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Spiked Up is a section created by ExaminabIe and was added on December 24th, 2018.


This dark orange section starts at the left of the starting platform with a small platform and two pathways. The first pathway first goes straight, then goes uphill, after goes downhill and then goes uphill again with four killpart jumps. The rest of this pathway is a killpart that is slanted downwards.

The other pathway starts as a straight pathway and a long killpart that goes then uphill. The rest of the pathway has not killparts and first goes downhill, then goes uphill, then even more uphill, then downhill again and then uphill again.

To complete the section, the player must first jump on to the first platform and then jump on to the first pathway and walk across it. Then, the player must do four killpart jumps and then switch to the second pathway, as the rest of the first pathway is a long killpart. Once the player is on the second pathway, they must walk across this pathway until they reach a truss ending the section.


  • Use shift lock when jumping up the spikes near the beginning to see where the killparts are and where to land.
  • You can skip the first platform and jump straight to the ramp to save time, however it's quite a far jump and isn't recommended for newer players of the game.


  • This used to be the 74th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • This section replaced Volcano.
  • The spikes used to be directly in the middle, but they were moved to the left side due to incompatibility issues.
  • This is the only vanilla section created by ExaminabIe.
    • However, they also created the modded section Long Jumps.