Points of the Compass is a section created by Flre_Ball and was added on October 21, 2019.


This section includes 4 bricks at the start that you need to climb up. After that, you would need to jump on to the platform that has one neon brick in between the 2 bricks depending on which direction you jumped-at at the first part of the section and jump on to the next platform ahead.

(Then, you would need to jump on a spinner and avoid the neon wall approaching next. After that, you would need to jump on the platform ahead and do a front jump and avoid the neon brick ahead while trying to still stay on the platform while moving ahead) - {Repeat 2 more times until the last repeat where you will climb the truss}

After you climb the truss you would need to jump on the platform ahead of you and jump on the other brick while trying to avoid contact with the neon wall.

Finally, you would need to jump on the wedge near to the ending on the section and wall up straight and complete the section.


  • For the first part of the section, it is advised that your camera position is facing the backward of your avatar/side and climb up to the top.
  • For the second part, you are advised to move your character in '/' or '\' direction to the second platform depending on which side of the first platform you jump on.
  • You should be patient and wait for the spinner to come to you, when you know the spinner is approaching you, make the effort to make a jump onto the spinner. If you only jump on it after it faces you, you might not be able to reach it or you might panic due to the sudden spinner movement and fall.
  • When jumping on the platforms on top of the neon walls, don't rush, do it slowly.


  • This section was actually based on Pressure Cooker, another section made by Flre_Ball but was rejected due to the long duration needed to complete the section. Thus, Flre_Ball decided to change some stuff in the section and make it as another section.
  • This is also based on a part of Blockade, another rejected section created by Flre_Ball.
  • This is the 126th Section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • This section was part of the last 6 sections added into the game before #submissions [A channel in the YXCeptional Discord to Submit Sections that only Builders+ to comment in] on October 21, 2019.
  • This is Flre_Ball's 13th/14th Section to be added into the game.
  • This replaced Springs by ScripterAsh.
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