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Not to be confused with the modded section Music.

The current songs in the Tower of Hell soundtrack are composed by music artists and developers Evanbear1 and BriefSerendipity.

The same music also now plays in The Tower of Hell since the update in May 2020. It plays one song on loop for the duration of your playing session. If you plan on playing The Tower of Hell with the in-game music, make sure it plays a song you don't mind listening to for a long time.

The music changes when the song ends. It used to play one song on loop and change every round. This was changed so the music no longer abruptly stops.

The song name is displayed on the bottom right of the screen and players have the option of muting the music by pressing the pause symbol next to it and unmuting it by pressing it again.

Current Music

Evanbear1's OST

Evanbear1's music was added on September 1, 2020, replacing Kevin MacLeod's music.

Listen to it on:

No. Title Length Roblox Library ID Audio
1. Recon's Train 2:48 5635148837
2. Evan's Adventure 2:49 5635147910
3. Festival de Globos 2:30 5635145623
4. Diamond Skies 3:42 5635145152
5. Cloud Mountain 3:46 5635143883
6. Obren's Breakfast 3:30 5635146875
7. Sapphire Cave 3:30 5635149499
8. Crimson Woods 3:06 5635144756
9. Interstellar Sky 3:48 5635146327
10. Pyxl's Tower 2:58 5635147181

BriefSerendipity's OST

BriefSerendipity's music was added on April 14, 2020.

Listen to it on:

No. Title Length Roblox Library ID Audio
1. Worm 1:31 4812175767
2. Rhythms 1:21 4814642659
3. Boss Battle 1:46 4835899592
4. Echo 1:29 4835898199
5. Bitty 1:29 4814640430
6. Major 1:33 4835955152
7. Move Over 1:57 4938535417
8. Tension 1:29 4938534717

Removed Music

Kevin MacLeod's Music

Note: Most of these songs were not uploaded to the Roblox Library by YXCeptional Studios. Only two of them are uploaded by uwuPyxl.

Some of the songs are only about 2 minutes due to some of them uploaded before September 26, 2016, when Roblox increased the limit of audio from 2 minutes to 6 minutes.

On October 2019, Pixelland was removed.

Title Length Roblox Library ID Audio
Pixelland 2:00 460937772

The rest of Kevin MacLeod's music was completely removed on September 1st, 2020 and replaced with Evanbear1's music.

Title Length Roblox Library ID Audio
Delightful D 3:04 2576625051
Kick Shock 1:03 184721435
Montauk Point 3:40 543357439
Overcast 1:49 357684108
Pinball Spring 2:00 434811370
Shiny Tech 1:20 (Removed for copyright)[note 1]
Sunflower Dance Party 5:45 608238947
Voltaic 3:16 2576713392
  1. Shiny Tech's original library ID was 335164341.

Other Music

On August 31, 2020, Shiny Tech was removed from the Roblox Library by an automated process to purge copyrighted audio not licensed by APM Music, despite Kevin MacLeod's music posing no risk for copyright. When attempting to play an audio which was taken down, it would instead play one of 10 tracks from APM Music, and Easy Mover was the track which replaced Shiny Tech's ID.

This was one day before all of Kevin MacLeod's music was replaced with Evanbear1's OST on September 1, 2020.

Title Length Roblox Library ID Composers Audio
Easy Mover 2:14 1837066593 Brian Colin Dee and Irving Lawrence Martin

Players with administrator commands have the ability to apply a command called "/scare2". When applied on a player or on the entire server, an image of a cat with eyeshine covers almost the entire screen whilst an amplified and reverbed version of "Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent" from the game EarthBound plays on loop.

Title Length Roblox Library ID Composers Audio
Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent (EarthBound) 1:10 340580406[note 1] Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka and Hiroshi Kanazu
  1. The amplification and reverb is added to the audio in-game. The mp3 file on this page is how it sounds in-game. It is also one complete section of audio which gets looped in the game.


  • The name "Festival de Globos" means "Balloon Festival" in Spanish.
  • The names "Pyxl's Tower" and "Obren's Breakfast" are references to uwuPyxl and ObrenTune, the owner and co-owner of Tower of Hell, respectively.
  • The name "Evan's Adventure" refers to Evanbear1 himself.
  • YXCeptional Studios uploaded Evan's Adventure under the name of "Recon's Train" and Recon's Train was uploaded under the name of "Toybox Adventure".
    • Toybox Adventure may be a former title of Evan's Adventure.
  • When Evanbear1's OST was first added, in the bottom right corner, the song "Evan's Adventure" was called "Recon's Train", and vice versa. This was later fixed.
  • BriefSerendipity's OST is uploaded to the Roblox Library under the name "Brief Serendipty" without the "i" between the 'p' and 't'. It also has a space between Brief and Serendipity unlike his Roblox username.
    • Evanbear1's OST is uploaded with only the song titles without the composer's name unlike BriefSerendipity's OST.
  • The song "Move Over" was uploaded under the name "Brief Serendipty - Move_Over" with an underscore between Move and Over.
  • The order of the songs by BriefSerendipity on Spotify are different than the order of the songs on YouTube.
  • The name of the creator of the music currently playing used to be in the bottom right along with the name of the song, this has now been changed to only have the name of the song.
  • The title on the bottom right will say "Music" when the tower is loading.