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<insert name here> is a great friend, and i love talking to you :))

ayup, uhm im a weirdo (hence the username), i usually come on here everyday to make minor edits to pages, add any incompatibilities if i spot any in my vip, and add one (or more) question/questions a day!

can he not play with my feelings? its happened twice and i cant handle it...

weewoo achievements time

close to twitch affiliate (first real achievement)- 20/8/21 or 19/8/21, idk timezones eeeee

started 'working' here (idek... aka when i became discussion mod)- december 22, 2020

became content mod here- september 10, 2021 :')

averaged 3 views for affiliate i think- 26/09/21

only just realised now i didnt hit affiliate that day- 10/7/21

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Wiki's I'm admin for

About Tower of Hell Wiki Staff Wiki[1]- Bureaucrat

Tower of Seas wiki[2]- Admin (Taken wants wiki shut but it's not shut down so idk)

This wiki of course- Content Moderator

Tower of Hell Community Sections wiki[3]- Bureaucrat

(watch me get hated for this lmao) JToH Wiki- Rollback

About me

like Rock, i dont wanna reveal too much info about me but ill list the important ones heh

  • i live in nz, i use nzst lol
  • i go by she/her but idrc if you use they/them, although they/them arent rly preferred ig
  • i have revealed my name but eh
  • i said i wouldnt state my age previously but my dumb butt realised i did before, so for all yall wondering im 14 and most likely the youngest staff here :)
    • yes this means i was born in 2007
      • oh also to clarify i was born may 27th 2007 :))
  • if you have any questions about anything, the best place to reach for me is discord! my user (if youre too lazy to hover over the discord button) is I'm that spooky gurl innit#6947
    • alternatively, if you dont have discord, i am on here, but i spend most my time on discord lmao
  • i wanna be gameing like my bestie Lookarock123 and maybe ArcFoxCC?!
  • i dont really post on youtube unless its interesting or i feel like it tbh,,,
  • twitch mod for a friend who streams with me :))

other places you can find me ig (any are good if you dont have discord!)

wattpad- @QuackityPogchamp

discord- I'm that spooky gurl innit#6947

youtube- I'm that weirdo gurl innit

tiktok- @shortpotato420

twitter- @shortquack420

qna rules pretty much-

basically only edit my qna, nothing else- answering the questions may take a while, as im probably busy. oh also if youre waiting for me to answer your questions, please dont send a message on my message wall, as i simply will replace the questions. also no personal questions as im a minor :]

(also saying now if you notice the q's are similar to Rock's and Arc's its bc i took some of theirs from their page and put them here since brain go brr)

guess whats returned? qna time baby!! (most questions i made myself)

decided to bring this back after a while, time to hype myself up for a bit :D (edit: lmao iโ€™m hyping myself up frfr)

Q: why did i remove my og qna?

A: i became insecure about my irl name, and remembered someone said its a nice name so got rid of it,,, only a few people from the wiki know my name tho

Q: wdym by dont send a message if we have questions waiting?

A: im probably either rly stressed, and seeing that will make me more stressed-

Q: when no one hypes me up uwu

A: ew im never using uwu again-

Q: is is true Kai's back in the server?

A: well, if i was shaking, crying, and said in #staff-general "guys" "kais back." "check welcome" "shaking atm" at 7am, and changed my custom status to "shaking and crying atm, wb Kai <3" would that be an answer?

Q: is there any staff you look up to as an online brother/sister, aka staff you can trust w anything?

A: for sure! i can trust Kai with anything (he's not staff anymore,sadly, but honorable mention <3), and i can also trust Rock and Arc w literally anything! :D (edit: haha i can now say Kai's included bc he's staff again) (edit again: o7 kai but it was ages ago and my brain forgor to edit smh)

Q: can Technoblade find the library?

A: legend says hes still looking :eyes:

Q: name ur favourite dsmp ships, go

A: Dreamnotfound (aka superior), Skephalo, Karlnapity, Ponk x Sam (going for ___ x ___ if idk ship name rdhgbndsh), platonic Beeboo and yea

Q: name dsmp ships that just arent acceptable, and give reasons

A: Tommy x Tubbo (theyre literally minors and are uncomfortable with shipping), Lani x Tubbo (theyre siblings, and if you ship them, im gonna cry), any ships that have the minors (shipping is a boundary for each minor), any ships w addison rae and charli damelio (gurl- just no-), Dream x Drista (same reason as Lani x Tubbo), any ships that push a cc's boundaries (example would be quackity x karl but irl- they hate being shipped w their friends)

Q: whens ur bday, and how old will you be turning?

A: my bday is 27 may, and im turning 14 rfgnvfrdngdfoinsj (edit: happy birthday to me lol)

Q: ayo??? why tf your phone shaky

A: apparently its a bug in ios thats been around since ios 6? i have to factory reset if i want it to go D: (edit: i factory reset it and am working on a dsmp layout hehes)

Q: fave song/songs?

A: many- current fave is Mask by Dream, go stream it hihi

Q: fave friday night funkin week?

A: probably week 1 bc bopeebo, or week 3 bc blammed

Q: opinions on people who, when they find out you play roblox, say "ew thats a fricking kids game!"

A: they probably played roblox once so they cant say ๐Ÿ’ฉ about it

Q: whats the highest streak youve gotten tryna get 2 weeks on wiki badge?

A: i think three? (edit as im writing: currently on 8 days lmao) (another edit as im writing: im 2 days away which is pog) (edit: ive officially hit it and am 3 days away from 30 days lmao)

Q: happy 400th edit?

A: happy 400th edit me :D

Q: have you seen anyones face?

A: ive seen mine (lmao-), Arc's, and Kai's uwu (edit from the future woah: why tf did i say uwu- anyways...)

Q: fave roblox games

A: dco's, toh, ttoh, jtoh, literally fnf, and more hehe

Q: If you were forced to talk in a VC with all the wiki staff members, who would you be most comfortable talking to?

A: most probably Rock or Arc, since we have a friendship outside the wiki (not irl (pretty much sadly))

Q: Sum up the ToH Wiki in one word.

A: itscoolbutannoyingpeoplehavebeenherebutimnotnamingthem (boom one word)

Q: why does Rock hate pineapple on pizza and will you unfriend her?

A: 1- its her choice, and 2- wth no id never unfriend her she's been here for me since a while ago and i (in a best friend way) love her to pieces (platonically smh i didnt know what it meant then) <3

Q: if the wiki staff (including Archimetropolis and Fireball) and ToH builders (excluding Archimetropolis and Fireball) got into a fight, which staff from each team would win?

A: i have a feeling the toh staff ppl thatd win would be Seren, Ket, Gabe, and Circa, and the wiki staff thatd win would most likely be Rock, Arc, and/or me

Q: if you got into a fight, whats one song youd love to have as a theme song kinda thingy?

A: probably your new boyfriend, never gonna give you up (to annoy the other fighter), or prabably blammed since its my fave week 3 song

Q: any dumb way youve injured urself, go

A: uhm well once i had a ct scan (dont ask me what that is bc idk how to explain it) before i had some surgery and when the nurse told me to take out my earrings i went to put the back on one of em and stabbed myself :'D

Q: imagine what the wiki would look like in, lets say, 5 years time. who do you think would be staff, and who do you think would get demoted?

A: bcrats: Taps, Phoebe, Arc. admins: me, Rock, Kezrant. content mods: NotT3ken, NotTerry20, KingLear. discussion mods: same people bc idk anyone else apart from those 3 that are active in discussions XD

Q: did Rock predict birthdays demotion and her promotion w her answer to the above question "birthdayisalie will be demoted, and i will still be an admin lol"? :flused:

A: yes

Q: pov: you have a q/a and since NotTerry doesnt ask q's, its actually Weirdo who's asked all questions above :help:

A: yesyes can confirm i wrote those rjdgbnreiosdj

Q: since im apparently stalking Rock's qna for questions to ask and i saw a fanfic one, would it be a good idea for me to make a fanfic that involves the wiki?

A: im all for changing a crap book i made at 12 or 11 to a toh wiki fanfic, but id needa ask staff and others if theyd want their name said (not like i havent said Arc and Rock's name in my ranting book before but thats irrelevant) (edit: ive made one and its toh wiki but on crack i think)

Q: what questions are considered personal?

A: asking to see my face (edit: go through my images in search bar on discord and youll find my face lol), asking for my address, asking whereabouts in nz i live, asking for nudes or my number (not that anyone else lives in nz,,,), and yeet

Q: if admins of toh gave you an offer to get every trail, every halo (including removed ones), inf yxles, and 1000 levels, but for the price of being banned from a game you play often (but you pick which game ofc), would you wanna make it a deal?

A: yea sure, i wouldnt mind being banned from Arsenal since i dont play it XD

Q: if the wiki staff made individual tiktok accs where they post about wiki updates and stuff, what do you think everyones username would be? hmmm

A: i know mine would be shortpotato420 (bc it is), Rock's would probably be lookarock123 or stevenyw, Arc's would definitely be arcfoxyt imo, Taps would be taps7767 (since hinatastaresintoyoursoul is over the character limit), Phoebe's would probably be phoebeowo or something like phoebetoh, and Kezrant's would be kezrant or kezrantyt (when you forgor to remove demoted ppl/gamerman, ro and kai...)

Q: how would you feel if the wiki staff made a shared tiktok acc where they post updates on the wiki?

A: listen, i may be a tiktok addict, but idk how id feel about sharing an account with wiki staff (minus Rock, Kai and Arc bc im close to them ofc)

Q: name a toh funny moment that happened in ur priv server

A: well earlier today when my fam went out and left me n one of my sisters at home, i was grinding toh and then Rock randomly joined and said pee in chat dhbvfdshbfvsdhjbhz

Q: whos the hottest user on the wiki

A: me ofc

Q: whos the hottest staff on the wiki

A: still me (edit: nah i take it back the hottest staff are Rock and i)

Q: wuts the worst thing to happen to anyone on the wiki? can be literally anyone

A: the only rly bad thing ik of is when Rock got doxxed a while back

Q: are you american? :o

A: no im from nz-

Q: whats the definition of butt

A: piss

Q: frick friday night funkin, i play funkin night friday

A: wouldnt funkin night friday be the exact same as friday night funkin, but the songs are reversed, as well as the controls, and everything is inverted? :thynk:

Q: wtf are tone indicators?

A: basically theyre indicators to something (duh), like /srs would mean ur being serious, /j means ur joking, /lh means ur being light hearted, and /ly means ur saying lyrics; i have a google doc of all the tone indicators i found off of twitter lmao

Q: nineteen dollar fortnite card, who wants it?

A: *bonk* no more fortnite

Q: orange juice or apple juice?

A: apple juice, if you beg to differ dm me on discord and give me all the reasons i should like orange juice

Q: 9 + 1, we're going for a run :D

A: (haha dcs ten dies again reference) idk the lyrics but we're having lots of fun :D

Q: if you were stranded on an island with everything you own and had teleportation powers, which three users would you teleport to you, with all of his/her/their stuff, and be stranded together?

A: Arc, Rock, and Elinn71 aka the people im closest to on the wiki

Q: when you get pinged, are you the type of person thats like "idrc" and checks it, or do you go "yo wtf why did i get pinged and who pinged me?!"

A: it depends on my mood honestly. if ive had a bad day at school or if its the weekend or school holidays and ive got in drama online, ill be like "yo wtf why did i get pinged and who pinged me?!", whereas if ive had a good day at school or a good day over weekends/holidays, i wont give two fricks

Q: when dealing w wiki drama (like tbtot, gumbol, and sergio), whats the worst excuse staff have seen

A: i remember when Arc or i asked gum if he was underaged (and funnily enough this is also Rock's answer to her question), his excuse was "my friend changed the birthday when i was in the bathroom". i ended up calling him out in a post and he got blocked :)))

Q: skateboard, scooter, bike, pennyboard, or long board? (yes ik skateboard, pennyboards and long boards are like the same thing but idrc)

A: long boards bc theyre easier to turn

Q: how have you changed since you joined the wiki and became staff?

A: id say i changed my personality and also my sleep schedule, when its weekends, holidays, or my mum works, i stay up late on discord chatting on the server

Q: do you regret becoming "I'm that weirdo gurl innit", and if you had to find a way to change back to "Weirdogurl" would you?

A: no i dont regret it, and theres no way id find a way to change back to Weirdogurl

Q: why did you change ur username?

A: if im gonna be honest i was 12 when i made this acc (but fear not i was my current age which isnt 12 when i joined this wiki) and my dumb 12 y/o brain couldnt think of any usernames. i got called a weirdo a lot when i was 12, and ofc im a girl, so thats how i came up w Weirdogurl ig

Q: what did you eat before answering this lul

A: spaghetti bolognese my mum made since i cant cook complex stuff like that

Q: if there was ever a "would i fight this mututal?" for toh staff, who'd go in "Literally never, this persons an angel"

A: probably gabe bc fish section, seren for giving out pride trails to a whole server (minus ppl that got them before that), dcs bc ten dies again, and ket + any non binary and lgbtq+ staff bc non binary and lgbtq+ ppl are awesome

Q: if there was ever a "would i fight this mutual?" for wiki staff, who'd go in "Literally never, this persons an angel"

A: only Rock bc shes my wiki best friend and maybe Arc bc he's nice :))

Q: in your opinion, whats the chance of these staff getting the next highest role, but based on the order of roles? You, Kezrant, Rock, Arc. (discussion and content mod to admin, and admin to bcrat)

A: me to admin- 10000%, Kezrant to admin- idk%, Rock to bcrat- id say 100000%, Arc to bcrat- probably 100%?

Q: if you could go back and change something about ur life,what would it be and why

A: id go back to when i was probably 7 8 or 9 and stop myself climbing up the swing poles then falling off and breaking my elbow

Q: name something no one would believe about you

A: i like math

Q: how does one algebra

A: listen ik but dont make me say it

Q: dont you love it when

A: pee

Q: scenario: youve been tossed into an insane asylum with the wiki staff, and you all had to say one thing to prove ur a force to be reckoned with. what would you say?

A: "i work alongside these people and i like pineapple on pizza, so therefore, me and these people here are forces to be reckoned with" (what...?)

Q: if you could change your roblox username so its matching with any wiki staff, what would it be?

A: id probs change it to Lookarock123 so me and Rock can be matching, and then we'd probs have matching display names and avatars or something

Q: pov: ur locked in a room w sergio, gumbolboi, gabe, and dcs. what would you do to these people?

A: id rage at sergio and gumbol, thank gabe for making fish section, and probably talk about numberblocks w dcs although i dont watch it lmao

Q: if you could pick any wiki staff (excluding Rock, Kai and Arc) to be close to, who would it be

A: probably Taps or Phoebe

Q: if you live in new zealand but you say innit, does that mean its the power of all british people from the dsmp?

A: idk, but the answer would be good, innit?

Q: ayo, do you got freckles or dimples?

A; i have some freckles on my face i think, and some on my arms, and i do have dimples lmao

Q: important question, sexuality and pronouns you use

A: my pronouns are in my about info but i use she/her and idc if you use they/them, and i am female and straight (but was questioning sjdfebshzxf)

Q: have you ever used the phrase "i told you so!", and if so, when?

A: once someone told me that i couldnt hold my breath underwater for 30 seconds, so i did it and then said "bet you cant", and they said they could. they ended up staying underwater for 6 seconds, and i pulled out the i told you so card

Q: opinions on Rock being trans?

A: its really cool! tbh ive always wanted a trans friend and now i finally have one :D

Q: are there any LGBTQ+ wiki staff?

A: as far as ik, Rock is trans, Kai is ace, and Taps is bi/pan :D

Q: would you ever add an intro to urself for new people to see when they see ur page?

A: probably, if i do ill just keep my info from my about section and make a more semi-detailed one jedbgfhsdbxghjn

Q: what do you think people who are ftm would say after getting top surgery, y'know, and not having boobs anymore?

A: teetus deletus or something like that

Q: favourite things ur school sells at its canteen?

A: slushies! :D

Q: coke or pep-

A: *gunshots* is that even a question? (edit: bro i didnt know question was spelt as 'quesiton' til Rock told me pls-)

Q: are you a youtuber?

A: notice how i stated my yt in where you can find me? yes, i am

Q: if you had to get payed anything for working on the wiki what would you pick lul

A: id probably pick getting maybe over 10k bobux, the super super happy face (its been my dream item since 2020), or inf yxles idk

Q: what kind of stuff goes on in #staff-general :flused:

A: very important things only wiki staff needa know. thats as specific as ill get :))

Q: why is your server nickname "I live in Minirockopolis" when you live in the uk-

A: well Rock chaged her server nickname to "I don't live in Minirokopolis", so i decided to change mine to that for jokes, but now theres a Minirockopolis cult thanks to me rjfdgbhfdsbfhjsdzvbh

Q: how far do you reckon you can drop kick a child?

A: probably to techno's house i think

Q: what words can you legally not live without, illegally?

A: probably "piss", "dumbass", any curse word, "pog" and more jrdbgjhdsbgdjsxz

Q: whos a visionary staff member?

A: idk what visionary means,,,

Q: do you have a playlist on spotify you could listen to forever?

A: yea, it's called "(irl name's) Songs" with the new fire heart emoji from ios 14.5.1? its got songs i enjoy :D

Q: top 5 songs from that playlist, go

A: 1- Bopeepo, 2- Blammed, 3- Bubblegum K.K, 4- dirty dan, and 5- either Sapinapi, Wii Shop Channel, My L'Manburg, Fallen Down, or Able Sisters bc yes

Q: fave school subject? better be good >:[

A: spanish is the best! ppl at my table like the dsmp :D

Q: hows things going w your wiki, and how much staff do you have?

A: its going semi-well atm! my staff include myself, Gamer and Rock as bcrats, and Taken, Doggo, and my alts as admins :D (edit: haha staff go brr)

Q: why the frick is there an uwu cult on discord and how did it start-

A: lets say i was in school today, i was walking to second period from cross country and i see its a message from Taps saying "uwu", w his nickname changed to uwuTaps. Rock then responds a few minutes later with "nya~", her nickname being uwuRock, then Arc becomes uwuFox, I'm just that crazy doggo being uwuDoggo, and so then my mind at school was like "nah frick this ill go from "I live in Minirockopolis" to uwuGurl" and thats how it started

Q: wyd atm?

A: writing these questions while 'looking after' my brother and oldest sister (whos actually younger than me but older than the twins aka my brother and other sister) while my mum and other sister pick my dad up

Q: favourite game besides roblox, mc, and funky friday?

A: probably Slime Rancher or Skate 3, which fun fact! i used to play Slime Rancher and Skate (i think either Skate 2 or 3?) when i was 8, and not to flex, but i had minecraft on an old ps3 and remember the og tutorial world

Q: who are the og mcyts you watched before watching people from the dsmp?

A: i used to be like- a total fan of Stampy... like my parents got me his book for xmas once bc i wanted it badly and when i unwrapped the gift i got (this was when i was 8 or 9?), it was his book and i cried. i still have it to this day, might post a photo of me with it in media channel,,,)

Q: favourite mcyt wattpad books, go now

A: Flowers From 1970 (a dnf book), road tripping (a Tommy x reader book, hes okay w him x reader btw!), Just a Kiss To You (a dnf book) Meow~ A Karlnapity Book :) (my own Karlnapity book), and yee

Q: can we get a mood check as youre answering this? ily <3

A: i love myself (as its me who wrote that,,,), and im feeling well! currently chatting with Kai, and its so good to be chatting with someone who i havent talked to in ages :D

Q: life isnt quite what i thought id be /ly

A: wHeN i wAs a kId oN vOiP /ly

Q: if you had to demote yourself from this wiki but at the cost of bringing Kai back, would you?

A: yes, then id ask to become mod again so boom i (think) i broke the fourth wall (edit: wow this question aged like fine wine fr)

Q: do you think Rock is bi? she said in a question something about her nonexistant boyfriend, then said something in another question about her nonexistant girlfriend :Confusion:

A: nope she's not (and she's confirmed it w me)

Q: has anyone done full face reveal?

A: Arc, Kai and I have, and i can count Rock's pic although she blurred her face out

Q: What's the best wiki your staff in (not toh wiki)

A: ooo tough question... probably all of em since i cant decide XD

Q: if you were locked in a room with Pyxl, Gabe, Nuyork, DCS, Fireball and Archimetropolis, howd you feel?

A: id thank pyxl for making toh, probably kick gabe bc parkourmaster exists and pyxl needs to open his eyes before seeing what new sections to add (staff, dont you remember Rock sending that recording? yep thats my bestie who did ofcofc), interrogate nuyork and find out why the frick he made half and half, talk about numberblocks w dcs bc his video ten dies again is pog, and probs have a nice convo with archimetropolis bc he seems chill

Q: when will staff be looking for new staff ehdvbfhevsdfhxj

A: idk, i dmed Taps and i am currently waiting a response (edit: congrats to Gamerman hehe)

Q: name someone that makes you excited when they go online

A: guess who...

Q: if Rock ever came to nz, what do you think you and her would do together?

A: if Rock bought whatever she uses for gaming and for the wiki, id set her up to my wifi, and we'd defo play roblox together and work on the wiki. if i had school, id probs ask for days off, and if i couldnt get days off, id defo go to school but make sure to check up on her whenever i have breaks. over weekends id literally beg my parents to give us money and id get boba w her since boba slaps and yee

Q: we got a...










Q: there its stopped

A: thank god

Q: beans

A: ew

Q: imagine not getting hype anymore LMAOOO

A: *myself, Rock and Arc are typing aggresively*

Q: hows life going?

A: not going well atm, currently stressed bc i have tests coming up and my maths teachers giving us a butt ton of hw bc we have midyear exams soon :(

Q: hows things going w wattpad?

A: actually really well! my most popular book is 400 away from 10k reads :D

Q: surely drop the snap :flused:

A: no, myself... only if someone other than me asks :)

Q: karlnapity book viewers now, and when do you think itll hit 10k?

A: currently @ 9.8k reads, probably gonna hit tmr? idfk (edit: its the next day and im at 9.9k reads eeeeeee) (edit: its the same day and i hit 10k!)

Q: uwu

A: owo

Q: remember the WeirdOwOgurl era?

A: we dont speak about that,,,

Q: I'm that weirdOwO gurl innit :)

A: no

Q: pov: youre just chilling and playing funky friday when Rock and Arc appear out of nowhere and surprise you mid-game. how'd ya feel?

A: y'know, if Rock and Arc surprised me while i was mid funky friday, id pause the game (even if its my turn to press arrow keys), probably give them tight hugs and then cry bc i finally met my wiki best friends after ages

Q: pov: you're in a room w Sergio, Gumbolboi, Threat blocked the object thingy, and SkybladeLegends, how would you feel uehtfdsbsk

A: id slap duct tape over everyones mouth, yeet them out the window then leave

Q: 2 plus eight

A: (haha more dcs ten dies again references) the animals escaped :o

Q: seven plus three

A: (hehe Rock's ten dies again ytp reference) sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g

Q: who do you simp over? hmmmm

A: the only legal answers for me are Acho, Jack Manifold, and Sapnap, thats it,,, totally,,, (edit: wrong answers, i simp over jespin b))

Q: any boundaries?

A: i dont like being shipped w anyone (minus jespin now-), obviously no sexualising me (as im a minor ofc), uhm dont impersonate me as i get stressed, dont start drama w me in it, if youve seen my face dont use it as my pfp, and yea

Q: 6 plus four, we're shopping in the store

A: i forgot the giant hole, in the fricking floor :D

Q: pov: you're just in class on your 14th birthday, lets say the class you're in is maths, and then the teacher says she has a surprise for you, and that you needa stand up. you says "okay...?" and when the teacher says "Open the door!", Rock appears and smiles.

A: i wouldnt give a damn about the class, id run up to her, give her the tightest as hug, then cry in front of the class and then say "best birthday surprise ever!" (edit: checked timetable and i dont have maths on my bday lmao)

Q: ayup me duckies, you alright?

A: thats british for hello you



Q: are you okay :D

A: no <3

Q: fave funky friday character?

A: either pee co or purple guy in week 1 tbh

Q: maybe Arc predicted Gamer's promotion? hmmm

A: i think so, so now i can say Rock and Arc predicted 2 promotions (Rock to orange and Gamer to lemonade) and a demotion (Birthday's demotion)

Q: am i okay?

A: no, when i went to type demotion i forgot the first 'o' and kept spelling out demtion-

Q: how do you feel knowing Gamer got promoted and you were hoping to become orange?

A: y'know, idm since thered be no green ppl anymore, and also i dont rly wanna be admin anymore but if Taps offers me admin ill probs take it bnfghbdsjx

Q: most wattpad and yt notifs gotten ever, rn

A: 94 wattpad notifs, and over 2k yt i think

Q: what happened to gabe the babe book? D:

A: got rid of it bc i realised idk if gabe would be comfy being in a fanfic, and also because idk if hes okay w people from here calling him gabe the babe. also bc im tryna get rid of stories and work on one, finish it, then work on more.

Q: one day,,,

A: i know that you will be there,,,

Q: one day,,,

A: ill focus on the future,,,

Q; maybe one day???


Q: pov: you only just found out Taps isn't older than you thought, and that he's actually 17

A: yea tbh i was like "wait- he's not actually 20?!" (yes my brain thought he was 20 dont come @ me alr)

Q: lovejoy ep is out lovejoy ep is out lovejoy ep is out

A: ik and One Day is the only song i will force myself to listen to because of the lyrics "And stop! Why'd ya have to kill my cat D:" (edit as i listen to sex sells: lmao wut)

Q: rank the british dsmp people

A: theyre all the best i cant choose oh em gee

Q: im sorry myself but i need a mood check, rn

A: feeling like trash (sore stomach and i keep feeling like im gonna vomit) so turns out im gonna get the day off school and go to docs... staying home is fine! but i hate going to the doctors jredbfdsuhzxyucx

Q: if men bad, why Arc?

A: please- overused meme omg

Q: if woman bad, why Rock?

A: y e s (but frfr, overused meme)

Q: pov: you tell your mum (nope im never gonna spell anything like americans,,, ill probs start when im 14 though since yes) you feel like trash and she's been typing,,, for practically 10 minutes,,,

A: dont ask me how i ended up in that situation, ok? (edit: haha im now 14 and dont spell mum the american way lol)

Q: if you like subway, whats ur fave thing to get?

A: okay, this is the best. whenever my fam uber eats subway for lunch (on the day im editing this, im having subway for dinner but a drink from mcdonalds since ik my siblings will steal my choccy milk), i always get a meatball sub, extra cheese since im a cheese simp, lettuce, and bbq sauce. its so dang good and im in love with it

Q: opinions on ToH:R being removed and you can no longer play the stage Techno and type "the blade has arrived" in chat?

A: it sucks D:

Q: techno?

A: blade?

Q: whats ur toh level?

A: im kind of a noob and lvl 26 dvhxchesdbbxv (edit: im now lvl 31 XD) (another edit: lvl 33 now owo) (edit: haha lvl 39 now)

Q: imagine this scenario: piss

A: reminds me of the twitter user pisskink69 tbh

Q: This is how dangerous parasocial relationships can form. Rock doesnโ€™t love you. She canโ€™t love you. She doesnโ€™t KNOW you. She can appreciate you but she canโ€™t fricking love you.

A: well then life sucks ig (and actually she knows some things about me but ok)

Q: jkjk she does love you but most likely wont say it :))

A: boom life has been made 10x better

Q: when will dream ever release mask oh em gee its been agessss :weary:

A: ikr i need him to release it or else if he doesnt release it by my birthday im gonna cry (edit: lmao hes released it now and its a hit)

Q: pov: youve been waiting ages for Arc to answer your questions

A: i still havent got an answer yet this is torture

Q: finish the sentence. "if nobody got me, i know ___ got me. can i get an amen?"

A: if nobody got me, i know Rock got me. can i get an amen?

Q: why tf do most of your answers have Rock in them? shes just a human smh

A: shes not just a human, shes my wiki best friend, one of the many online best friends i have, someone i can trust with anything, and shes someone i (platonically,,, i say that a lot) love heaps!

Q: what class for you was most fun?

A: this was in term 1, when school had athletics. since my maths class barely had any students, we got to use our devices for anything. what did i do? go on discord :)))

Q: bee boo bop?

A: friday night frickin

Q: fave water?

A: sparkling water slaps hard as heck though

Q: fave fnf songs from every week?

A: bopeebo, south, blammed, high (ive only played weeks 1-4 since yes)

Q: I have necroposted so many times and you have never warned me...

A: probably not on most times due to school, being busy or sleeping lol-

Q: do you stream lol

A: yea i stream and im slowly omw to affiliate ig, i need 43 more followers jgrdnhbfhjcbsdhj (edit: i have all but 3 avergae viewers aaa)

Q: smack that ___

A: badonkadonk uwu

Q: what secret sections have you found?

A: pathRight, MiniTower, Neon Section, Tic Tac Toe, Cyclotron (edit: now got a secret sections ive seen part lol)

Q: e?

A: e

Q: dreams song mask is finally releasing this week how do you feel oh mai god

A: iM SO HYPED everyone once Mask is out go stream it frfr

Q: how many jay toe towers have you completed lolol

A: ive completed Tower of Annoyingly Simple Trials (ToAST), Tower of Anger (ToA), Tower of Madness (ToM), and Tower of Peaceful Happiness and Tranquility (ToPHaT), and was close to beating Tower of Hecc (ToH) but went afk for 20 mins+ then got disconnected on floor 10 :( (edit: i have 17 completions lolll)

Q: who's one person you (personally) despise on here?

A: i despise people like Sergio, and I really despise Onon.

Q: e

A: ee

Q: how do i avoid getting people to attack me if i join tower of hell for one second - infernut former discussions mod on the jtoh wiki

A: oh hello! id say use an xbox so you cant see chat, but if you dont have xbox, use your phone/pc/laptop, close chat, and play w/o shift lock so it looks like you're on xbox! hope i helped :)) (also nice to see a former jtoh wiki staff appear here lol)

Q: c h e e s e

A: yes

Q: how do you feel about girlfriend secretly having a demon skeleton? and do you like week 7?

A: i will admit i was shocked when i found out girlfriend has a demon skeleton (but i mean her parents are practically demons, what do you expect lol), and imo week 7 is kinda meh

Q: chicking wing chicken wing

A: hot dog and bologna

Q: chicken and macaroni

A: chilling with my homies

Q: do all your homies hate showers?

A: all my homies (nobody๐Ÿ˜ญ) hate showers

Q: wyd atm lmao

A: answering this during food tech/last period, maybe going on bird app and being sneaky during class uwu

Q: food tech? whats that?

A: making food in a class ofc

Q: fave wiki staff member?

A: everyones cool :)

Q: what time is mask releasing for you and whats the date in nz

A: current 21st of may as im writing this (6 days til im 14 oh em gee) and its releasing at 4pm nzst eeeeeeeee (edit: it premiered early and im sobbing)

Q: so now that Mask is out, how you feeling?


Q: how many nz days til ur 14 and how many usa days would that be?

A: i think it'd be 6 us days? its 5 nz days and math so yea

Q: opinions on that one crazy tower you Kai and Rainbow saw?

A: bro i could talk about it all night frfr

Q: what did you do irl and in roblox when you got to The Vault?

A: irl i pogchamped and threw my fists in the air and in roblox i spammed caps bc its been my dream secret section and i finally got it 3 times uwu

Q: have you ever seen any wiki staff (minus Rock) in any game?

A: ive seen Kai in JToH, and seen Taps in my vip... that's all i think (edit: why did i include Kai??? hes probs gonna come back but brain go brr) (edit: lol my last edit in brackets go brr) (edit: lmao that last edit to this go brr)

Q: did you have fun in ur vip for 17 hours?

A: hell yea, Arc, Kai, Rainbow, Khdy, Rock and i (aka ppl that were in my vip for either the whole time or for a bit) found many secrets, and Kai and i found very cursed towers :D

Q: whats ur toh level now and compared to when you first went in ur vip?

A: i was lvl 28 when i first entered my vip, and lvl 31 when it shut down... o7

Q; whyd you shut ur server down if you had fun?!

A: well the update was out 17 hours ago when i shut it down, and i knew Arc and/or Kai wouldnt be able to survive a whole school day for me just to join, so i had no choice D:

Q: how hard is it to eat rice w/ chopsticks...? asking for a friend :))

A: imo its kinda hard

Q: mk so regarding the pic u sent in media, do you think Ro is hinting someone will get promoted to green???

A: y e s

Q: why did NotTerry edit Rock's qna but not yours? D:

A: idk and idrc i hype myself up lmao

Q: wyd atm?

A: same answer as the question wyd atm lmao, "answering this during food tech/last period, maybe going on bird app and being sneaky during class uwu"

Q: have you pulled any pranks on ur friends?

A: mk so lets say i have a friend called B and a friend called C. C and i decided to pull a prank on B by saying we're dating, right? well lets say B actually believed C and i... so ig C and i have to date now??? idk ill discuss it w C at interval tmr (edit: haha C and i do be dating now) (edit: haha C and i arent a thing-)

Q: lmao imagine having to date ur friend bc ur other friend believed the prank

A: eh idm if C and i end up dating, ive been out of a relationship for a while so itll be good to be back in one :)) (edit: lol this aged fine)

Q: why does Rock dm me random words?- myself obvs

A: idc if she does, it saves me from class :D

Q: why are you on here during class- smh my head

A: bc class is boring :))

Q: link to the whole dating prank on docs or it didnt happen

A: Link to the story :))

Q do you stare at the ceiling as you hold back whats on ur mind?

A: and when they ask me how im doing i say im just fine

Q: so r u in that relationship?

A: yep! i asked C out at interval, he was like "meh" and when i said to him he could only say yes or no he said yes :D

Q: how do i think my old toxic friends r gonna react to me in a relationship?- past me

A: imo theyre gonna want proof we're dating (if so, theyre gonna wanna see us kiss) and yea... idk- past me (edit bc future me: yea they rly dont give a frick about us tbh)

Q: ooo im close to 30 days :D

A: i think 2 or 1 day left :D

Q: future me, howd it go?

A: my old friends couldnt believe it and they basically told the whole class during english smh my head

Q: uh nice story about B and C and also what do you think about uwu drawings (obv I'm Taken :D)

A: ty for saying the story was nice lol, the uwu drawings are amazing!

Q: happy birthday to me lols

A: aye im finally 14 so thats pog

Q: what did you get for ur bday?

A: only got one gift so far and its harry potter every flavour beans (and i think nasty flavors but eh), gonna update this once i get more presents after school lols (edit: yep the beans are nasty and idk why my parents got me them)

Q: i bet myself 10 bucks ill ask for hugs from my bf for my bday- obvs myself

A: yea ill ask for hugs from him ofc, what can i say? free hugs from the person i love most? hell yea, and on my bday? y e s

Q: pov: ur bf finds out about this page and creates a fandom acc just to ask questions and basically send love in questions, howd you feel?

A: id feel v happy that he is, but id also have to tell him basically how stuff works and welcome him to the wiki-

Q: did i get hugs from my bf?- me

A: yea i did, it was nice :D

Q: woah wtf happened to ur page for a few mins-

A: someone vandalised, i gave warning for major vandalism and swearing then boom i got vandalised (ty NotTerry for letting me know btw)

Q: damn that sucks

A: it rly did, i came close to panicking bc i went to edit my page (when vandalised) and it froze D:

Q: yay happy 30 days me :D

A: pog

Q: how was ur bday?

A: it was nice, my presents are amazing :D

Q: how was mcc?

A: i pulled a georgenotfound and slept through it :((

Q: if you could change ur irl name to anything, what name would you pick?

A: eh idk, id probs change my name to Jordan (since its a gender neutral name) or Alexis (since i quite like than name)

Q: if you accidentally name revealed, how would you feel

A: id ask if everyone can still call me Weirdo then list who can call me by my irl name or a nickname

Q: are you now british according to potato?

A: apparently- im now bri'ish- the queen, fish and chips, tesco, things like that ig?

Q: have you hit 12k on karlnapity book yet?

A: nope, 200 away though :D

Q: opinions on femboy hooters?

A: eh

Q: would Phoebe get pissed if someone called her Fee bee?

A: funnily enough, i said i almost called her that once in dms and she said she doesnt care if ppl call her that XD

Q: you sure you havent name revealed in ranting book...?

A: brb gonna check (i never did,,,)

Q: oh my god Kai's now admin again User:KaixZone

A: ik and im gonna cry bc im happy, wb to staff team Kai :D <3

Q: whats ur top 5 fave things?

A: probs the wiki, my wiki, hugs, food, and social life (not in order)

Q: r u lgbtq+?

A: well im questioning atm, idfk

Q: happy pride :D

A: happy pride :))

Q: have you hit 12k?


Q: do you rly wanna meet w staff?

A: i mean yea!

Q: when anyone in stranger things says "weirdo", do you get summoned?

A: y e s

Q: how many times have you found Pride?

A: 3 times :)

Q: whos ur top 5 fave ppl here (not in order)?

A: Rock, Arc, myself, Taps and Elinn, we're all cool

Q: whos your top 5 fave irls?

A: everyone in my friend group, bf comes first tho :D

Q: pov: you forgot to edit yesterday bc u were sick

A: yep-

Q: is ttalyx and rock cool for liking the red sour patch kid flavor?

A: y e s

Q: how do you feel knowing ttal is friends with you on discord?

A: aaaaaaaa im happy as hell! (edit: nope not me at 11pm-ish forgetting hell isnt a swear word aaaaaaaaaaaa)

Q: how do you feel knowing ttal is friends with you on roblox?

A: AYO WTH?! IM SWAG- nah jk i felt super happy and almost cried irl :')

Q: if you listen to kpop, whats ur fave songs?

A: Butter... thats it fr though-

Q: what do you and wiki staff get up to when you take a break from moderation...?

A: eh we usually play in my vip, chat heaps, beat towers, and end up worshipping pyxl :)

Q: how did Steven feel when cat jumpscare?

A: i think she was like "NOT AGAIN" or something???

Q: what was it like meeting dcs?

A: omg it was awesome! i almost screamed irl, bc i love his 10 dies agin vid. i also said "omg dcs big fan of your 10 dies again vid!" and we even talked for a bit aa

Q: When the impostor is sus! xD

A: sussy baka~ (oh god what)

Q: its just a sussy baka and it cannot be thAt bad-

A: im feeling like an impostor, i might just be a monster : flused :

Q: Do you want to see my thicc Yoda worshipping shrine?

A: Iโ€™m- what ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿคš๐Ÿป

Q: imagine not being on here during the day when you had nothing to do LOL

A: its called being busy... :/

Q: how was ur day?

A: it was fun! lots of hugs as per usual lol

Q: do you prefer walking or bussing to school?

A: walking to school and bussing home is what i prefer-

Q: wyd atm?

A: sitting at school while waiting for my bf... he had to quikcly do something at home so if he doesnt arrive by the time he said he was (which was the time i had to leave but i can stay longer) ill go home (edit: already hung w him lol-)

Q: how would you feel if anyone from BTS died?

A: how about lets not talk about death-

Q: how was ur day?

A: amazing... no one will know-

Q: Should I make a section called "Innit"?

A: would it be the tommy shirt? if so... y e s

Q: Should I make a section called "Weirdo"?

A: ...

Q: Roses are red

A: violets are blue

Q: Bow down to your master

A: or he will disown you :D

Q: The children are fast...

A: wish i could be fast frfr


A: nah i have more speed than him

Q: Sometimes when I'm bored I like to dress up as a furry and lick people's toes.

A: oh-

Q: kmnjkbhhjhbjb

A: relatable

Q: What do you think of Sergio? Or should I not mention his name?

A: i personally despise him, idm if you say his name but it does get kind of annoying talking about him :/

Q: how do you feel about IT 2?

A: its amazing but when i tell you i sobbed when stan and eddie died you wouldnt believe me tbh

Q: beep boop skdep?

A: friday night frickin

Q: haha, 569 edits lolololol

A: lmao-

Q: beep boop boop beep?

A: yesyes, agreed

Q: smh this is taking too long just to get to 60 days

A: no but i agree, having to remember to come here everyday is also pretty hard


A: pls-

Q: What's probably in Staff General:

-Hey, does anyone know the diameter of Yoda's bum? Research purposes.


-Thanks bro

A: whats actually in Staff General:

-Like nah Iโ€™m not the real Weirdo, I havenโ€™t been a discussion mod for a while now, Iโ€™m just some random that has access to staff channels (obvs jk lmao)

-check my twooter lol

-I was wondering that since the The Binding of Isaac Wiki has a Bugs header for bugs that happen with certain items. Wondering if it should not be added.

For example: "If a player makes it to the top of the tower and buys lengthen, the multiplier would not show up."

Q: SQ: What the hell is "Flowers from 1970". I was listening to Unchained Melody and all the comments are Dream comments.

A: its a book where George lives in the present, and Dream lives in 1970. They communicate through an old phone but at the end of the book Wilbur cuts the cord and Dream then dies-

Q: SQ: How did you become friends with a ToH admin in the first place?

A: i friended an admin on discord, asked to be friends on roblox, and boom (she did say shes only friending wiki staff though-)

Q: SQ: Since these are marked as a Serious Question. It'd be illegal to put in joke answers right? (Oh wait, you might actually put in joke answers now that I'v bring this up- technoblade bruhhh)

A: eh

Q: thoughts on Arc's face reveal he did on twooter a while back?

A: at least he looks better than me

Q: im assuming ur gonna be hyped for Rock's face reveal-

A: i mean- yes

Q: wyd rn?

A: watching Kai (try to) beat ToGaH while editing wiki bc split screen

Q: wth is ToGaH?

A: Tower of Glitching and Healing??? idk-

Q: opinions on every wiki staff?

A: why must i do this,,, (also nothing negative said bc im not like that)

Fireball- only interacted with him once or twice but he's chill, he also seems rly nice :D

Taps- he's super chill, probably uses :joy: a lot, also british which is awesome

Phoebe- havent rly interacted much with her but we've talked a couple of times in dms and shes super sweet!

Rock- she's honestly super super cool, and we always end up having the most random conversations on discord lmao, shes also caring and i love talking to her :D

Arc- he's super chill, i remember when he still had the username of IiArcFox and i remember he became admin so he could add things to CSS w/o asking anyone else

Ro- barely interact with him, imo our online friendship we surprisingly have got ruined by sergio when he shipped me with him...

Kai- i remember before he left i looked up to him and when he decided to get demoted, i sobbed at midnight while eating mac and cheese. when he came back i was super happy though! hes super chill and also very pro at jtoh :o

Gamer- dont rly interact with Gamer much, he seems pretty chill and seems like a nice friend :)

Kezrant- super chill and also makes great videos, we only interact occasionally but super chilled out :D

Arch- only time we really interacted was when i didnt know he hates being called Archi and i called him that in a poll :p

myself- im very chill and a very nice person, idk why im rating myself but eh its fine

Q: pov: im up at 1am waiting for my bf to call me although he wont,,,

A: the pain :sob:

Q: what am i doing atm?

A: randomly making a kahoot for year 10/grade 9 me to see if i know year 9/grade 8 me well :p

Q: how long til you hit 60 days? :o

A: a week!

Q: fave fnf song?

A: parish (stan it- jk), Monster, Dunk, EEEAAAOOO and yea-

Q: do you think bf was tryna out-high note ariana grande at 1:54 of Dunk (found on spotify)???

A: i mean- yea?

Q: recd fnf musical: yes or no?

A: y e s

Q: im bored :c- me

A: relatable

Q: hows things going w ur bf?

A: rly well actually! :D

Q: pov: cheese

A: yay

Q: who said "im sorry i said pogchamp after you nutted in me" uhhhh

A: ...

Q: firefox! firefox! firefox! firefox...! firefox? wtf happened- Schlatt probs 2021

A: awesome

Q: "did ya get a whopper fella?"

A: i hate whoppers-

Q: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

A: relatable

Q: SQ: What Song/Movie always makes you cry?

A: probably Unchained Melody because flowers from 1970-

Q: SQ: You and the entire ToH wiki staff are somehow stuck in a giant white and empty room. There's nothing but the floor and walls and it seems that there isn't any way to enter or exit. How do you think this will go? What will all of you do while you're in this room? (Note: No one will be affected by hunger)

A: imo itll go well, we'd all probs discuss the wiki and then id force them to bully me for not being in pst :))

Q: wyd?

A: currently tryna join cq </3 (edit: i did lol-)

Q: how was that dm date with Rock?

A: omg it was fun. we talked about the most random things and we wouldve called but sadly it was late for me, we can defo do it again over a weekend and vc though! :D

Q: Seren's inbox is open. You know what this means ;)

A: pls-

Q: -Goes to Mcdonalds drive thru-

Want anything?

A: ill take chicken nuggets kthx

Q: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Weirdo's Tower of Hell QnA. The questions are extremely chaotic, and without a solid grasp of every single bit of the Dream SMP lore most of the questions will go over a typical reader's head. There's also Weirdo's vocabulary, which is deftly woven into their characterization - their personal philosophy draws heavily from MCYTs, for instance. The average QnA enjoyer understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of this page, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Weirdo's QnA truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Weirdo's username "innit," which itself is a cryptic reference to bri'ish slang or specifically, Tommyinnit. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Weirdo unfolds itself on their Profile Page. What fools... how I pity them. :joy:

A: lmao this is the best thing on my qna by far

Q: how do you feel knowing Sergios globally blocked?

A: omg i couldnt believe it, its such a work of bloody art

Q: howd you feel knowing you were in a server with EnJiEsu, Seren AND Pyxl?

A: well i saw seren first, we interacted, then i saw pyxl, we said uwu to each other, then when i saw Enji i didnt say hi bc i was kinda freaked out-

Q: legend says sergios never gonna come back from his vacation on his wiki LOL

A: lmao-

Q: when you

A: so true, myself, so true

Q: omg new fnf musical lyrics rehdfesdjfhesdfhsdifkjsen,

A: ik aaaa

Q: How do I get out of a monkey shrine?

A: reset :))

Q: What if all of us (Staff and community) just vibe in Wait for 4 hours to leave a room Game? -NotTerry

A: thatd be cool, just chatting w everyone lol

Q: Gabe turned off his roblox inbox. How do you feel about this?

A: eh idrm tbh

Q: imagine saying ur gonna try SoMD challenge then giving up :ManifoldClown:

A: :(

Q: opinions on RecD fnf musical?

A: i love it tbh

Q: Why does Tommyinnit's hair look like a bath brush? Like.. why?....

A: ...

Q: aaaaaaaaaa

A: still relatable lmao

Q: When your timezone is different from everyone else so you gotta stay up at 3 am (This is me :sad:)

A: i gotta stay up at 1am when i can bc thats when Rock's usually online, and dw i relate to that, NotTerry :')

Q: Warning: Please don't takeover the world, poison 70k humans, and destroy Canada.

hAvE a NiCe dAy :DDD

A: wha-

Q: uwu owo?

A: uwu owo ig

Q: e

A: f

Q: if you take a bath at 9pm during a super hot evening at school in the morning, whats the chances you wake up and play roblox at night?

A: what-

Q: pov: NotTerry stops writing questions for you :(

A: eh

Q: pov: no more relationship for you

A: yea uh i ended him and i bc he was being a total pain in the ass and when i was sick

Q: No Context: G Note

A: swag

Q: Imagine wanting to play a specific song for your funeral, but instead they play different song. So you fly out of your casket and beat the stuffings out of them. That'd be hilarious and horrifying at the same time lmao.

A: lmao pls- i can imagine i want blammed played at my funeral (why not?) then they play the tutorial, id zoom out and beat up everyone

Q: Is this Technoblade?

A: maybe

Q: What are some dumb ToH tips? (Gonna make a ToH guide soon lol-)

A: the killparts give you a secret badge, you can only get halos by doing a certain amount of towers, you have to use up 10k robux to get yxles since theres no other way (/j btw, these truly are dumb tips since i dont have any-)

Q: Help- I have the same vocabulary as you now lmao-

A: the power of me aaaa-


A: ...

Q: pov: youre questioning the above question bc you swear you got it before

A: yessir

Q: esyfhesudjnfusd

A: yes

Q: how are you gonna feel about the new fandom look?

A: dont like it so idk :(

Q: pov: NotTerry still wont write a question </3

A: all around me are familiar faces-

Q: fave jtoh tower youve done?

A: one i was close to doing is tower of hecc, fave tower ive done is tower of anger (edit: my fave tower ive done is probs ToOH)

Q: "If violence doesn't solve your problems.... USE MORE VIOLENCE DAMMIT!" -NotTerry probeblyy

A: true quote imo, 10/10

Q: Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

A: this is my 13th reason-

Q: Random Link #1

A: i dont wanna watch shrek the musical wtf

Q: Random Leenk #2

A: no memes for me

Q: Randumb link #3

A: what you want: chicken nuggets. what you get: chicken nuggers

Q: SQ: Would you mind if I randomly joined you in a game? -NotTerry

A: eh idrm, means i have someone to talk to lmao-

Q: What the hell is Steven's tweets?

A: never question them or take them out of context,,,

Q: Do you like putting fingernails in your food to add some.... CRUNCH?

A: wtf-

Q: Thoughts on Gamer?

A: GamermanX? eh hes somewhat okay, he does make admins stressed though :(

Q: Thoughts on Tom Holland Umbrella?

A: whats that-

Q: Should we cancel Cats for being offensive to orphans?

A: how was i supposed to know that person had no parents? also im sure youve confused Technoblade and i-

Q: "What are the orphans gonna do? Tell their parents?"

A: -Technoblade 2021 (/j)

Q: Why does saying "shove" make things sound weird?

"I put the food in my sibling's mouth"

"I shove the food in my sibling's mouth and became an only child"

Ok, maybe that comparison is way too much...

A: im- r/holup

Q: how didyou feel when ur sis and NotTerry taked in ur vip?

A: kinda funny, my sis said funny things in chat XD

Q: Wanna grind Jtoh towers sometime?

A: sure :D

Q: Poop Sister

A: -my sister 2021

Q: Can I call your sister "Catsta"? (Cats + Sista)

A: i mean- sure lmao

Q: how do you feel after losing ur 76 day streak of tryna hit 100 days?

A: sad :(

Q: whats one quote to sum it up?

A: "ranboo, ur american, aye?" "yea, why?" "what state?" "i live in the state of denial"

Q: ranboo plushies aaaa

A: im hyped for jack manifold youtooz tf

Q: when

A: ah yes-

Q: Thoughts on NotTerry wearing a maid outfit?

A: pretty pog, him and i are now cat maids :D

Q: mmmmm Lookarock T H I C C

A: wha-

Q: Is GamermanX secretly an AI? (Pretty sure he is!)

A: im pretty sure he is (if you see this GamermanX, no you didnt <3)

Q: Thoughts on Ballmuncher, Ballcruncher and Ballsnatcher?

A: uhm-

Q: Should the Tower be a real toy? *private server flashbacks*

A: yes. yes it absolutely should.

Q: ๐Ÿคฎ Why does this emoji look like eating pickle?

A: bc weird

Q: SQ: Should we beg Steven to teach the ways of JToH to us mere mortals?

A: i mean- yes?

Q: What tower is ToILET?

A: Tower of Ideal Logic Examination Test? ngl that took me 10 mins to think of aa

Q: Why does ToES taste so good??

A: either you mean ur toes or Tower of Eternal Suffering, and also what kind of-


A: its like asking if the sky is green, nope :D

Q: Epic Crossover idea: StevenYW, NotTerry, and Catsta in a Roblox game. It'd be chaotic :D

A: whos Catsta-

Q: And maybe add some more chaotic people too :eyes:

A: y e s

Q: Catsta is your sister, remember?

A: oh true- sometimes i forget she's Catsta- thanks for her display name idea :)

Q: Just heard your voice on Twitch uwu

A: r/holup- you shouldve followed me smh /j

Q: Who is 02andrey11 and why do I need to friend them???

(Context: My lil sis is not accepting friend requests, if you don't like it, friend me (person who comes up as fir st friend on her friends list) and tell me)

A: idek who that is myself tbh

Q: SQ: Would you trust Lookarock to play on your account to complete towers for you?

A: yea sure

Q: so did you pull a george and miss mcc 15?

A: lol nope

Q: did pink parrots (swag team bc ranboo) place first?

A: sadly no, but it was quackity's first win :D

Q: whats the placing for teams?

A: 1st- Red Rabbits

2nd- Yellow Yaks

3rd- Pink Parrots

4th- Blue Bats

5th- Purple Pandas

6th- Green Guardians

7th- Cyan Creepers

8th- Orange Ocelots

9th- Aqua Axolotls

10th- Lime Llamas

Q: pov: no NotTerry questions </3

A: :(

Q: If you could be friends with ANY person on Roblox, who would it be?

A: hmmm idrk, maybe toh devs?

Q: Is it weird that I read these answers in your voice/accent now?

A: nah not rly- well... kinda? eh not rly i sometimes read stuff Steven tweeted in her voice so-

Q: What's it like having a new zealand timezone?

A: it sucks, im offline when everyone else is, everyone streams when im at school (and in class aaa) and i wake up early for mcc :(

Q: Who do you think is under 13 in this wiki but hasn't been caught yet?

A: good question tbh

Q: Should I go to sleep (4 am for me rn) or continue writing these questions?

A: legend says you havent slept?

Q: Thoughts on Wilbur and Tommyinnit singing Let it go?

A: omg its just so amazing! they should honestly make a cover :D (/hj)

Q: "She left me roses by the stairs"

A: "Did you say roses?!"

Q: "WHERE?!"

A: ngl that vids cool, its one of my many comfort videos too :))

Q: The "niefnesffsfsfwifnsdfnsejjfdslf" in rap god.. did the lyrics hit hard?

A: kinda-

Q: Y'know, we could switch accounts (discord/fandom) for a day and no one would even realise lmao-

A: so true-

Q: Is Gamerman the definition of the meme "how do you do fellow kids"?

A: imo yes

Q: Why does Gamerman take everything so seriously? I could ask why my soup is cold and he'd likely give me a 15 paragraph long essay of lore and history and how it relates to the end of time.

A: idek why he takes everything so seriously tbh :/ he needs to realise if he doesnt stop taking these things seriously there could be a chance of him getting demoted (edit: ayo- i kinda predicted it?)

Q: Why do you suck at hard and long towers?

A: pls-

Q: Would you ever try to beat ToCP (Hardest JToH Tower)?

A: LOL such a good question... no <3

Q: Imagine Garctic Phone game night with the staff/community ;O

A: oh yea fun fact: i played gartic phone w a streamer on stream once (im friends with said streamer) and it was so awesome. but yea thatd be awesome :D

Q: Sometimes I like to put food under my fingernails, extra snack for later :)

A: oh... sad thing is i checked my page mid digi class and my crush saw that and was like "(irl name) wtf is that person on" o-O


A: bro that hit close to home

q: "wtf is that person on" Wait till they meet Lookar.

"waste of toothpaste?... ZERO!" (actual quote from her pls help)

a: oh...

Q: Why does Arcfox not like me calling him "Arcy"?

A: uh- i have no clue but uh-

Q: So Arcfox is Arcy and Lookarock is Lookar. I'm gonna need a stupid pet name for you too :)

A: istg-

Q: WHY IS THIS QNA SO GODDAMN LONG - JespinjGD funny jtoh player xDDDD

A: (edit go brrr) honestly idek :sob:

Q: Wait till they realise this is Version 2 of the QnA.

A: true true

Q: I haz water pump end it gos brrrr waaaa shwoooo then nybor gow reee nooooo end i gow bom boom bam but me haz sven yaars in de prizon so i get uot o' de jyle ann eskapeh la prizzone it meek cop weery mudd end explod in de slorar seetem.

A: oh

Q: Someone got banned for saying "chicken nuggets"....

A: r/holup

Q: Semi-aquatic egg laying mammal...

A: wha-


A: *proceeds to scream the lyrics irl*

Q: swooof shwooof shwwwwwoooooop?

A: y e s

Q: baa baaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Q: Once upon a time, there was a cat, IT DIED. End of story :D

A: nice story :D

Q: Wanna know about the squirrel (He's name's Dee) with big nuts? (It's a good story actually, on YT)

A: oh-

Q: Did a dragon steal Canada?

A: idk, did it? /s

Q: Are babies committing Tax Fraud?

A: yes :))

Q: dead gap

A: lolwut

Q:Are was is and was were was yes no?

A: y e s

Q: do you are has stupid

A: i do haz stupid

A: Question?

Q: answer?

Q: Sky IS green.

A: oh...

Q: Oh OK

A: gamerman moment


A: understandable, have a great day

Q: I like to fly down wishing wells hoping that I reach the limit of the Matrix.

A: no but same!

Q: rest easy Jirachi โญ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’ซ

A: taken away from us too soon :(

Q: how do you even have time to answer all these questions (who am i)?

A: first of all, hi Taken lol- second, idek, ig its just the fact i answered most when i could as i had school and then answered some in lockdown

Q: whats an oof/bruh moment in roblox studio youve had?

A: when i tested a tower i made and then went to publish it to roblox and fricking studio crashed >:(

Q: wdym by "gonna be smiling wide if the moment i hope happens happens soon tbh"? oooo weirdo likes someoneeee

A: not saying names but a best online friend of mine and i like each other and when hes ready (the moment i hope happens sometime soon) ill ask him out (i was gonna ask him out when he told me but i figured it was a bit too early)

Q: soooo who is ittt? whos the lucky guy-

A: hmmmmmm

Q: who is it smfh *holds a water gun to ur head*

A; fine its uhm uh edfyhedxc its sfrhgsjdfbehdxbh may or may be jespin?

Q: if there was ever a "would i fight this mutual?" for discord friends, who'd go in "Literally never, this persons an angel"

A: only one person. jespin my beloved :)

Q: This is how dangerous online relationships can form. Jespin doesnโ€™t love you. He canโ€™t love you. He doesnโ€™t KNOW you. He can appreciate you but he canโ€™t fricking love you.

A: jespin, who's deadass told me he loves me: what-

Q: finish the sentence. "if nobody got me, i know ___ got me. can i get an amen?"

A: if nobody got me, i know jespin got me. automatic amen.

Q: opinions on every wiki staff?

A: aww man, here we go again

Fireball- he's actually really chill! also nice to talk to :D

Taps- nothing to say but british. thats it

Phoebe- shes pretty ia :(

Rock- shes awesome, we have pog convos in dms

Arc- hes chill, i like talking to him tbh

Kez- jtoh pro oh em gee-

me- im awesome and a nice gf

Q: hows you and jespin going????

A: rly well, ty me for asking :D

Q: dead chat xd

A: agreed

Q: random thought... what if the thing about jes not loving/knowing you was real?

A: id cry tbh, hes been here for me for ages

Q: final question as a discussion mod maybe? idk

A: yea might as well... gg me :D

Q: whats the most embarrassing thing thats happened to you

A: cant rly think of anything embarrassing thats happened to me tbh-

Q: hows yknow- you and jespin?

A: kind of a rough patch atm, wont talk about it tho

Q: sorry you guys broke up :p

A: honestly idrc, i had a feeling it would happen but didnt rly expect it so soon

Q: dead qna :(

A: can confirm :p

Q: how do you feel about Evre calling you Weirdoy and simping over your voice-

A: yknow, idrm since he doesnt simp for me in general

Q: ur content mod and rollback for lego jumping games so in conclusion ur poopyhead- notterry probably but said by me

A: true?

Q: hows jtoh wiki going :cowboy:

A: going well tbh

Q: whos ur bestie now-

A: luke aka picklemilk, we 4liferssss

Q: ok so like- are you mentally okay

A: if the answer is staying up til like 3am on discord and playing jtoh at 1am and raging then uh- no :)

Q: whos ur 4lifer?

A: luke for sure :D

Q: hardest jtoh tower done rn name it or i will you

A: toie with coil, if i beat tots with coil then tots = hardest (edit: tots is hardest)

Q: ew you coil towers- probs everyone who hates coilers idk

A: yea and? idc about my skill tbh

Q: why do you not care about skill-

A: bc i knew since i struggled with ToKY that i suck at jtoh

Q: dont you need skill for sc's :skull: :sob:

A: like im ever gonna try a sc in my life lmfao

Q: you and luke, matching pfps, thoughts?

A: yes

Q: are you glad you and luke are besties?

A: literally yes, hes super sweet and we share the same humor :)

Q: when the

A: yes

Q: omg ur literally the sweetest person ever ilysm

A: awww tysm i only just checked my qna now and i smiled wide ilysm too <3


A: sir i was out- :cowboy:

Q: oh god what if people start shipping...

A: arson time ig? idk

Q: ok how do you feel knowing ur officially matching pfps with your 4lifer 4ever?

A: i feel very cool

Q: why does ur mouse keep moving by itself im-

A: good question :sob:

Q: is ur mouse fixed >:(((

A: yessirrrrr

Q: when the impostor is

A: not sus

Q: explain "acho stinks <3"

A; ok so like 3 pog streamers (notkayley_, ggacho and pvpluver) met up and somewhere around midnight achos server was active and i talked to acho and kayley and acho muted kayley as a joke so i said they stink (and kayley vouches)

Q: ok who the hell even-

A: nz streamers-

Q: when you try using the "what does idk, ly ttyl mean?" card on ur crush but he knows the trick PepeLaugh

A: not a PepeLaugh moment tbh >:(

Q: imagine this scenario: ur vibing in ur house then tempest (ur crush) and cosmic (ur friend and an irl friend of tempest's) just emerge out of no where

A: like thats gonna happen PepeLaugh

Q: opinions on every wiki staff v3, go

A: oh...

Fireball- hes someone whos near my timezone, 2 hours behind

Phoebe- still ia :(

Taps- hes british yk, fish n chips and stuff idk

Steven- shes chill, we have funny dms from time to time

Arc- hes chill, most of the time our dms are about gamerman whenever he pisses us off in wiki staff wiki server

Luke- LITERALLY MY BESTIE OMG- hes literally the best person ive ever talked to and we have the same humor and we're 4lifers 4ever luke if ur here ilysm mwah (purely platonic if anyones here btw aaa)

me- im swaggy

Kez- hes chill, pretty ia

Q: opinions on steven shipping luke and you

A: its a steven thing to do- luke and i unironically

Q: wau luke in da qna


Q: lmao I never ask you questions


Q: hardest tower youve beat NO COILS!1!!1


Q: ive played jtoh with rock and turns out shes really bad


Q: special talent?


Q: wait i just realized you're basically in the future a day from my perspective (goddamn time zones are weird)


Q: favorite letter and number


Q: who were the mod people when you first joined toh wiki?


Q: biggest flex?!


Q: pet peeve?


Q: lmao all of those questions prolly already been asked