Any comments regarding the code on the vault will result in punishment, this is your only warning.

Secret Sections are sections that were added in the 12th of October 2019 update, they're unique sections that don't follow the regular format, you could even go outside of the tower in some of them in the past.

Secret sections don't have a name and are usually a grey/white color.

There are 16 confirmed secret sections, but look out! There may be more...

Secret Sections are 20 times rarer than regular sections.

Secret sections cannot spawn on a VIP server other than Blank.

List of Secret Sections

Secret Section 1. (Outside)

Another illustration for "Outside"

Another illustration for "Outside" (again)

  • 1.Outside - There is one section where you could go outside and jump on the blocks. Going outside leads to most possibly death, though when you jump on the blocks on mobile it's most likely you will die. Before you could go outside but now there's an invisible wall.

Secret Section 2. (Tic-Tac-Toe)

  • 2.Tic Tac Toe - (Also known as noughts and crosses) is a grey platform with Tic-Tac-Toe placed in the middle of the platform. You can even click on the following blank spaces between the lines. You can invite someone and play it in the game. If the entire board is filled, the board resets for a new game to play.

Secret section 3. (MiniTower)

Another illustration for Mini Tower again.

  • 3. MiniTower - This section has a mini version of the tower you're playing. You can't really do much but just look at the tower.

Secret Section 4. (Tetris Game Night)

  • 4. Tetris Game Night - This section includes a TV with a classic game called Ping Pong on the TV, and there are some red and blue controls. One that goes left and right respectively. You can also play the game with another player.

Secret Section 5. (Neon Section)

  • 5. Neon Section - This section includes a huge three-dimensional white room that is as huge as maybe even the tower and the only thing you can do is jump higher. Then you get to the next section. Many people are confused on where to go when they reach this section, as the entire section is neon.

Secret Section 6. (Nice View)

  • 6. Nice View - This section includes windows that shows what is outside of the tower. You can get to climb one platform while doing this.

Secret Section 7. (Disco Floor)

  • 7. Disco Floor - This section includes a dance floor including some ladders added to the left and right. It takes place as a disco section.

Secret Section 8. (House)

  • 8. House - This section includes a house that includes PyxlDev and ObrenTune inside a house. ObrenTune is playing ping pong on a TV while PyxlDev is watching a laptop with the same image. The TV and laptop just display footage of the Ping Pong section. There are also neon strips on the walls and a garden. You can go behind the house, climb the ladder, and do some simple jumps.

Secret Section 9. (Cyclotron)

Another illustration for Cyclotron

Another illustration for Cyclotron again.

  • 9. Cyclotron - This section looks like a giant cog with mini gears surrounding it. It is rarer than most rare sections but not as rare as anticipation. The color of this section is bronze/brown. This section's purpose is to make the tower spin around slowly and make your avatar a lot harder to move. Jumping may lag you a bit and moving a bit can make you fall down even the easiest of sections. This section can spawn anywhere (as shown in image), and the spin effect only applies to the sections after the cog, including the ending. Please mind that trusses also move, so if you wanted to climb a truss you have to face the side to the moving angle in order to climb.

Gearbox being discovered by Squid Magic.

Another illustration for Gearbox

  • 10. Gearbox - being the Gravity Coil, Speed Coil, Fusion Coil, Trowel, and the Hook. Those gears are randomly generated in a circular platform. There are also some circular platforms floating on pillars showing what the gear looks like. You then climb the truss and jump on the finishing platform to reach the new section or the end. The truss to climb up to the 2nd floor is quite far, so be careful. Note: Plastic Jump Coil used to spawn, but you can’t double jump.

pathRight (with key features outlined in blue)

  • 11. pathRight - Certainly not the most intriguing mystery section, but a mystery section nonetheless. This strange squiggly line has little cubes put across the line. This section could pass as a normal section, were it not for three strange things. 1) The section has no title. 2) The section goes into the next section up by a few studs. 3) The section appears grey instead of red on the sidebar. The first person to capture it with a screenshot was Kayfiee, who left a picture in the comments of this article. DUCKONAROLL left a picture on the page as well, with outlines in blue of Important details.


  • 12. pathStraight - This section is similar to Red Mystery Line, but is different. This section is a pastel green color instead of a red color. This mysterious section has no title, the line goes above the section walls and the section appears grey instead of pastel green on the sidebar. The finishing platform is directly in front of the starting platform instead of on the side. Some players discovered this section like Squid Magic and Pun9425.

An example of The Vault (found by aemilzafran)

kevlu8 cracking the code to The Vault and getting the jump coil.

  • 13. The Vault -This is a giant safe that has a 0-9 number pad. There is also an enter button (E) and a clear button (C). If you get the code correctly, the safe will open. What's inside is an infinite jump orange coil and a free orange coil cosmetic for your left arm. This was originally discovered by aemilzafran. Unfortunately, you can no longer have the orange coil permanently and you can only us it for one game if you get it. But don't worry, you can have a replica of it as a Plastic Jump Coil which can be found in the "Effects" tab.

"Minute", found by Orange_Rabbit

  • 14. Minute - The section takes up a large portion of the tower and it is a light grey color. For size reference, in a Pro Server, this level took about 3/4 of the whole tower and was just one big conveyor looping around against the walls until reaching the next section. The section is fairly simple and fun to be on. You better be on the conveyor before 1 minute left because you only classify it as found on your account if you make it to the end of the section. To win easier, equip fully upgraded speed coil and buy high speed.
  • 15. Anticipation - This section was planned by TheoryWork. This section is long, and just a long staircase walk from the beginning to the end of the section. It only spawns as the first section, and it’s extremely rare.

This is what Blank looks like in Roblox Studio.

A better view of Blank. Image taken from Fruits112010.

Blank in a VIP server after doing /remove then /skip.

Blank in TToH.

  • 16. Blank - This section can be found in a VIP server (do /setlength x then /remove) it is a section designed for you to wall hop with the use of shift lock. You can change the length of it to be longer with /setlength. It can also very rarely spawn as a section in towers outside of a VIP where it is much smaller.

2 of the sections on this list have rarer odds of spawning, they are Anticipation and Blank. From 1 May to 15 May 2020 finding all the secret sections from 1 to 16 would award the Tourist badge along with an orange halo.

On May 15 the orange halo was removed due to finding the secret sections distracting from people playing the game itself, the tourist badge itself is now also removed.

If you had the tourist badge before its removal on May 15 it will still be in your inventory on Roblox, however, it is now unobtainable.



  • Behind the TV in House, it says: "ObrenTune was here". ObrenTune is one of the developers of Tower of Hell and co-owner of YXceptional Studios.
  • The door that leads outside of Outside is now blocked by an invisible barrier.
  • Tetris Game Night references the game, Pong.
  • The neon in the secret sections will not kill you. (Except for Happy Developer Home)
  • There is a fake code to the vault that the developers have decided to add that will break the vault if you enter it in. The vault will appear empty if you open it with this code.
  • The neon strips on the walls in House used to be a plain white color, but it was changed to have a tint of blue.


If there are any more new sections let us know so we can add it quickly to help out! If you want to find secret sections easier, just keep switching servers and looking up the tower. You can find them pretty quickly.

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