Saturn is a section created by Nuyorkun and was added on January 8, 2019.


The section starts with two trusses on each end of the starting platform. You would have to climb one of the trusses and jump to a platform leading to a rotating ring wrapped around a neon killpart sphere in front of them. Be careful as there are 2 killbricks on the ring, dividing it into halves, and there is a wall of neon on the right. Once the you complete the first part of the section, you have to hop onto another platform similar to the one at the beginning. Next is a ring which has the same format as the one below it, but does not move. The last part of the section features 2 paths to choose from, you may decide to go along the left path, which consists of cubes, or the right path, which consists of spheres. Both ways lead to the next section.


  • This is the 95th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • You can go sideways to avoid the killpart to the right on the first part, although it is a bit tricky.
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