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Run Around Danger is a section created by primord_ial and was added on June 18th, 2019.


This blue section that starts with a truss and a roof on the first part, that you need to wrap around to get on top of. After that, there are three two-stud jumps, that lead to a set of killparts. The killparts are in the shape of revolving doors above a platform you balance on (and the killpart reaches the balance platform).

Then there is a truss and this is repeated, but the killparts move the other way. Then there are a set of trusses and tilted bricks that lead you to the end of the section.


  • If you are a beginner, stand on the corners of the spinner part if it's coming too close to you, since it doesn't reach the corners.
  • There is a hidden small platform under the spinners, which means that when the invincibility mutator is applied, you can stand on them.
  • If the low gravity mutator is applied, you can jump from the first platform to the truss after the first killpart spinner, skipping some of the section.


  • This used to be the 83rd section in The Tower of Hell.
  • There are two different versions of the section.
    • The original version of the section is similar to the section currently seen in-game, but the last 5 platforms were trusses instead of regular parts probably to prevent people from accidentally jumping off the platforms due to how Roblox makes players facing a truss at a certain angle climb instead of walking.[1]
    • The alternate version of the section changes the end part of section that ends with trusses that led to a platform with 2 killpart strips with a truss to end the section.[2]



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