Switching Sides is a section created by PyxlDev and was added on April 23, 2020.


Switching sides is a section similar to Phantom and The Phantom Returns. At the start, there will be 2 moving platforms appearing and disappearing. When a platform disappears, you will need to jump to the other platform, which would have appeared by then. Be sure to use the platform in the middle that does not disappear or move before going on. The 2nd part consists of 2 disappearing platforms moving up to the next section. Be careful as the 2 platforms will disappear and appear more quickly. Using a gravity coil or the low gravity mutator is NOT recommended.


  • This is the 67th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This is one of the few sections that have phantom blocks.
  • Other sections that have phantom blocks include Phantom, The Phantom Returns, and The Meetup.
  • This section is about the same color as Pain and Bullseye.
  • This is the only section that has moving and disappearing blocks.
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