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Any comments revealing or hinting towards the codes of the vault will result in an instant block; this is your only warning.

Secret Sections are sections that were added to the game on October 11th, 2019. They are unique sections that do not follow the regular format of vanilla sections.

Secret sections don't have a name and are usually a gray/white color.

There are 27 confirmed secret sections, 2 of which are not released.

Secret sections are 20 times rarer than vanilla sections.

Secret sections can spawn in a private server; however, the /skip and /filtersections commands cannot be used.

List of Secret Sections:

Name Picture Creator Date Added Order in TToH
Anticipation Anticipation Top Down.png uwuPyxl September 8, 2019 Formerly 212
Bender Bender.png uwuPyxl February 11, 2021 N/A
blank Blank.png uwuPyxl June 12, 2019 Formerly 28
Christmas Tree Christmas Tree.png Circa1987 December 1, 2021 N/A
Cyclotron Cyclotron.png uwuPyxl February 23, 2020 N/A
Disco Floor Disco Aerial.png uwuPyxl October 11, 2019 N/A
Gearbox GearBox Birdseye.png uwuPyxl October 11, 2019 N/A
House House.png ObrenTune Unknown N/A
MiniTower Ze Minitower.png uwuPyxl October 11, 2019 Formerly 211
Minute Minute Top Down.png uwuPyxl April 23, 2020 N/A
Neon Section Neon Section.png uwuPyxl October 11, 2019 N/A
Nice View Nice View Aerial PS.png ObrenTune October 11, 2019 N/A
Outside Outside Aerial.png uwuPyxl October 11, 2019 N/A
pathRight PathRight.png uwuPyxl Unknown N/A
pathStraight PathStraight.png uwuPyxl Unknown N/A
Pride Pride.png uwuPyxl June 1, 2021 N/A
Pride Picker Pride Picker.png BriefSerendipity June 1, 2021 N/A
Pride TV Pride TV.png DerHausaufgabe June 1, 2021 N/A
Snow Castle Snow Castle.png Circa1987 December 1, 2021 N/A
T T1.PNG uwuPyxl February 21, 2021 N/A
T (Variant 2) T Variant 2.png uwuPyxl February 21, 2021 N/A
Tetris Game Night Tetris Game Night Aerial PS.png ObrenTune October 11, 2019 N/A
The Vault The Vault Aerial View 2.png uwuPyxl May 6, 2020 N/A
Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe.png uwuPyxl October 11, 2019 N/A
Workshop Workshop.png Circa1987 December 1, 2021 N/A

Other Sections

Vanilla Sections

All sections that are in the game except Secret Sections.

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Removed Sections

Vanilla sections that were once in the game, but are now removed.

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Modded Sections

Sections that are part of the Tower of Hell: Reborn mod.

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  • Behind the TV in House, it says: "ObrenTune was here". ObrenTune is one of the developers of Tower of Hell and co-owner of YXCeptional Studios.
  • Behind the TV Pride TV, it says: "BlackyBountyBrowny™". This is a tribute to DerHausaufgabe's three rats named Blacky, Bounty and Browny.
  • The door that leads outside of Outside is now blocked by an invisible barrier.
  • Tetris Game Night references the 1972 game Pong.
  • The default color of the neon strips on the walls in House used to be a plain white color, but it was changed to have a tint of blue.
  • House is the only secret section whose killparts are affected by the killpart color change feature in the settings.
    • This is most likely because House is the only secret section with killparts, whereas the glow in other secret sections do not kill you.
  • T (Variant 2)'s official name is not the same as T. Only certain people know the official name and it will not be disclosed.
  • There is a fake code to the second safe of The Vault that the developers have decided to add that will break it if you use the code. The second safe will appear empty if you open it with this code.
  • All secret sections created by Circa1987 were made partially with Blender and mostly with Roblox Studio.
  • Visiting all of the secret sections used to award you the Tourist Badge and an Orange Halo, however, they were removed on May 15, 2020 for distracting players from the main game.
    • Players who earned the badge still have it in their inventories; however, they did not get to keep the halo.