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QnA I guess, everyone seems to have these.

Q: Do you know who I am?

A: You're RobloxIllusion.

Q: am I TheBirthdayIsALie?

A: perhaps

Q: Am I a noob? (Hint: YES!)

A: Yes.

Q: who wrote this question

A: You're Dominator2812.

Q: if I buy bunny hop, foggy, and invisibility, and people get mad at me, what's the ratio of uranus?

A: The ratio is 1:413.

Q: Are you a human?

A: No. I am a vampire.

Q: woah are you suddenly alive from the dead

A: I was born a vampire, so I've always been undead.

Q: What type of blood tastes best? Also with salt or pepper?

A: AB- tastes wonderful. I never add salt, it dries up the blood. Pepper is added sometimes, but it depends on the blood type. I definitely add pepper to O+.

Q: Do vampires like obbies?

A: This one does.

Q: What other wikis are you active on?

A: I used to be pretty active on Identity Fraud wiki, but not anymore.

Q: If a man can dig a 6 foot hole, how big is the hole?

A: depends how big the man is.

Q: yooooooo

A: yooooooo

Q: Apca funny

A: Wot?

Q: You were accidently a discussion moderator for about 15 minutes yesterday.

A: Accidents aren't real

Q: damn highly doubt you'll answer this but i hope things are doing well in your life, Apca. :)

A: yo, i still answer this page. thanks, hope things go well for you too pal.

Q: do you miss being wiki staff?

A: i honestly do, but i think there are enough people active here to replace me at this point. if i'm ever needed again i can make a return, but as of right now i see no use.

Q: bet you cant guess who i am. get it right and ill give you a cookie :D

A: hello innit

Q: oh... i guess you need a cookie... here ya go! πŸͺ


Q; honestly i think im just gonna come here and ask random questions when im bored, hope you dont mind :)

A: go for it, i enjoy these.

Q: ik you dont care but ive become a content mod now, taking after you ig :)


Q: wait tehnically as i wrote those 2 questions i have discussion mod colors- oh well...?

A: congratulations. keep up the good work.

Q: holy hell ive been ia on this qna- hows life going?

A: horribly.

Q: r u active anymore?

A: unfortunately not. i get notifications for edits made to this page.