"Gone. Reduced to atoms."
This section is a deleted section which is scrapped and can no longer seen ingame unless it gets readded. Don't hesitate to edit this page if something is missing.

Tight Squeeze is a now-removed section created by GeoXoro_15 on an unknown date and was added in the August of 2018 and removed on September 5, 2018.


The section starts with a tower like structure with wall wedges that lead to the back of the structure to a truss. This leads to 4 platforms to a wall with a hole in it that the player has to fit through. This leads to 4 more platforms to the end of the section.


GeoXoro_15 wanted to be demoted from Moderator to Builder. He also wanted his other sections (Hollow Cubes, Sweeping, and Pancakes) to be removed.


  • This section was removed when GeoXoro_15 was demoted by request.
  • It is unknown what the order this section was in TToH or if it was removed before TToH.
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