The Block is a section created by NGspeedy and was added on August 29, 2018.


It is a faded red section that begins with a truss leading to 5 wraparounds. The first 3 wraparounds increase in length for up to about 2 studs sticking out. The last 2 decreases back to no stick-outs. It then leads to a truss at the end of the section.


When doing the wraparound jumps, go in first person, or use shift lock to easily navigate the wraparounds.


  • It is the 130th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • The original model of the section used to be a lot harder as all of the wraparounds used to be the same length as the 3rd one.
    • However, PyxlDev asked Speedy to nerf the section.
      • The nerfed model still isn't the current state today, as the first 2 wraparounds were still the same as the 3rd, but the last 2 decreased in length.
  • This section can be completed alternately using the /e dance2 glitch due to the thin walls, but it will take a lot longer to complete.
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