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Hi im sergio90pro this is my fav game in top 1, top 2 arsenal and top 3 Super striker league.

This is the top hardest to easiest stage on my opinion.

Top 1: Gravitron

The image of the section.

i think this is the hardest stage for de rotations, i only beat this section only one time. the retangle plataform is hard beacuse i usually fall in it. the stage is something rare but in my VIP server is appearing so much. but for some reason is my fav stage :D

Top 2: Twisted Belt

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this is hard because is a short inversion but conveyors. and they stop me make the first jump. i made it but i fall because the big jump. is some easy with sand clock of low gravity. this is my worst stage >:(

Top 3: The Agent Returns

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on my opinion. this is the hardest stage of agent sequels. reason: The lasers are really difficult to localize and the plataform is to low. i beat the section only with shield.i was playing this with my friend matias. and i bought shield and we can beat it with ease. This is not my fav level but i like agent sections :v

Top 4: Blender

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This is reallyyyy hard stage. is easy only with shield or sand clock. i beat that only one time without any gear or mutator. i never cannot play the old version because i played this since December 2020. i like this section :)

Top 5: The Vault

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why i mark this in hardest? i say was i got distracted and the code is so hard and the timer is going to finish by X8. i need to wait to this section appears again. this section only appeared one time.

Top 6: The Block

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This is hard beacuse the jumps are really hard to make mostly the x3 tuds. i want this got deleted like twisted belt. i never beat the level, i dont like the level.

Top 7: Hole In The Wall


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MY PROFILE. (im spanish)

My Tower Of Hell


BADGES: newbie, pro, mutated, secret and explorer.



TRAIL USING: teal trail

EFFECT USING: rainbow smoke

COIL USING: jump and gravity coil


TTOH progress 210: Hole In The Wall

TTOH progress 169: Half And Half

TTOH progress 150: Decisions (Removed)

TTOH progress 17: Which One