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Red on Red is a section created by Circa1987 and was added on June 18th, 2019.


This dark red section starts with some trusses leading to two identical platforms with rotating killpart walls. This leads to some identical lines with three killpart strips on them. This is followed by some circular platforms with a killpart spinner in the center. Then, there are two more identical lines leading you to the end of the section.


  • When the spinning killpart wall is facing outwards, this is your chance to make a move.
  • Remember to time your jumps at the spinner and jump quickly when you reach the second circle.
  • For speedrunners, use the right path so you can move faster because the spinner is moving counter-clockwise.


  • This used to be the 139th section in The Tower of Hell.
  • The offsale model of this section can be found on the Roblox Library.[1]
  • There is another version of the section's model.[2]
    • The section originally ended in two trusses instead of platforms.
  • This section is symmetrical, apart from the spinners' movements.
  • There are invisible parts in the middle of all of the spinning killparts.