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Hey There! I'm ArcFox
Tower of Hell player since November 2019, Wiki Admin, Three-time TToH winner, secret sections simp, website design freak, certified idiot maybe

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- He/him

- High Schooler

- Vietnamese American

- I live in PST

- Devout catholic

- My favorite Nintendo franchise is Star Fox

- I hope to be gameing like Lookarock

Tower of Hell Info

Current Level: 68

210 TToH Record: 71 (Bullseye)

Current Effects: Gold Radiance, Plastic Orange Coil, Purple and Blue Trail

Favorite Mutator: Extra Time

Least Favorite Mutator: Invincibility

Favorite Gear: Jump Coil

Favorite Section: Tick Tock

Least Favorite Sections: Loose Escalator and Switching Sides

Favorite Secret Section: Cyclotron or The Vault

Least Favorite Secret Section: pathStraight

Most secret sections I've seen in one tower: 15 (All secret sections except T, Bender, and Cyclotron).

Other Games I Play

- Jailbreak

- Arsenal

- Eviction Notice

- Football Fusion

- Theme Park Tycoon 2

- Murder Mystery 2

- RoBeats

- Friday Night Funkin'/Funky Friday

- (Wii Games) Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play, Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2

- (N64 Games, yes I own an N64) Mario Kart 64, Smash Bros 64, Super Mario 64, Mario Party 1 and 2,


Games that I used to play

These games were the BOMB back when I played them. I stopped playing these games/play it way less often due to a lack of interest:

- Run and Run 2 from Coolmath

- Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 from NotDoppler

- Prison Life from Roblox

- Vehicle Simulator from Roblox (tired of the driving mechanics)

- Urbis

Other Fandom Wikis I Visit

- Arwingpedia

- GTA Wiki

- Jailbreak Wiki

- Arsenal Wiki


Edit to ask questions ONLY. Do NOT ask personal questions please.

Q: Do you use Photopea for editing images?

A: I use Photoshop CC 2019

Q: Wanna be a content mod?

A: Yes!

Q: Are you a Youtuber?

A: Yes, notice the section on this page that says other social links?

Q: Why is your username yellow in the recent wiki activity log?

A: I got promoted to content and discussions moderator

Q: Did you make your pfp and Roblox shirt?

A: Yes, with photoshop

Q: How did you get to be a Content Moderator?

A: Bureaucrat Taps7767 chooses members based on their quality of edits, how often they edit, and if he is generally impressed by someone's work. This wiki does not use a staff application. I was promoted back when I was making the badges for the home screen so I guess he was impressed by that Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― I also photoshop images for the Wiki, something that not alot of people do.

Q: Would you like the extension "Random Questions" added to your Q&A?

A: No thanks

Q: Then we shall leave your here Q&A bare.

A: I guess

Q: Why is Taps7767 such an incredible person?

A: Because he isn't as much of a dictator compared to other Roblox interwiki bcrats. Some wikis are hella strict and by the book. Oh and he offered me a Content mod role :))

Q: was the race we did good? XD DD

A: Oh hell yea we saw a secret section in a VIP server poggers

Q: Do I annoy you?

A: No?!?

Q: Ur a epic gamer ami a epic gamer?

A: Sure ig

Q: Would you grind or use boBux

A: Grind

Q: Am I cool

A: Sure ig

Q: I need 17 more effects is that good?

A: Sure ig

Q:when did you start playing roblox?

A: Took it "seriously" in 2016 and a played a little bit of it casually in 2009

Q:what is your favorite anime?

A: Jojos bizarre adventure because memes. I may watch haikyu because Taps guy.

Q:What is your favorite song?

A: Depends on Genre:

Video Game OST:

Geometry Dash:

Jazz (I'm a drummer irl):

Q:What country are you from?

A: USA with parents from Saigon, Vietnam.

Q:How are you today and hows life?

A: Doing ok, life is hard, I need peace and tranquility.

Q:Why Do You Like/Love ToH?

A: Like ToH because of the concept, LOVE Secret Sections because they have a cooler concept and rare.

Q:What are your thoughts on the new TToH?

A: One of my main motivators to beat TToH was to see the giant erect minitower and anticipation up close and personal and now its gone ;-;

Q: Did you complete 150,169 or 210 TToH? Your (Edit: outdated bio) bio says you beat it 3 times.

A: I beat the 17 section TToH back when it was called THE Tower of Hell and not The Tower of Hell, so technically I am a 3 time THE Tower of Hell winner.

Q: Do you make Tower of Hell submissions, and hope they get added?

A: No because YX said on their discord server that submissions are not accepted atm

Q:What is your most hated roblox game ?

A: Condo games because I'm a normal human being.

Q:Did you get robux from doing wiki?

A: No, I got bobux as payment from a friend after I helped him grind over 2 million dollars in Jailbreak in like 2018 or 2019

Q:Do you like simulator games?

A: I like baking simulator so I guess

Q: What Knife/Gun do you have equipped in Murder Mystery 2

A: I don't play MM2 as much anymore, but I currently use the seer and viper

Q: Thoughts on the questions in Lookarock's q/a?

A: Quotes and answers

Q: Can I friend you on Roblox?- Elinn71

A: sure ig

Q: What's the (outdated) music name for this page?

A: Star Fox 64 Menu Theme. Since my fav Nintendo franchise is Star Fox, this sing is one of the most nostalgic to me.

Q: have you heard of before? asking for science...

A: No

Q: Wanna make this q/a as chaotic as Lookarock's?

A: Sure

Q: Ever wanted to try to photoshop Taps' profile picture with a maid dress? That'd be so hot.

A: I did make a photo showing wiki staff avatars in cat maid, but it had Kai in it and I posted the image 30 minutes before he announced he resigned. I may upload it again. PFP is a maybe

Q: Why do you look so anxious on your avatar?

A: Because asian american and asian hate.

Q: This q/a is cool and all but this does not change the fact that in Australia there are 48 million kangaroos and in Uruguay there are 3,457,380 inhabitants. So if the kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan will have to fight 14 kangaroos.

A: Kindergarden math problems time

Q: What types of ritua... I mean stuff that's going on in Staff General?

A: Very important conversations

Q: Are you a furry?

A: Kinda no, I liked Star Fox back when furries weren't weird.

Q: Thoughts on Phantom Forces

A: Jump bug moment

Q: Rip old name :(


Q: Ever tried making planes out of meatballs?

A: This is a true story, but one time I was eating in a pho restaurant and since I finished last and there was one meatball, my brother and I were fighting eachother trying to pick it up with our chopsticks. My brother picked it up, showed it to me in the air and then I took my chopsticks and hit it our of his. The meatball flew in the air and landed on the floor so I guess.

Q: Who your favorite person in this wiki *bureaucrats and admins doesn't count*

A: NotTerry is a rlly good wiki user who could def be Content Mod. I also like BryantWarrickCai because he is good at checking up and reporting stuff.

Q: Why did you change your Discord nickname to Futuristic Furry?

A: Because DMs

Q: Are you chicken nugget too?

A: No, Tyson foods is corrupted

Q: If you were asked to become an admin in this wiki, would you accept?

A: Sure, but if Kai comes back I'd give my admin role to him.

Q: Would it be wrong to steal Jupiter?

A: Why not?

Q: Thanks for putting your avatar the right side!

A: Np

Q: Have you read Weirdo's Fanfiction? What are your thoughts on it?

A: I read the Gabe the Babe book and it is very good, hopefully future english classes use it

Q: If you were in a public restroom, and someone knocks, would you open the door and say "come in"?

A: What if I was in a doorless restroom. Bathroom stalls in a no

Q: ArcFowoxCC

A: Nowo

Q: Is "Falling Object" pronounced as "DerHausaufgabe"?

A: No, it's pronounced as DerHausaufbabe

Q: Oh no, I'm working on Lowokarocks q/a, Weirdowogurl's q/a and now your q/a. Can you at least feed me down here :(

A: What do you want?

Q: Who is your avatar running from?

A: Running to here to answer questions. Jk, I tried to copy this pose but its hard to do that with square avatars

Q: Did gabe found out about the fanfiction?

A: No as far as I know

Q: Where do we bury the fanfiction?

A: chimney

Q: How do we bury the fanfiction?

A: WD40 and a lighter

Q: Change of plans, how will YOU bury the fanfiction?

A: same as above

Q: Wait, is the fanfiction on the internet?

A: Maybe

Q: How do we erase the fanfiction?

A: Use the jumbo erasers that can erase big mistakes

Q: The Devs are asking me if you hid the fanfic, what should I tell them?

A: Tell them that it is not hidden and they need to look closer

Q: Is it legal to lie?

A: sure

Q: I bet my bathtub that you will read this question, correct?


Q: Is it okay to form a giant human?

A: Big Tex moment

Q: Do babies like being used as beyblades?

A: Yes because let it rip (fart)

Q: Can I recycle Lookarock's q/a questions?

A: No

Q: What's it like to be a pet named steve?


Q: Are you human?

A: I tried to refuse to wear a mask but was forced to wear one so I guess i am human.

Q: How much cash do you have in Jailbreak?

A: Currently 3.9 million, but I made over 10 million total and spent money on 1m vehicles

Q: Thoughts on bedrock?

A: I hear that it is Lookarock's favorite bed/mattress

Q: Are you a vampire?

A: I can count like count dracula so maybe

Q: Are you a tree?

A: Ayyy How to be a ninja reference.

Q: what comes around goes around!

A: Satellite

Q: Have you tried to sing along in an instrumetal?


Q: Which former wiki staff did you work with the most?

A: KaixZone. All the other former staff resigned before I joined.

Q: Whats your fav anime

A: none

Q: What is your fav YT vid that is not a YTP nor rickroll nor stick bug.

A: idk theres so many god tier vids

Q: Cats or dogs?

A: Dogs, they taste good

Q: Is Roblox stock market stonks?

A: If cat daddy says it is, then yes

Q: Is Dyrexinol your sibling?

A: No wtf

Q: Do you think the ToH wiki logo needs to be updated?

A: Sure, but rip windstorm

Q: If Phoebe is "OwO" then why is her discord pfp "UwU"

A: Yes

Q: Does Taps eat crumpets?

A: Probably

Q: If the wiki staff played finish my sentence, say a possible sentence we could've made.

A: P**is. (End of sentence)

Q: Is Kai the most visionary staff we had?

A: Yes

Q: Is Arc a visionary staff member?

A: Maybe

Q: How far could you drop kick a child

A: Probably 1 foot

Q: If you were locked in a room for a day with OofyYT(doxxer) and DCS, how would it probably go?

A: I'd whoop Oofy and interrogate DCS on why he likes cartoony supreme and numberblocks maybe.

Q: Can you fight off 14 kangaroos?

A: No

Q: Best comeback argument you've done?

A: I gave perplexed a warning and then he tried to go off topic, so it hit him with the Fandom Terms of Use and that shut him up.

Q: What is your most recent google search other than Tower of Hell Wiki.

A: Searching youtube for a pet named steve to link to the pet named steve question

Q: Can you live without the words dumba**, piss, and bro?

A: mhm

Q: Take a selfie of you in Minirockopolis

A: Lookarock gave me directions but im still confusion on where it is

Q: Why did MyUsernamesThis become a walking billboard/advertisement via his username.

A: yesh

Q: Do you find MyUsernamesThis's commentary annoying af (ok and then were gonna do this and then were gonna enter the jewel and then were gonna punch these cases and then were gonna jump over these lasters blah blah blah).

A: mhm

Q: Is long hair annoying?

A: I don't have long hair

Q: If weirdo is in New Zealand, then why does she say innit? Is that the power of Tommy and SMP?

A: Yepper

Q: Whats your go-to comeback in an argument

A: no u

Q: Do you think this tweet by Kai will make wiki users tell kai to come back?

A: eh

Q: Since Poidpd's status is "my life if kil, youtube is liv" is this Poid irl when he isn't doing youtube?

A: i dont watch poidpd much

Q: Do you feel bad for Floydeye?

A: Yes, underaged spoiled kiddies suck

Q: What did Taps do that got him the contributor role in the YX Discord. Yes I'm asking you because you're not in that server :thynk:

A: I am in that server and i think Taps got the role because he probably beat Seren in a crumpet eating contest

Q: Should the wiki staff do a discord game night or a finish my sentence to celebrate 300 members.

A: Finish my sentence

Q: When you first saw Circa's avatar did you originally thought that he was a girl?

A: Yes

Q: What is

A: idk

Q: Do you think it's kinda cringe that the navigation badges do not fit completely on your screen? (I think)

A: mhm

Q: Do you have freckles irl?

A: no

Q: What do you even do as a hypesquad member?

A: I'm not a hypesquad member

Q: Since Kai made a game called "corner clip 100 times" and Taps is a consistent player, are u gonna race him in that game?

A: Maybe

Q: How often do you use the phrase "Can anyone hear what the rock is cooking"?

A: Never

Q: Thanks for saying "I'm ArcFox" at the top of your user page, I could've never be able to tell who you are!

A: Yee

Q: Ew imagine being lemonade.

A: I miss being a highlighter

Q: Can you fly if you dump oil on yourself and it's raining?

A: What kind of oil

Q: Are you part of the O5 council too?

A: No

Q: Is Lookarock in the O5 council?

A: Probably


A: Spiderman pizza theme plays

Q: Is it legal to train lions to fly across Mexico?

A: yes

Q: Can dogs learn to fly a F-16 Fighting Falcon jet plane?

A: Yeah because seat and cockpit design

Q: Is there such a thing as a secret goldfish society and they communicate through their fins signals?

A: Fins signals are their gang sign

Q: Are Fish aliens?

A; No except that type of fish with the bulging forehead

Q: Where's nemo?

A: In your toilet

Q: How do we solve hunger and overpopulation with one solution? ;)

A: If you're hungry, just buy some food

Q: Do you think Jailbreak should add the aa-12?

A: Yes because bank bust is annoying

Q: Does aa-12 run on Double A Batteries?

A: No, it runs on American Airlines

Q: Best gun?

A: Kriss Vector because when I kill someone with it I say GET VECTORED, OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Q: Do you like the gun that shoots?

A: No, I like the guns that pews, aka literal gun

Q: Do you ever wish that you can float out of your bed because you're too lazy to stand up?

A: No because then I get cold from not being under a blanket

Q: Do you ever want to put your brain on auto pilot cuz you don't want to deal with today's stuff?

A: Yep

Q: What counts as a personal question?

A: Asking me to send you nudes

Q: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?


Q: Is it safe to make an island out of honey?

A: I play Super Mario Galaxy 2, and there is a galaxy called honeyhop galaxy, so I guess it is safe.

Q: Help I accidentally swallowed an interdimensional combat turtle after attempting to fly to the moon with my pooping pressure. How do I get it out?


Q: "I read the Gabe the Babe book and it is very good, hopefully future english classes use it" why must future english classes use my book- im glad you think its good so far lmao

A: Because english books nowadays, such as Romeo and Juliet, are overrated. They need something original like a biography of a German teenager Roblox guy who trolls little kids with his powers

Q: How do I enter a green pipe?


Q: Is it safe to roll around on the hills?

A: I did that with the panorama iphone thing so I guess

Q: I'd let you had I known it, why don't you say so?

A: Because I'm a big boy that can make my own descisions.

Q: ^#&@#^^@*)$((???

A: yes

Q: ^w^?

A: UwU

Q: How does Discord work?

A: Oh so you basically type in @everyone in the general of every discord server you know and then you're gonna die :D

Q: Macaron or Macaroon?

A: Macaron

Q: Thoughts on the next Jailbreak update?

A: I saw the outside of the revamped apartments and I hope to god we get to see the OG map

Q: Ok, I made a bunch of questions now. Can you please let me out of the basement? :(

A: Nah

Q: can i come out the basement now...? ive been stuck here for a while and its boring down here :[

A: no

Q: apple or samsung?

A: Apple

Q: Don't listen to Wierdogurl. She deserves to be locked up. She's just a figment of your multidimensional self. Trust me, the risk is greater than what you can virtually process. Nothing exists, nothing ever existed. Yet it does, have you ever thought if all these questions are worth it? You spend a large amount of time in this "reality", oh you thought it was real? Well, not exactly, this is just one of those mind games that has been established for decades, or even centuries. And no, this is not a copypasta, I "typed" all this by "hand". I'm sorry you had to go through all these, learning about the world and all. But remember this, never gonna give you up. Anyways, hopefully you understand by not understanding the understanding and do all of that. Cheers!

A: Who is WiergoGurl, I only know "I'm that WeirdoGurl Innit"

Q: Here's a good link. I promised it's not a rick roll -

A: Not clicking it

Q: Free robux -

A: No

Q: Should've made your user page play rick roll on April Fools :(

A: Nah I was busy tryna win on purple team and document toh april fools

Q: Yxceptional's Theme song! -

A: Yeah basically

Q: SQ; uhm, whomst tf called me WierdoGurl im- i prefer the nickname Weirdo, and i never wanna be called WeirdoGurl again okay ty

A: Ok WeirdoGurl :)

Q: "Who is WiergoGurl, I only know "I'm that WeirdoGurl Innit"" few questions later "Ok WeirdoGurl :)". Explanation, NOW.

A: "I'm that WeirdoGurl innit" has "Weirdogurl" iΜΆnΜΆnΜΆiΜΆtΜΆ in it.

Q: y'know what us staff should do in a vc one day/night? we should all do karaoke but we pick a song to do a solo to! would you be down?

A: Maybe, I think it would be better if the Wiki Staff played Agario or Finish my sentence.

Q: i mean- we can organise to have 2 seperate vcs depending on who's down for karaoke; if its half and half, we can have one group singing and one group playing a game :]

A: sure ig

Q: oh also if you have any game ideas (preferrably ones where wedont share a screen but idk-) you can dm me on discord- Weirdo :]

A: mk

Q: The last thing you want on your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus, but as it turns out, that might be what you get. A 4channer uploaded a photo anonymously to the site showcasing his feet in a plastic bin of lettuce, with the statement: "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." Admittedly, he had shoes on but, that's even worse. The post went live at 11:38PM on July 16 and a mere 20 minutes later, the Burger King in question was alerted to the rogue employee. at least, I hope he's rogue. How did it happen? Well, the BK employee hadn't removed the Exif data from the uploaded photo, which suggested the culprit was somewhere in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. This was at 11:47. 3 minutes later, at 11:50, the Burger King branch address was posted, with wishes of happy unemployment. 5 minutes later, the news station was contacted by another 4channer. And 3 minutes later, at 11:58, a link was posted. Bk's "Tell Us About US" online form. The foot photo otherwise known as Exhibit A, was attached. Cleveland Scene Magazine contacted the BK in question the next day. When questioned, the breakfast shift manager said, "Oh, I know who that is. He's getting fired." Mystery, Solved, by 4chan, now we can all go back to eating our fast food in peace.

A: oh that thing that was on Seth's reacting to yt rewind thing

Q: Gimme a stage idea :D

A: Build a section that flings you to the top of a tower

Q: What do you think about Lookarock's photoshopped images?

A: Good

Q: Why did Lookarock photoshop images badly?

A: That was a long time ago when she was bad at photoshops, she is much better at it now.

Q:How do you make it so It says : "ArcFoxCC's Spicy Home Page"??

A: {{DISPLAYTITLE:ArcFox's Spicy Home Page}}

Q: what are the chances Weirdo (who's writing this question) gets the admin role? :o

A: Admins are limited in what they can promote people to lol. I guess that youll have a 20 percent chance of getting admin and a 90 percent chance at getting content mod.

Q: if youve read Weirdo's (aka the person whos asking questions bc we both lost hype) other fanfics, which one did you like? hdbgvfdsuhfbvdsj

A: I haven't read the other fanfics yet

Q: dont you just love it when

A: yes

Q: fave funky friday week 3 song? i like blammed bc its got a good beat :D

A: Same

Q: if you had to meet three of the wiki staff irl, who would you get the opportunity to meet? (ik im probs not one of em but oh well)

A: You, Taps, and Rock

Q: if the wiki staff got into a fight, who'd win?

A: Rock

Q: coke or pepsi?

A: Cocaine better than Pepsin

Q: pov: ur locked in a room w sergio, gumbolboi, gabe, and dcs. what would you do to these people?

A: I'd slap a strip of duct tape on sergio's mouth and gumbol's mouth so that they don't beg and annoy Gabe and DCS to death. I'd then fact check the wiki with Gabe and DCS.

Q: are you subbed to Technoblade? *points Tommy's vlog gun directly to your kneecaps*

A: Nop

Q: imagine this key scenario: you're just vibing and doing whatever then Weirdo (aka the person who wrote this) appeared out of no where and ended up in the same room as you. how would you feel?

A: Depends on what I'm doing

Q: how did Rock, you and I lose hype on our qna's? :(

A: Idek

Q: what's your honest and truthful opinion on Weirdo?

A: Hopefully Weirdo doesn't become a stan

Q: does Weirdo annoy you?

A: No

Q: Did you three lose hype because I wasn't asking any questions? -NotTerry

A: Idek

Q: Why do you have the same pfp as ToshDeluxe?

A: Because it's like the best balance between simplicity and shape in a design I was looking for.

Q: wdym "hopefully Weirdo doesn't become a stan" im confused- what do you think id stan lolol

A: cut to that one vid on Discord

Q: Are you excited for the upcoming Jailbreak update? :D

A: ye


A: Jokes on you I memorized the url

Q: guess who this is (definitely not Rock lmao-)

A: lmao, i'm-, or pls- is probably weirdogurl

Q: You're a Tower of Hell Wiki Admin and you don't even have the game in your Favorite?

A: that sounds like an obligation lol. I just access the game in the "continue" section of my home page

Q: SQ: How off-topic can you go in Discussions? There have been some posts about obbies in general... so, what are the limits of this rule?

A: ToH is an obby game so i can see the relation there. Basically try and keep content to have a connection to Roblox, Tower of Hell, YXCeptional, or the Wiki. This rule isn't super big deal, like if you reply to an on topic post with a connection to something unrelated usually its fine.

Q: You and I are now 1k points on the leaderboard, how do you feel? :D -NotTerry

A: pog ig. I don't keep track of points

Q: To be faiw, you have to have a vewie high IQ to undewstand Towoew of Heww. Da sections awe extwemewie subtwe, and without a sowid gwasp of daoweticaw pwobabiwitie most of da statistics wiww go ovew a typicaw pwayew's head. Dewe's awso Yxceptional's cat maid wook, which is deftwie woven into daiw chawactewization - daiw pewsonaw phiwosophie dwaws heaviwie fwom JToH ow OI:R, fow instance. Da fans undewstand dis stuff; daie have da intewwectuaw capacitie to twuwie appweciate da depths of dis game, to weawise dat day'we not just funny- daie saie somethim deep about LIFE. As a consequence peopwe who diswike Towoew of Heww twuwie ARE idiots- of couwse daie wouwdn't appweciate, fow instance, da humouw in da devewopew's usewnames "uwu," which itsewf is a cwyptic wefewence to intewnet memes and swang. I'm smiwkim wight nowo just imaginim one of dose simpwetons scwatchim daiw heads in confusion as uwuPyxl unfowds itsewf on daiw ROBLOX game. What foows... howo i pitie dam. OwO

A: preach

Q: Would you be able to rank the ToH wiki staff from best to worst?

A: Yes

Q: Does Canada have the technology to weaponize beavers?

A: Yes because Angry Beavers

Q: Will Gamerman ever understand what a "joke" is?

A: Nope, and the sad part is that the only humor he has (when he admits something is funny) is when he gets reactions out of me or anyone else

Q: SQ: What vehicles do you not have in Jailbreak?

A: Too many to list, notable cars i dont have are the beam hybrid, arachnid, monster truck, and yeah

Q: Do you believe in the Jailbreak Sloop Cult?

A: No because idk what that is

Q: Frick zodiac signs. How do you eat your burrito? From the side or the middle?

A: Neither, I eat it from one of the ends

Q: How do I remove the liquid from water?

A: Magically convert it into dry ice. The water turns to ice, but turning it into dry ice makes it dry and left with only water without the wetness.

Q: How much money would you have for every time Gamerman says "Oh OK". What will you do with all these money?

A: Roughly 271,000 dollars, and I'd save some for college.

Q: dead qna :pensive:

A: ikr

Q: should i bring gabe the babe book back but just- not make it like the old version?

A: Sure

Q: when the impostor is

A: not red

Q: whats it like being an admin? seems easy

A: its alright

Q: this is a question.

A: This is not an answer

Q: *pointing tommys vlog gun at ur knees x2* are you subbed to tommy now?

A: Nop

Q: opinions on wiki staff wiki?

A: Its very cool :)

Q: honestly idk what to ask anymore :p

A: sure you do

Q: if there was a "would i fight this mutual?" for toh wiki staff, who would go in "literally never, an angel"?

A: Taps. Guy never mentioned about one of his sections getting into the game when it did, super humble

Q: whats ur opinion on me now-

A: idk because im too lazy to check revision log to see who asked this

Q: havent become a stan btw, stans are annoying (well tbf i stan myself bc im my biggest supporter :pensive: :fist:)

A: Good job

Q: how do you feel knowing you exist

A: Great because I got to experience the roblox lil nas x concert

Q: fave toh wiki staff- nah jk... unless?

A: Taps

Q: how do you feel knowing taps = builder which = taps = swaggier?

A: Well deserved, I am happy for him

Q: dont you ever just

A: idek

Q: What is Focal Point on Trivia means.