"Where can I find this section???"
This section is a modded section. Modded Sections can only be accessed in VIP Servers. You might not have much info on these pages, but feel free to edit necessary information.

Steady is a modded section created by Archimetropolis on July 5, 2019.


Steady is a dark green section made by Archimetropolis. It first starts out with a staircase to go inside a maze of lava bricks, which after the lava brick maze, there is a ramp that will take you to the next section.


  • Take your time on the maze, don't rush.
  • Go sideways on the maze, as your shoulders might touch the lava brick.


  • This is in the Reborn Mod of Tower Of Hell.
  • This is not in TToH.
  • This is one of the shortest sections in reborn mod.
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