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"Why do I rarely see this section?"
This section, The Vault, is a secret section. Secret sections are very rare and thus do not appear in towers often. They often have unique features that cannot be found in vanilla sections.
The Vault Art.png
Any comments revealing or hinting towards the codes of the vault will result in an instant block; this is your only warning.

The Vault is a secret section created by uwuPyxl and was added on May 6th, 2020.


This light gray section starts with a small block that leads onto a large block with a giant safe that has a 0-9 number pad, an enter button (E), a clear button (C), and a cosmetic handle. If the player enters in the correct code, the safe will open. Inside there is a smaller safe that potentially has the infinite jump coil and a plastic jump coil effect for the player's left arm. Unfortunately, the player can't keep the jump coil forever; however, they can still keep the plastic version of it.

For those who are uninterested in opening the safes, or if someone uses the troll code, there are small blocks to the right of the vault which are steps to reach the top of it. Walk across the top of the vault and jump onto the small block to reach the end of the section. (Try not to walk on top of the vault door because it is slippery.)


  • The top of each vault door is made of ice, making The Vault the only section currently in the main game to have ice in it (the ice has a smooth plastic texture).
  • The buttons will not work if the player is holding a gear.
  • This section is the same size as The Halo.
  • If uwuPyxl finds out that the player has revealed the codes of the vault, they will get banned (although it is rare).
  • There's a troll code for the 2nd safe that will make the vault open completely empty.
  • Putting in the correct code in the both safes will flash "CORRECT" in green while the door is opening. Putting in the troll code in the 2nd safe will flash "NAH" in red and opens without anything inside it.
  • If the player freezes and unfreezes the vault doors while they are opening with the hourglass gear, they will teleport to their position as if they weren't affected by the hourglass.
  • If the player glitches in the second vault without entering the correct code, the infinite jump coil won't appear.
  • Entering 69 as the code will display "NICE" in red.



Vault Opening

The large vault opening with the correct code.

The small vault opening with the troll code.

Incorrect Code Messages