Tower of Hell Wiki

Image showing the private server settings (called 'VIP Server Settings' in game).

Private Servers are an ordinary feature on Roblox, they allow people to have their own private server that only people they invite can join.

Tower of Hell private servers cost 250 Robux per month, and include several extra features, such as the ability to access the private server settings in the menu.

It gives exclusive access to certain features as listed below, to see how to use them, visit commands.

Private Server Features

  • Ability to stop other people from buying things from the shop (Locking the shop).
  • Ability to skip the current tower and spawn a new one at any time.
  • Ability to change the tower size from 4-40 in the menu (4-200 with commands).
  • Ability to spawn in the Bomb gear (see commands for more info).
  • Ability to kick or ban people from the server.

Removed Features

  • Ability to spawn in the secret section blank, which is usually very rare.
  • Ability to add mods to the tower (See Tower of Hell: Reborn for more info).


  • Private servers do not have a door under the staircase to take you to pro towers as you can change the length of the tower in the same server.
  • Tower of Hell still calls private servers "VIP Servers" in-game, this is because it was the old name for private servers and the menu has not yet been updated to include the new name.