Tower of Hell Wiki

Titles are YXclusive effects available in Tower of Hell, they are pieces of text that can be equipped above the player's head.

Current Titles

Most titles can only be equipped by Tower of Hell staff members, the YouTubers PinkLeaf (RenLeaf) and Jackeryz are exceptions and can equip some of these titles.

  • Creator (uwuPyxl)
  • Developer (Tower of Hell developers)
  • Admin (Tower of Hell admins)
  • Builder (Tower of Hell builders)
  • Admin|Builder (Tower of Hell admins/builders)
  • Cat (ObrenTune and uwuPyxl)
  • Noob (Tower of Hell staff and PinkLeaf)
  • Sub to PinkLeaf (Tower of Hell staff and PinkLeaf)
  • Follow PyxlDev on Twitter (Tower of Hell staff)
  • Dinnerbone (Tower of Hell staff, wearing this title flips your avatar)
  • Member (Owners of a membership)
  • uwu (Given by staff members)
  • owo (Given by staff members)

Custom Titles

Tower of Hell staff have the ability to create their own custom titles using commands. The titles are temporary and disappear when you leave the game.

Some known examples of these titles include:

  • Cat Maid
  • Custom
  • Sub to Sharena
  • Gabe
  • Nuyork
  • Jordan
  • Better than Taps at Tic Tac Toe
  • CQQP sucks
  • Sub to 2aney

Removed Titles

  • Mod|Builder - Old title for admins and builders (admins used to be called mods).
  • Follow PyxlDev on Twitch - Old version of the "Follow PyxlDev on Twitter" title.



  • The "Dinnerbone" title flipping you upside down is a reference to Minecraft, where using a name tag with the name 'Dinnerbone' on a mob will flip the mob upside down.
    • The name 'Dinnerbone' is the online name of Mojang Studios's technical director and programmer Nathan Adams.