Return to Sender is a section created by PyxlDev and was added on March 4, 2020.


This section consists of 3 small green platforms and a platform that spins with kill bricks on its edges. To complete, the player must jump onto the large green spinning platform and quickly run across it onto the other platform. You must then do this again but on the top of the platform.

Speed and low gravity would both greatly increase the chance of completing this section.


  • This is the 137th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This section has a shorter section height than Cyclotron and takes a little longer to complete than Overcomplicated by PxylDev.
  • This section used to be the shortest section. After Conveying and Blender got added, they are currently the shortest sections.
  • The finishing platform used to be 2 wall tiles away to the left from the starting platform but then changed to be on top of the starting platform.
  • This section replaced Dots, a section created by DcsRobloxer945.
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