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Switching Sides is a section created by uwuPyxl and was added on April 23rd, 2020.


This bright red section contains two sets of two moving platforms that disappear and reappear. When one platform disappears, the player needs to jump to the other platform, which would have appeared by then.

The section begins with the first set of platforms, which travels between the starting platform and a stationary platform. Another platform which doesn't move or disappear is located in the middle of their path.

Once they reach the stationary platform, the player must jump to the second set of platforms, which moves between the platform and the end platform. These platforms disappear and appear faster.


  • Be more careful when you are on the second set of platforms, since they disappear and appear faster than the first set.
  • Using a gravity coil or the low gravity mutator is not recommended. However, you can use these gears to reach the stationary blocks easier.
  • If you have a fusion coil that is maxed out, it is possible to jump from one stationary block to the next easily.
  • Jump to the other disappearing platform as soon as it is solid enough to stand on.