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Squid Magic's thumbnail for the mod. The thumbnail shows Block of Death in the background.

Tower of Hell: Reborn was a modification of Tower of Hell that brought 51 new sections into your private server. The mod was created by Archimetropolis, a Tower of Hell builder. You did not receive any coins or xp from the mod.

DISCLAIMER: This mod has been removed from the game; these sections can no longer be accessed in Tower of Hell.

The mod was created on December 7, 2018 by Archimetropolis, and was released in-game on July 5, 2019. It was later removed on April 30, 2021.

Name Picture Creator Difficulty Length
Across Across.png primord_ial Medium Medium
Around Around1.png Giann_o Medium Medium
Ascent Ascent.png disusssss Medium Medium
Block of Death Block of Death.png primord_ial Hard Short
Capsules Capsuless.PNG Archimetropolis Hard Medium
Checkerboards JoshyMelons Checkerboards.png JoshyMelons Medium Long
Crosses Crosses.png Giann_o Easy Medium
Dark Matter Darkmatter.PNG JoshyMelons Medium Long
Dash Across Dash Across.png JoshyMelons Medium Long
Deadly Pipes Deadly Pipes.PNG Archimetropolis Hard Medium
Dimensional Dimensional.png JoshyMelons Medium Short
Dotted Dotted.PNG Giann_o Hard Short
Duck Down Duck Down.png ShieldEgg Hard Medium
Everest Everest.png doublec_squared Hard Long
Hang Hang.png Giann_o Medium Short
Hard Targeted HardTargetedAbove.png Giann_o Medium Medium
Helix Helix.png primord_ial Easy Medium
Holes Holes.png primord_ial Medium Short
Ice Cave Ice Cave.png Robuyasu Insane Long
In the Way InTheWay.PNG primord_ial Medium Medium
Kanizsa Kanizsa Main.png ShieldEgg Medium Medium
Ladders Ladderss.png Giann_o Medium Medium
Letters of ToH Letters of ToH.png Archimetropolis Medium Long
Line Line.png doublec_squared Easy Medium
Line Traverse Line Traverse1.png Orliminecraft Easy Long
Long Jumps Long Jumps.PNG ExaminabIe Medium Short
Maze of Spinners Maze of Spinners Top.png ShieldEgg Medium Medium
Misery Misery.png ShieldEgg Hard Medium
Music Music.PNG ApplePieNoob1 Medium Medium
On the Truss On the Truss1.png Archimetropolis Hard Long
Paradise Village Paradise ViIIage.png JoshyMelons Medium Long
Parkour Box Parkour Box Inside.png primord_ial Medium Medium
Pinball Pinball3.PNG Archimetropolis Medium Medium
Pulse Pulse.png ShieldEgg Medium Medium
Purple Mountains Purple mountains.PNG JoshyMelons Medium Medium
Puzzled Geometry Puzzledgeometry.PNG Giann_o Easy Medium
Spider Spider.png primord_ial Medium Medium
Spinning Around Spinning around.PNG Giann_o Medium Long
Spiral Spiral.png primord_ial Medium Long
Split Mergers Split Mergers.PNG xGreatStormz Easy Short
Stable Platform Stable platform 2.png primord_ial Hard Short
Star Balance Starbalance.PNG ShieldEgg Medium Long
Steady Steady.png Archimetropolis Medium Short
Stripes Stripes.PNG doublec_squared Easy Short
Techno Techno Top Down.png Archimetropolis Medium Short
The Blender The Blender.png ZappyZooms Hard Long
The Warm Up The Warmup.png Precession Medium Medium
Thin Line Thin line.PNG WaffleDaystar Medium Medium
Tight Jumps Tight Jumps.PNG Giann_o Hard Long
Up and Down Up and Down.png primord_ial Medium Medium
Up Beat Shuffle Upbeatshuffle.png Flre_Ball Medium Medium

Other Sections

Vanilla Sections

All sections that are in the game except Secret Sections.

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Secret Sections

Special sections that are much rarer and have unique features.

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Removed Sections

Vanilla sections that were once in the game, but are now removed.

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