The Challenge is a section created by DcsRobloxer945 and was added on June 18, 2019.


This is a lime-colored section. It starts with two ladders that lead to one long block, which then you have to jump onto a big piece of floor. From the said floor, there is a ladder that you need to climb on, which leads to a kind of tower with a killpart in the middle and back, which leads to three blocks that slowly become smaller into 1 stud. After this, there are two more 1 stud jumps, that lead to three 4x4 blocks that you have to jump on. From the last 4x4 block you need to jump down onto another 1 stud brick, and from there, there is another 1 stud brick and then a longer brick. After there is a killpart with a block at the front and top, and you need to jump onto these without hitting the killpart itself. After this, there’s a 2x2 brick that leads to another tower-like area, with bricks to jump on to the top, and there is a killpart behind it. After that, there are three 1 stud jumps that lead to a long brick. After this, there are around 10 more bricks in two different sizes (they go on in a pattern) then there’s a ladder and two long bricks that bring you to the next section.


  • If you find the jumps hard, go slower, and don’t take any shortcuts.
  • You can skip the second long brick at the end of the section.
  • If you are very careful, you can take the shortcut by wrapping around the killbrick at the start and/or the end of the section.


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