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"Gone. Reduced to atoms."
This section is a removed section which was scrapped and can no longer be seen in-game.

Sloppy Jumps is a section created by ZemyUsed and was added on July 15th, 2019 and was removed on December 31st, 2020.


This gray section started with four 2x1 bricks. The first and the third bricks had killparts in the middle, while the second and the fourth bricks had killparts on the sides.

The second part of the section contains six 2x2 stud bricks which then leads to two ways to complete the section. The first way is to jump on fifteen 2x2 pillars that gradually rise and the other one has five platforms with killparts between them, which then leads to four slanted platforms with killparts in the middle. Both ways will lead the player to the end of the section.


This section was removed because its creator ZemyUsed was demoted.


  • It is recommended to take the pillar route, as it is safer and faster than the other route.
  • Always jump then move on the strip jump path to prevent hitting the killparts on accident.


  • This was the 129th section in The Tower of Hell.
    • This section replaced Expansion, but this section was later replaced by Hold On.
  • This was the only section created by ZemyUsed, thus with its removal they no longer have any sections left in the game.
  • This section was removed along with Decisions and Hardy Snake.
  • The section's model can be found in the Roblox Library.[1]
    • There is a killpart on the bottom of the section's model. This was removed in the latest versions seen in-game.