Tower of Hell Wiki

The loading screen from when the game was called Tower of Hell Deluxe.

Tower of Hell Appeals is the game where banned players are sent when they try and join Tower of Hell.

This game was released to allow people to still play the game even while banned to reduce the load of work on the admins. If a player is banned, they will only be sent to this game.

It also has a unique Appeals tab in the menu that replaces the Credits tab, allowing the player to appeal their Tower of Hell ban in the ways below:

How to appeal each type of ban

The "Appeals" tab of the menu in ToH Appeals


After joining the game and selecting "Appeals" in the in-game GUI, it will show a paragraph that the banned player must type:

"I acknowledge that i have been banned justly for exploiting and hereby agree that i will not to do so again. Furthermore i agree to have all my progress in the game deleted and wait 7 more days until i am unbanned"

After the appeal is sent, the exploiter will have all of their coins/level statuses removed. Exploiters will need to wait 7 days before they can rejoin the regular Tower of Hell again.

False Exploiting Bans

The game tells the player in the "Appeals" tab that they have to appeal to have their false ban removed on the YXCeptional Discord server.

To do this, the player must join the YXCeptional Discord server and create a ticket. This will allow the player to speak with staff; they must give their Roblox username along with an explanation of what happened.

Warning: If under 13 you will be banned from the YXCeptional Discord Server. If under this age, get a parent or guardian to appeal for you.


  • When first launched, this version of the game was called "Tower of Hell Deluxe", however the name was later changed to "Tower of Hell Appeals".
  • This version of the game used to only have one-player servers, meaning exploiters would be alone in the server. Tower of Hell Appeals was later changed to multiplayer on February 19th, 2021.