Sloppy Jumps is a section created by ViralVX and was added on July 6, 2019.


The section starts with bricks that are 2x1 and contain neon on the edges of the bricks. The next jump is like the first but the neon is in the middle of the brick. This pattern continues until the fourth strip. The second section six contains 2x2 studded bricks. The third section leads to two ways of beating the section. The first one containing fifteen 2x2 pillars that gradually rise and the other containing four strips but the neon is above the bricks with space in between. The follow-up section has six slopes that have neon in the middle.


  • It is recommended to take the pillar route as it is the easier of the two paths.
  • Always jump then move on the strip jump path to prevent hitting the neon on accident.
  • After you are done with the first part, choose the path with lava if the ladder part of Which One or Maelstrom is blocking the way of the pillar path.


  • This is the only section created by ViralXV.
  • This is section 129 in THE Tower of Hell.
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