The Spinning Duo is a section created by Precession and was added on an unknown date.


The section starts with two trusses which bring you to a platform which lead to two circles leading to the main part of the section.

Part 1

The first spinner has relatively the same concept as Spinning but the section's platforms are circles rather than squares. The player can reach the next section by climbing a circular ladder using circles like the ones used as platforms.

Part 2

The next section is the same as the first section with only one platform that is the ladder climbed. The section ends with the same ladder used to get to this part and a circle to the next section.


  • On both spinners, you are going in the same direction as them, so you can do many jumps forward before the spinner comes.
  • When the spinner does come, it is easier to stay on the same platform and then jump over it.
  • On the first spinner, angle your camera so you can see where you are jumping because there are platforms above you.


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