Tower of Hell Wiki

The portal to pro towers seen in noob towers

Pro Towers are the harder mode of Tower of Hell. The tower is twice as long as a noob tower, making it much more difficult to complete the tower. These towers contain 12 sections and their timer is 10 minutes long instead of 8 minutes.

Each pro towers server contains a portal to noob towers beneath its starting platform. Similarly, the player can access pro towers by touching the white portal beneath the starting platform in noob towers. This is not possible in a private server, as the player can choose the tower's length.

Each pro tower can give the player up to 250 coins depending on how far they make it up the tower. This can be increased to 500 coins with either the Double Coins mutator in the shop or game pass, or 750 coins with both.


  • Pro towers used to be 10 sections long; however this was later changed to 12 sections.
    • Similarly, noob towers were also increased from 5 sections to 6 sections.
  • From March 24th, 2021 to May 2nd, 2021, the timer for pro towers was 8 minutes instead of 10 minutes. After May 2nd it was reverted back to 10 minutes long.