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Trusstrophe is a section created by KnuIIify and was added on August 4th, 2021.


This brown section starts with a small truss, which leads to a truss staircase with a killpart which you have to jump over. After that there is a truss which has two horizontal trusses and three killparts. The player must jump over the killparts, and after that, it will bring the player to four trusses. The player must jump on the trusses to reach a truss with a killpart, which leads to a truss that they have to climb to reach the end of the section.


  • Be careful when jumping onto each truss, as some are very close to killpart trusses.
  • If this is the first section, you can skip most of it by jumping from the stairs to a truss.
  • You can skip the first truss and jump straight to the second to save time.
  • There are many skips in this section where the player can skip a truss to save time, however some of these are difficult and not recommended for new players.


  • The section's name is a combination of the words "truss" and "catastrophe".