Not to be confused with Unstable by Ket_Overkill, which is now removed.

Unstable Pathway is a section created by FIre_Ball and was added on October 28, 2018.


Unstable Pathway is a magenta section. It starts with 2 parts that lead to 4x4 stud platforms with 5 neon cylinders. This leads to 4 large platforms with a rectangular neon part in the middle. This leads to 5 round platforms to a rectangular platform with 4 neon poles. This finally leads to three wall wedges that go to the next section.


  • Be sure to move in a zigzag motion on the first part.
  • Be sure to be in first person or have shift lock on to avoid the last 4 neon poles at the end.


  • This is the 39th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The first part is similar to Wall Hug by FIre_Ball.
  • This section used to be dark pink before it was changed to magenta.
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