Trusst is a section created by Ordinary_Fiesta and was added on an unknown date.


This section starts with four truss jumps that leads to a large, circular block, connected to a small platform. From that platform, the player would jump to a truss, and around a block to another truss. The player then should climb to the top of the second truss and jump to a small truss below. From there, they can jump to a wall of trusses and then a diagonal truss leading to the next section.


  • After climbing up the group of trusses, look down so you can time your jumps carefully.
  • The diagonal truss can make you fall, so jump at the edge of the truss.


  • This is the 149th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • If Blender is above it, you will get blocked by the block and you will fall. This makes this section incompatible.
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