Not to be confused with The Agent Returns created by Precession and The Agents Escape by DerHausaufgabe.

Secret Agent is a section created by PyxlDev and was added on an unknown date.


It contains a long platform, which players need to hop on, and neon lasers positioned at varying angles. The players need to avoid the lasers while they continue to a truss which leads to the upcoming section.


  • Take your time.
  • Follow the directions that the other players are going and try to follow them and know which way to go to avoid hitting the lasers.
  • Make sure to check whether to go under or over each laser.
  • Memorise a safe route to the end as this will help out a lot in the future.
  • Be careful if you have low gravity since you can get killed by the lasers in the air.


  • This is the 35th section in THE Tower of Hell, formerly 90th over a year ago when THE Tower of Hell had 100 stages.
  • It is as if you're robbing a bank and trying to avoid lasers to ensure your escape.
  • This is the only Secret Agent that doesn't involve any moving platfroms.
  • This was moved when Lost in space got removed
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