: Favorite Nintendo franchise?

A: animal crossing or super smash bros.

Q: Have you ever killed or seriously injured anyone?

A: never.

Q: What song makes you cry?

A: none.

Q: Ever been to jail?

A: nope.

Q: If you made a list on "Would I fight this mutual" for all the YX Staff, who is going in the "Literally never, an angel"

A: i like colo and dcs a lot.

Q: If you listened to sad romance, would you even take it seriously?

A: no.

Q: Have you ever seen a nuke explode in Jailbreak? I have one and Idk what to use it for. lol

A: it kills everyone in the server i think lol

Q: Do you believe in cancel culture

A: no

Q: Are you gonna attempt to fix your pfp?

A: maybe

Q: Is YOLO a drug?

A: not really

Q: Avocado pit huge why?

A: because fat

Q: How to pronounce GIF

A: jay i-f.

Q: Opinions on Anti Vaxxers

A: i hate them

Q: Is Chess a sport?

A: it technically is.

Q: If Cyclotron spins T, does the tower become a helicopter and fly away?

A: yes.

Q: Is it ok to drink expired milk?

A: maybe

Q: What happens if you drink expired milk

A: you implode

Q: Can I keep a duck?

A: yes

Q: Can you milk a kangaroo?

A: definitely

Q: Can I

A: yes.

Q: Is climate change real?

A: perhaps

Q: Do you believe in Santa


Q: How do I facebook?

A: face into a book

Q: Do islands anchor to the sea floor?

A: yes

Q: How to steal a chicken

A: fart an egg

Q: Name a song that slaps

A: EEEAAAOOO slaps so hard dude

Q: Whats your highest score on crossy roads

A: 42.

Q: Is coronavirus called Budweiser virus in Mexico?

A: yes

Q: Is it stonks for Gucci to make face masks?

A: mhm

Q: What are the chances of you becoming bureaucrat?

A: 10/10.

Q: SQ: On a scale of 1-10, rate my avatar. -NotTerry

A: 11/10, love the simplicity.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, rate my avatar - ArcFox

A: 0/10 (7/10, overused logo on shirt)

Q: Favorite HowToBasic vid?

A: how to put on a c*nd*m

Q: How has your relationship with DCS been ever since he got blocked on the ToH wiki and discord server

A: we are cool.

Q: Do you think DCS's cartoony supreme is cringe?

A: not really.

Q: Which bureaucrat protected page on this wiki do you wish you can edit?

A: taps7767. sorry phoebe.

Q: Do you think this wiki should have a contest on who can make the best background photo for the wiki

A: yes

Q: Who is the better drummer, Nyango Star, Minion, or Arc?

A: Arc.

Q: Do you think there should be a Super Mario Galaxy 3?

A: Yes.

Q: is the 123 in Lookarock123 a reference to 12345 NUMBERBLOCKS

A: NO.

Q: Spell R E D

A: yellow

Q: Is there a black market for rocks?

A: yes

Q: Are you gonna make a "Would I fight this mutual" list with all the ToH Wiki Staff and former wiki staff?

A: maybe

Q: Opinions on this video (Watch it all, it is sad)

A: doctor being an idiot

Q: Iridocyclitis or Kabaragoya?

A: iridocyclitis

Q: What do you think the 1000th question should ask?

A: ask about if i'm a douchebag

Q: What are the chances of you becoming bureaucrat? -Elinn71

A: 110%

Q: Hey! I'm finally allowed to edit, which means I can edit more often! Did you miss me? -I'm that weirdo gurl innit

A: i did

Q: SQ: What are the chances I (Weirdo) become admin, and you become bcrat?

A: you 69%, me 169%.

Q: Guess how much robux do you think my Noob Avatar is worth?

A: 420 robux.

Q: Is Weirdo using "SQ"?? I thought I was the only one that could do that! I declare war!

A: idot weirdgorl.

Q: "come in..." the man said with a creepy tone, in the public toilet, as he slowly opened the door.

A: sure, i like candy.

Q: ew, imagine being content moderator and all you do is moderate this page.

A: cri.

Q: :(

A: ):<

Q: :)

A: >w<

Q: Wallhops are pain...

A: good luck beating my obby then

Q: Hi Rocky!

A: yo

Q: hoi!

A: hello

Q: hoi!

A: hi

Q: Ever tried draining the blood of the poor, innocent puppies?

A: yes

Q: Thoughts on the Stevens DB?

A: it's okay

Q: What's the Staff General??

A: #staff-general


A: yes

Q: Are you part of the O5 Concil?

A: nope

Q: Ever tried dumping mayonnaise on Santa?

A: yea he thought it was ranch

Q: Have you ever stolen the white house?

A: i painted it pink

Q: Can I hack into the white house and turn it into a purple house?

A: sure

Q: Is my bird semi-aquatic?

A: mhm

Q: Can bees raid China?

A: ouch no

Q: This q/a is cool and all but this does not change the fact that in Australia there are 48 million kangaroos and in Uruguay there are 3,457,380 inhabitants. So if the kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan will have to fight 14 kangaroos.

A: fart

Q: Are you gonna flex to DCS that your mod got pinned by Pyxl

A: yes.

Q: When you make fnf seren, are you gonna include his white shoulder bear?

A: yes

Q: is an FNF cat maid gabe a good idea

A: yes

Q: opinions on legless avatars (ex: Poid)

A: Q: Have you ever tried to say DCS as a word and said D**ks

A: never did lmao

Q: Why do you think Taps's fav section is Electricity

A: because he shock

Q: What can you talk about for hours

A: how i can blow chocolate milk out of my nose

Q: Are you gonna make a tutorial vid on how to blow out chocolate milk through your nose.

A: yes

Q: What is something I wouldn't believe about you

A: some kid tossed my 5 dollar bill in the garden in grade 2 and i was weeping

Q: are you going to add DCS in your Tower of Funkin mod

A: yes

Q: If you could redo one day of your life, what would it be and why?

A: the day i met pyxldev was the best day ever

Q: The bored boarder boarding up the boarder for boarder boarders on the border

A: bord board boarsd the bpard

Q: The tender tender tender tender makes his chicken tender tender chicken tenders tenderly

A: mmm chicken

Q: If you were to appoint a president of the internet, who would it be and why?

A: idk lmao

Q: You’ve been tossed into an insane asylum. What do you tell the people there to prove to them that you don’t belong inside?

A: i work for tower of hell my dads a lawyer

Q: You’ve just won an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world, but you can only go if you take three of the people you dislike the most with you. Who are they and where are you going?

A: that guy who doxxed me, myself, and fart.

Q. If you could change your Roblox username at this very moment, but it couldn’t contain any of the odd numbered letters in the alphabet, what name would you choose?

A: A.

Q: Should ROLVe make a chancla melee?

A: yes.

Q: Are you gonna livestream making the tower of funkin mod?

A: probably not.

Q: How did the reindeers social distance in flight during Christmas

A: they didn't.

Q: Can you train a plant?

A: yes

Q: Do you plug your ukulele into an Amplifier?

A: no.

Q: Who said the Wall of China was Great?

A: trump

Q: SQ: What inspired you to create a ToH FNF mod?

A: It was a weekend project with Dyrexinol, we both liked tower of hell so we did a mod of one of the antagonists in FNF on a weekend.

Q: Have you tried to sing along in an instrumetal?

A: yes

Q: Which former wiki staff did you work with the most?

A: kaixzone

Q: Whats your fav anime

A: i dont watch anime

Q: What is your fav YT vid that is not a YTP nor rickroll nor stick bug.

A: mokey's show: asteroids

Q: Cats or dogs?

A: both

Q: Is Roblox stock market stonks?

A: yes

Q: Is Dyrexinol your sibling?

A: perhaps

Q: Do you think the ToH wiki logo needs to be updated?

A: yes

Q: If Phoebe is "OwO" then why is her discord pfp "UwU"

A: because owu

Q: Does Taps eat crumpets?

A: maybe

Q: If the wiki staff played finish my sentence, say a possible sentence we could've made.

A: what rhymes with poggers

Q: Is Kai the most visionary staff we had?

A: mhm

Q: Is Arc a visionary staff member?

A: yes

Q: How far could you drop kick a child

A: 100 feet

Q: If you were locked in a room for a day with OofyYT(doxxer) and DCS, how would it probably go?

A: i would cry

Q: Can you fight off 14 kangaroos?

A: yes

Q: Best comeback argument you've done?

A: uno reverse

Q: What is your most recent google search other than Tower of Hell Wiki.

A: boob

Q: Can you live without the words dumba**, piss, and bro?

A: no

Q: Take a selfie of you in Minirockopolis

A: sure

Q: Because one of your favorite franchises is Animal crossing, do you say this when you are not in the mood to do something?

A: not really

Q: Is it a good idea that Arc posts in discussions for wiki users to ask questions that every wiki staff member would answer, and then I reveal all the answers in a YT vid?

A: ye

Q: Why did MyUsernamesThis become a walking billboard/advertisement via his username.

A: idk lmao

Q: Do you find MyUsernamesThis's commentary annoying af (ok and then were gonna do this and then were gonna enter the jewel and then were gonna punch these cases and then were gonna jump over these lasters blah blah blah).

A: its ok

Q: Is long hair annoying?

A: yeah

Q: What was your reaction like after seeing Arc's message about you getting noticed by pyxl.

A: i was screaming and crying

Q: If weirdo is in New Zealand, then why does she say innit? Is that the power of Tommy and SMP?

A: idk

Q: Whats your go-to comeback in an argument

A: no u

Q: Are you gonna put auto playing music in your about page like Arc?

A: no i think it's annoying

Q: Are you gonna ask questions on Arc's qna?

A: soon

Q: Is this vid accurate? (Taps secret badge)

A: definitely

Q: Do you think this tweet by Kai will make wiki users tell kai to come back?

A: maybe

Q: Since Poidpd's status is "my life if kil, youtube is liv" is this Poid irl when he isn't doing youtube?

A: mhm

Q: Do you feel bad for Floydeye?

A: sorta

Q: Looking back in #General from September to October, why were expectations so low lol. Is it because Taps didn't want a strict/dictating community?

A: perhaps

Q: What did Taps do that got him the contributor role in the YX Discord. Yes I'm asking you because you're not in that server :thynk:

A: he ate a dozen eggs

Q: Should the wiki staff do a discord game night or a finish my sentence to celebrate 300 members.

A: yes

Q: When you first saw Circa's avatar did you originally thought that he was a girl?

A: not really.

Q: What is

A: love

Q: Do you think it's kinda cringe that the navigation badges do not fit completely on your screen? (I think)

A: i think it is cringe

Q: When arc put all the badges on the home page he thought it looked like motherfrickin elevator buttons, what do you think?

A: idk lmaoo

Q: Do you have freckles irl?

A: i have some.

Q: What do you even do as a hypesquad member?

A: nothing lmao

Q: Are you gonna update your pfp with Arc's photoshop?

A: yea soon

Q: Since Kai made a game called "corner clip 100 times" and Taps is a consistent player, are u gonna race him in that game?

A: i wish but taps never friended me on roblox

Q: Are you jealous that the flinstones get to read newspaper engraved in a rock (News-Slab)

A: yeah i am

Q: Are you jealous that Dwayne Johnson name sniped your middle name of "The Rock"

A: im pissed

Q: How often do you use the phrase "Can anyone hear what the rock is cooking"?

A: everyday

Q: have you read my gabe the babe book?

A: i did

Q: if yes, was it good?

A: yes

Q: What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

A: goldfish and oatmeal raisin cookies

Q: What social stigma does society need to get over?

A: the fact that on twitter that everyday everybody has a different political opinion. Like, one day they will support Trans rights, then the next day they support trump, it's really confusing.

Q: What food have you never eaten but would really like to try?

A: i never ate sushi

Q: What’s something you really resent paying for?

A: any type of club penguin plushie in 2015

Q: What would a world populated by clones of you be like?

A: boring and the same

Q: Do you think that aliens exist?

A: yeah

Q: What are you currently worried about?

A: being eaten

Q: Where are some unusual places you’ve been?

A: i went to a place where you get "eaten" by a shark

Q: Where do you get your news?

A: i don't

Q: What are some red flags to watch out for in daily life?

A: don't get people pissed off

Q: What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?

A: the lego movie

Q: When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about?

A: how i faced off idk food

Q: What inanimate object would be the most annoying if it played loud upbeat music while being used?

A: my pen

Q: When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great?

A: when i took hormones when i was starting to shift into trans

Q: How would your country change if everyone, regardless of age, could vote?

A: they would vote for mr obanam

Q: What animal would be cutest if scaled down to the size of a cat?

A: panda

Q:. If your job gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those three days?

A: probably chillax

Q: What’s wrong but sounds right?

A: eating ketchup with steak

Q: What’s the most epic way you’ve seen someone quit or be fired?

A: someone didn't recieve an award at my elementary school, and he cried for 2 hours

Q:. If you couldn’t be convicted of any one type of crime, what criminal charge would you like to be immune to?

A: robbing a bank

Q: What’s something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?

A: work at a pizza place

Q: What actors or actresses play the same character in almost every movie or show they do?

A: i forgot

Q: In the past people were buried with the items they would need in the afterlife, what would you want buried with you so you could use it in the afterlife?

A: my pc

Q: What’s the best / worst practical joke that you’ve played on someone or that was played on you?

A: someone gave me a wet willy once

Q:. Who do you go out of your way to be nice to?

A: my friends and my non existent girlfriend

Q: Where do you get most of the decorations for your home?

A: ikea

Q: What food is delicious but a pain to eat?

A: coconut

Q:. Who was your craziest / most interesting teacher?

A: one time a teacher gave us jolly ranchers

Q:. What “old person” things do you do?

A: i read unironically sometimes

Q: What was the last photo you took?

A: it was me petting my pet

Q: What is the most amazing slow motion video you’ve seen?

A: they are all kinda eh

Q:Which celebrity do you think is the most down to earth?

A: pink weeb

Q: What would be the worst thing to hear as you are going under anesthesia before heart surgery?

A: idk someone stabbing you

Q: What’s the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten?

A: ghost pepper

Q: What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken?

A: i broke a $250 worth of legos one time

Q: What obstacles would be included in the World’s most amazing obstacle course?

A: a crusher that when you get crushed you bleed out coins

Q:What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?

A: did you know that water is wet

Q: What do you think you are much better at than you actually are?

A: i am a god at rhythm heaven but i thought i sucked

Q: Should kidneys be able to be bought and sold?

A: no

Q: What’s the most creative use of emojis you’ve ever seen?

A: eggplant and peach

Q:. When was the last time you got to tell someone “I told you so.”?

A: when someone thought that lemons don't sting your eyes

Q: What riddles do you know?

A: none most are stale

Q:. What’s your cure for hiccups?

A: shout a swear word

Q: What invention doesn’t get a lot of love, but has greatly improved the world?

A: i think yams

Q: What’s the most interesting building you’ve ever seen or been in?

A: i saw a literal townhouse being built in my street

Q: What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?

A: probably a leviathan

Q: This is just the first wave, more coming soon.....

A: damn

Q: Is bossay6 a legend?

A: yes.

Q: Can you play my tiered obby? It's called "Unfamiliar", it s the first thing that shows when you search it up on Roblox.

A: sure, why not.


A: i'm not clicking it.

Q: Trust me, you'll want to click that.

A: NO.

Q: Click that link or else I will dangle from your ceiling watching you sleep as I slowly descend to devour your eyeballs.

A: it lead to a youve been trolled video

Q: Here's another good link. I promised it's not a rick roll -

A: bruh

Q: Free robux -

A: cool

Q: Yxceptional's Theme song! -

A: hcewv9h9yur32542

Q: whats Technoblade's answer to problems? (hint: slaves)

A: pigs

Q: apple or samsung, i needa know for science :]

A: apple

Q: if you have a wattpad acc i suggest you follow the user QuackityPogchamp! And if you dont have an acc, make one and follow QuackityPogchamp! was this a shameless plug?

A: sure ok

Q: math question: john went into a train ride for 4km he walk 3 steps, calculate the mass of the sun

A: 9 miles

Q: Have you ever eaten pigmented fungiform papillae?

A: no

Q: y'know what us staff should do in a vc one day/night? we should all do karaoke but we pick a song to do a solo to! would you be down?

A: sure, i guess.

Q: do you have a phobia or a fear?

A: no.

Q: Name a woman

A: gorl

Q: Why did Pinkleaf get so much praise for beating a tower blinfolded with guidance when anyone could do it.

A: because he is a long haired pink weeb

Q: Is the Tower of Funkin mod changing the characters only? Are you gonna make a disco floor background?

A: ooooh, good idea, but that's a bit hard to implement. I'll just release it without it for now, since the game is in development

Q: Opinions on Ugh by Kawai.

A: song slaps

Q: Favorite thing to slice in Wii Sports Resort Speed Slice.

A: slicing at the same time

Q: When the candle appears in speed slice, do you slice it or do you try to blow out the candle?

A: i try to blow it out

Q: Are you gonna celebrate Pico Day on April 30th?

A: maybe

Q: Look behind you.

A: i see my bed and my bottle of hormones

Q: Opinions on Pico Mode

A: bad

Q: Can you DM me the xml file and sprite sheet for Fireball? -ArcFox

A: sure?

Q: Which is worse, Arsenal hackers or Mario Kart Wii hackers.

A: arsenal hackers

Q: How is your battle with COVID doing?

A: im doin ok

Q: Should there be a ToH Wiki Roblox Group?

A: if we have the money for it

Q: Should there be a ToH Wiki Roblox Twitter?

A: no

Q: Opinions on Piggy winning everything in the 8th annual bloxys

A: i don't mind it, totally deserved.

Q: Who has the most original Roblox avatar?

A: me

Q: Do you think this wiki should be as clean as the Arsenal wiki?

A: yeah i think so

Q: Is it a good idea for all Wiki Staff members to play

A: maybe

Q: Do you like the OG secret sections (Tetris, MiniTower, etc.) or do you like the new secret sections (Bender, T, T var 2)

A: i like the new ones, they provide more variety.

Q: Do you Simp for Ruv in Mid fight masses?

A: sure

Q: can i be gameing too bestie?

A: sure

Q: wait hold up- can i even call you bestie? sksksksk- defo not Weirdo aha

A: i'm fine with it.

Q: Do you think the seinfeld theme was playing in the minds of those who invented the popsicle?

A: yes

Q: If there is a FNF mod for Matt, imagine an FNF mod for Lucia or Abby

A: oh gosh


A: popsicle bike

Q: So Facebook is when you face into a book, but how do you snapchat?

A: you snap your face off and it melts into a golf course

Q: Have you ever binge watched numberblocks with dcs

A: sometimes ironically

Q: Why is your fandom name Lookarock when Stevenyw isn't taken?

A: idk, random i guess.

Q: How is the tower of funkin mod going?

A: kinda weird.

Q: Should you put the yx staff username for damarioguy?

A: no, they aren't in the yx group.

Q: How does it feel to know that you're as old as hatsune miku

A: oh god that feels awesome

Q: How to feel normal

A: be normal duh

Q: How often do you use Urban Dictionary

A: i never use it

Q: Is friday night funkin a sport

A: yes

Q: OSU Mania, robeats or fnf

A: fnf

Q: Do you think the main page of the Build a boat for treasure wiki is for the staff to show off their programming skills?

A: yeah it's just a huge flex

Q: Have you tried to play Through the fire and flames on your ukulele

A: not yet

Q: Can an omnipotent being create a rock too heavy for itself to lift?

A: yea

Q: Imagine a blimp filled with water and it waterballooned a city.

A: omg lmao

Q: How do you look at a triple spike following the death of Michigun

A: i get kinda sad, since ive been playing geometry dash for nearly 4 years. forever a legend.

Q: Who is your favourite ToH Youtuber ?

A: cqqp or myself.

Q: How good are you at Osu?

A: okay at it

Q: Thoughts on this masterpiece?

A: i love it

Q: How good are you at drawing/sketching digitally?

A: i'm ok at it

Q: what if someone told you their favourite vid of yours was the dcs numberblocks ytp? would you be concerned?

A: i would question their taste in content

Q: well damn ig you're questioning my taste in content, Rock! (guess who this is lmao-)

A: cool

Q: how does a non binary person use a public restroom that is separated by sex.

A: go to your assigned birth restroom or use a unisex restroom

Q: If you don't live in Minirockopolis, do you live in Rockopolis?

A: perhaps

Q: Have you ever tried to play badminton with a pop filter?

A: nope

Q: What was it like meeting Elinn in Roblox

A: it was cool

Q: Do you think Gabe chose a German username so that he gets noticed by Pyxl?

A: i think so

Q: Why do catch zones exist when there is Neon Section

A: exactly

Q: Opinions on the second star program user caught using hacks

A: i thought it was so stupid, but it isn't as so bad as the first one. The first one tried to claim that he was good at the game, even though he was hacking.

Q: Hardest JToH tower?

A: If you mean by difficulty, Tower of Cruel Punishment. If you mean what i've beaten, Tower of True Skill, but failed Tower of Difficulty Chart - Classic Floor 10 two weeks before it was removed.

Q: just dropping by to say ily and i hope you know i very much care about you Rock, and im always here if you need me- Weirdo <3

A: yo thanks

Q: and by ily, i mean ily more than mcyt, which is a lot to take in when you really do think about it imo

A: i dont hate it, just it's not for me

Q: last one, but do you (obviously in a besties way) love me? i feel v unloved irl and online by my other online friends D:

A: yea i do :)

Q: can you play Riptide on ukulele?

A: i can't lol

Q: how did you know you were trans?

A: i didnt like my body. and then it was my brain was like "you are female" and i was like "mk."

Q: favourite wiki staff atm in your opinion

A: everyone, they are all valued

Q: have you read any of my cringe fanfics i have on wattpad? if you have then ill probably internally celebrate and internally sob bc theyre cringe :D

A: i did

Q: i feel like im trans bc i dont like makeup, hate wearing skirts and dresses, and i dont like most things normal girls do... help? D:

A: trans isn't a choice, it's a chance. you are loved and valued.

Q: if you could have the opportunity to meet any wiki staff irl, who would you choose to meet?

A: all of em

Q: coke or pepsi? *points Tommy's vlog gun directly at kneecaps* (sike id never point the vlog gun at you i love you too much jdgbedhs <33)

A: both are cool

Q: if you could ever get the chance to go to new zealand, would you wanna take the chance? :D

A: sure

Q: will i even run out of questions?

A: nah

Q: if you were ever feeling confident enough, which wiki member would be the first to see your face? :o

A: everyone already saw it

Q: i havent seen your face yet (but im gonna be hyped up for the moment ofc bestie) but i bet youre more prettier than me <3

A: my face has been revealed before, you just have to scroll up hard in general.

Q: sorry im asking so many questions, its currently 10pm as im writing these and have nothing else to do :(

A: it's okay

Q: can i legally answer my own question and illegally steal gabes sections, legally?

A: yes ofc i can, at least thats one less question you can answer :D

Q: chicken wing chicken wing

A: hot dog and baloney

Q: maybe final question, but thoughts on the person named eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (i calculated and theres 20 e's) who kept breaking rules and not using #help for its intended use?

A: i don't care i think it's funny

Q: before i go, take a moment to realise that ill always be here for you. youve been my wiki best friend and online best friend (basically the same thing tbh) for ages, and im glad we have this friendship, or else i wouldnt have anyone to deal with my annoying butt. i literally love you so much (obvs in a best friend way- im used to just saying ily to my best friends without saying in a besties way... youre probably used to it lmao) and i hope someday we can meet each other irl. im very hyped up for everything that we have to see on the wiki in the future: you becoming bureaucrat, me becoming admin, and of course, the long awaited face reveal. again, i love you so much, and im sorry that this was long and im so cheesy ejdbfehsdbf

A: aw thanks

Q: okay seriously last question: but do you think id get admin first or you get bcrat first?

A: probably me, since i worked on this wiki for nearly a year at this point

Q: Imagine an FNF chart for Burnt Rice

A: oh shoot that would be SICK

Q: Should Arc make a template for the YX staff page

A: yea sure

Q: opinions on message wall greeting

A: it sucks thats why i kept mine simple

Q: How was the toh wiki and the wiki community like a year ago

A: terrible, but community was fine.

Q: Funniest vandalism edit you've seen

A: someone posted the lyrics to never gonna give you up, and another time there was a copypasta about whale cocoon.

Q: Imagine the movie night with that horrible movie, but we all had out mics on for genuine reactions.

A: that would be fricking sick

Q: What do you do on pride month?

A: i do nothing i'm just like "ok"

Q: Read the Community central's Assume good faith and tell me a wiki other than this one that follows that practice

A: sure

Q: Are you still a pro at sneezing chocolate milk out of your nose?

A: yup

Q: If your fav page is rocks and crocs, wheres the page lol

A: idk must have been deleted

Q: If there is a volleyball anime, imagine a badminton anime. If there is one, would you watch it?

A: probably

Q: What was your reaction to seeing Kai helping out the new pages.

A: i think it's cool

Q: hey i found u in mathfacter video

A: cool

Q: i miss you D:

A: same

Q: if i were to make a toh fanfic but its actually memes/incorrect quotes and not a fanfic, would you be down to be in it?

A: mmm maybe

Q: pov: you're locked in a room with Weirdo (who may or may not be writing these), Taps, Arc, and Kezrant, who do you think you'd talk to the most?

A: all of them, also, why leave romaster out that's just sad

Q: dont you just love it when

A: when you when when whennnnn when you

Q: what fanfics of mine have you read? hmmmm :thynk:

A: not much

Q: this very much isnt me but just another reminder youre my bestie although i say it enough <33

A: aww thats sweet

Q: please gimme an "ily" either in the answer or in dms or i will legally break your kneecaps illegally <3

A: i have no idea how that sort of thing works

Q: would you take a bullet for any of your friends here?

A: probably

Q: whats the best part about working as an admin here? hmmmm

A: i can ban children

Q: listen ik i say this enough but ilysm... i ran out of wholesome things to say but ilysm and you mean literally the whole world to me <333

A: lmao thanks

Q: e?

A: h

Q: coke or pepsi?

A: both

Q: Favorite Camellia Song?

A: i dont listen to those songs

Q: Do you use a neti pot before a sneezing out chocolate milk competition?

A: no i don't, i just do it without anything

Q: Have you ever turned someone into a convertible?

A: no

Q: Do you think the guy who made the dababy convertible meme now works as a car designer?

A: obviously

Q: Why is short longer than the word long

A: exactly

Q: Is corona beer the coronavirus vaccine?

A: yes

Q: Who thought it was a good idea to randomly throw letters on the keyboard and call it "QWERTY" bruh

A: i wouldnt be surprised if a 1st grader came up with that

Q: How does it feel when you swing in badminton and miss the birdie completely

A: it sucks

Q: Opinions on James Charles

A: law breaker

Q: Imagine Dream doing drunk Minecraft like Markiplier 8 years ago

A: mmm

Q: Do you read RTC News on Twitter?

A: barely

Q: imagine this key scenario: you're just vibing and doing whatever then Weirdo (aka the person who wrote this) appeared out of no where and ended up in the same room as you. how would you feel?

A: not sure, i would feel cool

Q: how long did it take you to make that ten dies again ytp?

A: 1 week

Q: man, now that i think about it, Arc, you and i have lost hype on our qnas (with the exception with me coming here and me editing mine ofc)

A: damn

Q: idk why and how but im remembering when you sent a voice message through in staff general saying how Parkourmaster is a trash stage and how Pyxl needs to open his eyes, and whenever i see the words "Pyxl, open your eyes" i hear your voice. should i be concerned?

A: yes you should, i'm gonna come to his house with a nail bat to tell him to change the section

Q: how many edits do you have just from editing your profile page

A: a crap ton, so much that I can't count

Q: idk if youre comfy sharing but whens your bday? im lowkey thinking of making something then very much obviously sending you a picture in dms :D :D

A: check my twitter, i put it there

Q: im very annoying, right? asking for science ofc :D

A: ur cool wdym

Q: my irl friends in my friend group always say im annoying bc i alwAys go on about mcyt, yet one of my friends in said group always talk about kpop yet everyone else doesnt tell her to "shut the frick up", and they dont find me cool (obvs) :((

A: that sucks

Q: pov: im your bestie and since no one else hypes you up much, i do <3

A: thank u!!!

Q: lemme get a mood check since ily Rock <3333

A: thanks :)

Q: we lowkey needa race in toh some day although id lose :o

A: lmao

Q: no worries about me hyping the qna up! i hype mine up too and y'know, im nice :))

A: thanks

Q: man the convos we sometimes have are pretty questionable if others knew, but normal for us ofc

A: mhm

Q: now for the real question i was gonna ask ages ago, who do you consider your wiki best friend/someone youre close to? :tapseyes:

A: not sure all of them are valued

Q: pov: i answer this for you since im nice and will save you one less question :))

A: yes i can confirm i wrote this, now while im here, im gonna say one thing. pog. thats it lmao

Q: if you were to listen to that annoying totinos song and compare it to my voice, do i sound like the person singing? one of my friends think i do rjdgufhbdsufhb

A: what? not really.

Q: i have now figured out how to 'play'jammin, how did i manage it? im smart :)

A: dammit

Q: would it be weird if i said i was sobbing when my fave streamer ended his 24hr stream?

A: i guess

Q: how do i avoid getting people to attack me if i join tower of hell for one second - infernut

A: block em.

Q: its been a while since ive been wholesome tbh- anyways i miss you heaps and i hate timezones atm :((

A: nice and thank you

Q: please gimme words of encouragement that i can remember at school since life sucks </3

A: it will get better

Q: remember when i helped you ratio Kai? yea that was amazing since you ratio'd him

A: yea lol

Q: piss

A: poo

Q: We haven't interacted much lately but.. hi! -NotTerry20

A: yooo it’s been a while

Q: SQ: What are some cool or fun Geometry Dash levels you recommended? (No Demon levels pls lol)

A: encove by jayuff is cool, after processing is really fun to play

Q: Sorry that I haven't talked to you in a while. I was busy grinding in Phantom Forces. -NotTerry

A: ahh I get u

Q: Gimme some section names/ideas (suggest some chaotic/joke sections if you want lol)

A: spacious, spiraling heights, back and forth, air rally, cat clap, pee pee, alcohol adrenaline, lol

Q: Update your ToH Submission game and add No-Clip >:(

A: maybe

Q: Thoughts on Cats (Weirdo)'s Roblox avatar?

A: uwu

Q: Is Phoebe getting cancelled because her username has OwO in it and apparently OwO is sexual

A: owo is now cancelled

Q: which is better, ability to Arsenal or the ability to gameing

A: gameing

Q: Do you miss Weirdo's outdated server

A: I do

Q: Are you relieved that Kai can "take over" during your break in August?

A: yup

Q: What you think this wiki needs


Q: Do you think Sunny comes to this wiki and its disc server sometimes to escape the toxiciness.

A: probably not

Q: Since Weirdo is in NZ, and NZ is ahead of everyone else in the world, should she become a fortune teller?

A: for sure

Q: wth is "I'm thinking miku"

A: it’s from a song called “miku”

Q: How would you react if

A: I ate durian

Q: According to Taps and some other users, Gabe has nice hair. What cut do you think he has?

A: bowl cut

Q: Gabe said his real name is Niklas. Does this mean hes the creator of MM2?!? (Nikilis)

A: IMO yeah

Q: Is Damien lonely ever since the uwu cult was born and seren wears a maid outfit to this day

A: yeah

Q: Where is TBTOT

A: discontinued

Q: When Taps is chill about the Kevin Bass Bee still being around, did it remind you of the "This is fine" meme?

A: it did

Q: Favorite Youtube Vid from 2009 or older

A: greatest freak out ever

Q: When you hear "Its raining tacos", do you feel nostalgia or triggered?

A: triggered

Q: Do you think that it should be a ritual that anytime a player completes Directional Grid that they sing "Do you like Waffles"

A: definitely

Q: Why does Taps like to stare into ppls' souls.

A: because he is secretly that giraffe in tap trial in rhythm heaven fever

Q: Remember that illuminati secret section that duplicates a tower 4 times, with each duplicate rotated 90 degrees

A: oh yea that

Q: Where is RoMaster

A: died

Q: Do you think that User should play something other than JB?

A: yeah

Q: What sound does the bell make at your Christian School that is annoying enough to wake you up.

A: I don’t go to that school, it’s just right next to me. But I hate the school bell, it wakes me up.

Q: opinion on the new :stevenstare: emote?

A: love it

Q: youll wish me a happy bday... right?

A: yea

Q: will i ever surpass you in posts? hmmm

A: maybe

Q: do you ever wish Weirdo (aka me) could go to the US?

A: sure

Q: fave fnf song uwu

A: FNAF 2: Hallway Ambience

Q: What’s your favorite game other than Roblox?

A: probably either omori or tf2.

Q: id ask how you feel knowing Kai's admin again, but ik youre gonna be happy :))

A: feel pretty poggers

Q: oh yea when you said happy bday to me (btw ty for that!) you basically said my name but 2 letters needed to be moved around, will probs spell it right in dms (if i remember) lmao

A: lol

Q: Can I call you "Lookar"? (I always thought it was read as Lookar, lol)

A: No, just call me rock or steven.

Q: Is "123" a reference to the amount of war crimes you've committed back in the 60s?

A: Definitely.

Q: SQ: Are you also chaotic in an average roblox day?

A: Somewhat.

Q: SQ: Who's the best ToH player in the staff team?

A: Me.

Q: Should "YW" be a meme that players would put in their usernames? (ex: Yxceptional has "uwu")

A: Yes.

Q: How often do penguins steal your rubber gloves?

A: they bite them off

Q: SQ:If you could have a custom ToH tag, what would it be?

A: lookarcock

Q: Did you ever play Car Crushers 2?

A: Barely. Not gonna lie, I preferred the original.

Q: SQ: Do you get bored of Tower of Hell?

A: I do, but I still like Tower of Hell, but I have started to pick up JToH as a harder obby.

Q: SQ: Can you add me to your Private server? It's fine if you don't want to :D -NotTerry

A: eh sure why not

Q: how do you feel knowing that im friends with ttal on roblox?

A: holy crap this is a new feeling

Q: ty for including "im thinking miku, miku, oo-ee-oo" in your twitter bio, i now quite like the song XD

A: lmao nice

Q: mk now that you're too swag and epic like me and youre friends with ttal, how do you feel?

A: new feeling

Q: Cookies or Rocks

A: rocks

Q: Why do people say "A for effort" when effort begins with an E

A: E for Extremely Gabe-age.

Q: Can you even believe that Gabe went from parkourmaster to deja vu

A: i can't.

Q: Opinions on Gabe having more sections than all the bottom 22 builders on the ToH staff list combined?

A: dumb.

Q: Favorite "Fun sized" FNF skin

A: Fun sized Whitty is very nice.

Q: Can you even take the AGOTI mod seriously with that one Undertale part

A: no, i can't.

Q: Can you play the lick on your ukulele?

A: maybe

Q: Why does Sergio exist

A: he is a 90 pro

Q: Which game is funner for game night: Uno or Eviction Notice/Outlaster

A: uno

Q: Which FNF song slaps the most

A: south or stress

Q: Does Selever remind you of Gabe

A: definitely

Q: Is the person who mapped the cassanova song blind?

A: yes. The charting is ABSOLUTE CRAP.

Q: How did you manage to escalate Tic Tac Toe into Arsenal with an Admin gone wrong

A: arsenal rubox go brrr

Q: Imagine Tricky mod with "Boss Battle" by Seren

A: holy crap

Q: did ya get a whopper? did ya get a whopper fella? dID YA GET A WHOPPER?- jack manifold 2021 i think

A: hamburger cheeseburger big mac whopper

Q: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Tower of Hell. The sections are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical probability most of the statistics will go over a typical player's head. There's also Yxceptional's cat maid look, which is deftly woven into their characterisation - their personal philosophy draws heavily from JToH or OI:R, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of this game, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Tower of Hell truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in the developer's usernames "uwu," which itself is a cryptic reference to internet memes and slang. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as uwuPyxl unfolds itself on their ROBLOX Game. What fools... how I pity them. 😂

A: mick and rorty

Q: are we castaways? (pls get the reference pls-)

A: i eat the Backyardigans out of my toilet.

Q: are we into the thick of it? (if you dont get the reference im gonna spam dm you :))

A: We're tramping through the bush On and on, we push Into the thick of it But we can't see where we're going.

Q: ok mrs/mr ashley

A: No.

Q: please let this be your 1900th edit- anyways what name do you prefer being called by everyone in discord?

A: i don't mind either one.

Q: SQ: What are some fun obbies that have fairly high difficulty? -NotTerry

A: try moonlit cosmos.

Q: SQ: Why is your display name Ashley?

A: I recently did some legal mumbo jumbo with my real life name, and I decided to legally change my name.

Q: SQ: Do you have a link to moonlit cosmos? Roblox search is trash tbh.


Q: Rocc

A: stonks

Q: On a scale from 1-10, how much do you rage when you fail

A: like 6 if its a hard obby, 1 if its like toh lol

Q: when i (Weirdo) answer this question hehe

A: yea can confirm i did write this :)

Q: when you

A: poop sock

Q: Steven + Ashley = Steveshley? Ashven?

A: ooooo

Q: SQ: Hardest non-JTOH tower you've completed?

A: none

Q: SQ: Hardest JTOH Tower you've completed?

A: Tower of Glitching and Healing

Q: I've just read through your qna... why are my questions so weird...? -NotTerry

A: damn ok

Q: "Oh my god, who is she?"

A: ashley a rock 123

Q: Epic swearing loophole: You're a *bleEp* *bLeEpity* *bloop bleep* *mmmbop* *ba duba dop* *Ba du bop, ba duba dop *Ba du bop, ba duba dop*

A: wubadubadub is that true

Q: How many stars do you give Ket's thumbnails? (Star rating system)

A: none, they are okay, but not the best.

Q: that dm date was fun ngl! when we get the chance we can do it again and we can actually vc this time lmao- also thanks for keeping me entertained at 3am, i wouldve been bored heaps lol

A: yea lol

Q: i actually have 2 questions, what do you prefer more toh or jtoh, second question is why is this qna so long lol

A: JToH is more enjoyable for me. Idk why is qna is long lol

Q: If you made a list on "Would I fight this mutual" for all the wiki staff, who is going in the "Literally never, an angel" part hmmmm (also found from an old question lmao-)

A: me

Q: legend says youre still good at inhaling choc milk then sneezing it out :o

A: it’s true

Q: most important question ive ever asked here. if you could find a way to somehow come to nz then take me to the US, would you wanna?

A: sure

Q: seeing as my poll about a toh wiki fanfic where staff (and others) eventually meet mainly got yes as a vote (also damn Arc was the only one who said no-) should i actually make it?

A: yes

Q: remember how you said shouting a swear word is the cure to hiccups? well i once yelled out frick and my hiccups stayed :p

A: say the n word

Q: opinions on RecD's fnf musical?

A: I hate it.

Q: how can i get rid of my siblings without my parents being pissed at me? asking for scientific researches, obviously

A: fart on a chair

Q: when i renew my vip, we have to race some point

A: ok

Q: whats something thats just relatable?

A: you know those rubber band things you tie with ponytails? Those suck.

Q: what would you do and how would you feel if i ever quit being a mod here? i wont quit, just wanna know because brain go brrr

A: Idek lol

Q: thats sad i wouldnt go on the "Literally never, an angel" part for a would i fight this mutual for wiki staff :(

A: Noob.

Q: It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

A: we broke up

Q: Son, when you grow up. Would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned?

A: ok

Q: Will you defeat them?

A: sure

Q: Your demons, and all the non-believers. The plans that they have made?

A: dddddd

Q: if you take a bath at 9pm during a super hot evening at school in the morning, whats the chances you wake up and play roblox at night with one eye open and the other one in a bucket? no questions asked... :)

A: dream speedrunning apology in the bathtub

Q: Why is StevenYW so *T H I C C* ?

A: because she ate a bagel

Q: SQ: Do you play Hollow Knight?

A: yup

Q: Your name is Bugs, and your colour is orange. If I stab you, will you burst into an orange cloud?

A: yes i will squirt out orange juice

Q: Can I use the orange juice for my cereal?

A: definitely

Q: Does the other staff squirt orange juice too? lemme check... don't ask if romaster is inactive, shhhhhh

A: yes use me as carrot juice

Q: Why is Gamerman randomly putting links in the Discord?

A: he wants to secretly rickrollus

Q: When will Gamerman understand the concept of Sarcasm and Fun?

A: right now

Q: this is a question. if u dont believe me see this proof:

A: this is an answer

Q: how would you feel if i said ive surpassed you in first for toh wiki server leaderboard...?

A: i will come to your house and kill you

Q: are you still a pro at inhaling choc milk and sneezing it out?

A: yes, but i prefer strawberry milk, but chocolate milk is fine

Q: what about pickle milk?!?


Q: if ur gonna kill me i bet you wont actually do it (im waiting!)

A: i did it

Q: pssst you're my favourite staff...

A: dnc

Q: meh

A: my

Q: rocks dont use hacks, they use hocks right?

A: i dont play hockey

Q: Lookastone456

A: i wish


A: go jump in a pit

Q: rocks or stones

A rocks

Q: what happens if i keep asking dumb questions

A: i will keep answering

Q: rock music or rocks in the garden

A: obviously dwayne the rock johnson

Q: rocks or roks

A: roks

Q: stones or stons

A: i hate you

Q: what

A: why

Q: who

A: what

Q: i thought i was the only person in this entire world who doesnt watch anime

A: i dont watch anime either

Q: idk what to say anymor-

A: ok

Q: i and me

A: wack.

Q: abcdefghijkl

A: can i throw my poop

Q: whats the most embarrassing thing thats happened to u

A: idk i farted rn



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