This page is for users to know who to go to when they meet a problem concerning both the wiki or the game. If you have a question or a concern, you'll more likely get an answer from the staff listed 'active'.


FireballTOH - Founder (Will come on every now and then)

Taps7767 - status - active


PhoebeOwO - status - active

RoMaster1010 - status - slightly active

Windstorm bee - status - slightly active

Content Moderators

Lookarock123 - status - active (Also Discussions Mod)

Archimetropolis - status - slightly active

ApcalypseArisen - status - inactive (Also Discussions Mod)

Discussion Moderators

TheBirthdayIsALie - status - slightly active

Former Wiki Staff

Genostix - Former Wiki Admin - demoted by request

Paradigmatic - Former Wiki Bureaucrat - demoted by request

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