The Meetup is a section created by uwuPyxl and was added on April 23rd, 2020.


This pale blue section contains killpart lasers and a circle of large disappearing triangle-shaped platforms.

The player must jump from a rectangular platform onto the circle and move along with the platforms as they appear and disappear, dodging the lasers along the way.

After that they have to jump onto two smaller disappearing triangles to reach the end of the section.


  • To outrun the disappearing triangles, try going near the middle of the section as much as you can, as you have less distance to cover.
  • This section can be skipped if you were quick enough to reach the two triangles to the next section by moving the opposite direction of how the triangles fade in and out. This is recommended because it makes it easier. This shortcut is shown in the GIF under the trivia.
  • Do not use the gravity coil or the low gravity mutator, this will make it harder to avoid the killpart lasers.
  • Tilt your camera around to figure out the location and rotation of the lasers, as well as whether to go over or under them.
  • Watch other players completing the section to see which way you should go.
  • Try to practice and memorize a route as you will find it much easier in future attempts.


  • This used to be the 156th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • The last 2 triangles used to require a head hitter jump as they were on top of each other, however, the section got nerfed along with Blender and Left Right, now you simply jump from one to the other at the end.
  • This section is a mashup of Phantom and Secret Agent.


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