The Factory is a section created by PyxlDev and was added on April 23, 2020.


This is a magenta-colored section that resembles a factory with conveyor belts and lasers. It starts off with a conveyer belt ramp leading to 3 horizontal lasers, which you have to jump over. The next part consists of a moving conveyor belt with lava poles. Once you finish that part, you jump onto a brick leading to another moving conveyor belt with a lava block beside it. If you jump over it, you will complete the section. This is a hard section, because the lava killparts, in the beginning, are close to each other.


  • It is recommended to use shift lock to jump over the tight jumps. You might get confused on the part after the pegs. You have to jump on the wall of the lava jumps.


  • Because of the hard parts in this section, it is one of PyxlDev's hardest sections in the game.
  • This section was brought along with the conveyor belt update.
  • This section is also one of the few nerfed stages in the conveyor update.
  • If you look at The Factory from a bottom view, it resembles a 47.
  • When going up the ramp part at the start, you can launch yourself up to the part with the backward conveyor.
  • This is incompatible if Bridges is above it. But it has been solved.
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