The Settings menu.

Settings is a feature created on May 26, 2020, you can access it by clicking Shop > Settings.


Change Theme - Changes theme of the menu to Dark, Bright or Transparent.

Killpart Color - Changes the color of all killparts in the game, you can change the color by anywhere from 0 to 360 degrees.

Private Server Settings

These allow you to use buttons instead of most commands.

Tower Size - Sets the tower size (4-40 long), the menu will also show you how many coins you get for completing the tower.

Skip Round - Skips the round, spawns a new tower.

Lock Shop - Locks the shop so people can't buy mutators or gears.


  • When setting the killpart color to 69°, it will instead say nice°.
  • While the game's menus are loading, it says 'Label' above the Killpart Color bar instead of 'Killpart Color', the bar will also appear as a different shape.
  • The settings menu only allows you to set a tower to be a maximum of 40 sections long, but with commands, you can set the length higher, up to 200 sections long.
  • Private server settings are referred to as 'VIP Server Settings' in the menu as the game hasn't been updated to include private servers' new name.
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