Not to be confused with Hardy Snake by Nx_ahh and Slippery Snake by ScripterAsh.

Snake is a section created by KoleTheKid1 and was added on September 8, 2018.


This is a blue section that starts by jumping on a block. Then, you climb a truss. You then jump on another block and onto another. You then come across a long line resembling a snake. You jump over the deep holes of the line and then move onto 3 trusses. You jump on them to go on on another line, which leads to 3 platforms, and on to the next section.


  • If wanted, use Low Gravity as you can then fall into the gaps but then just jump back up.
    • Alternatively, you can high jump or wall hop to the part above using shift-lock or first-person.


  • It is the 7th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This section used to have a brighter blue color but it was changed.
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