The Meetup is a section created by PyxlDev and was added on April 23, 2020.


In this section, there are lasers and disappearing triangle-shaped blocks. In the end, there are two disappearing triangles that you have to jump through.

Many players fail here either because of the lasers, because they get lost, or because they were not fast enough and the triangles disappeared before they can get past the triangle. Of course, you have to make some in and out jumps on two disappearing parts to get to the next section. To outrun the disappearing triangles, try going near the middle of the section as much as you can, as you have less distance to walk on.


  • Do NOT use the gravity coil or low gravity, this will make it harder to avoid the neon lasers.
  • Tilt your camera around to figure out the location and rotation the lasers are.
  • Watch other players go around the section to see which way to go and which way to not go.


  • It is one of the hardest sections in Tower of Hell.
  • This is a mashup of Phantom and Secret Agent, both by PyxlDev.
  • This is the 122nd section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • You used to do an inverted jump on the last platforms, but the last phantom platform was put next to the end and is not aligned to the platform below it anymore.
  • This section can be skipped or "cheesed" if you were quick enough to reach the two triangles to the next section by moving the opposite direction of how the triangles fade in and out. This is not recommended because of the skip's precise timing.
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