Not to be confused with Purple Tower by ObrenTune and Purple Trees made by Aundique.

Purple Jungle is a section created by Aundique and was added on August 11, 2018.


This section starts to the left with a platform. There are then two thin platforms that the player has to jump across. Next, there is a platform leading to a path made of more thin platforms. Once they cross that, the player then jumps to a platform with a wall consisting of trusses. After they climb the truss, there is another thin platform path, but this one does not require the player to jump. Finally, the player walks on a path leading to the next section.


  • Take your time on this section, you may fall if you rush.
  • The three parts to the two truss parts are not one studs thick and you will sink into the platform and possibly fall off the platform if you are not in the relative space of the three parts.


  • This is the 58th section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • In the past, the path lead to the right but then got inverted to go to the left. The whole parkour got inverted to the other side for an unknown reason.
  • This section has the most thin platforms.
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