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Pipery is a section created by DerHausaufgabe and was added on May 1st, 2021.


This lime section starts with a stack of phantom blocks in the middle of the start platform that serves as a truss. The player must climb up the stack of phantom blocks and jump to a phantom wedge block that sticks out from the wall. Then, there are three tilted phantom platforms. The player must jump onto the first phantom platform and traverse the other two.

The phantom platforms lead to a three by three grid of horizontal phantom cylinders with three rows of killpart cylinders going through them. Five of the cylinders appear and disappear with a slowly delayed offset. The other four cylinders appear and disappear simultaneously and quickly. To complete the phantom cylinder grid, the player must jump onto the closest phantom cylinder and onto the phantom cylinder in the middle row. The player must then turn left and traverse the rest of the phantom cylinders in the middle row. The player must then turn right and jump onto the phantom cylinder in the last row and onto the conveyor before the phantom cylinder disappears. If any of the four simultaneously appearing cylinders appear, the player has the option to bypass the main route and traverse those cylinders instead.

Once the player is on the conveyor, they must walk to the other end of it; however, the conveyor moves the player backwards at a pace that is slightly slower than walking speed. Towards the end of the conveyor, there are four big killpart cylinders that are horizontal with the conveyor. The player must jump over the first two cylinders, walk under the third cylinder, and jump over the last cylinder. At the end of the conveyor is a normal block that the player can stand on without moving.

To complete this section, there is another stack of phantom blocks which serves as a truss, and four more phantom blocks that form a path. The player must climb up the stack of phantom blocks and traverse the four blocks to reach the end of the section.


  • All aspects of the gameplay except for the conveyor portion uses rapidly appearing phantom blocks. This means that the player must traverse these areas of the section at a pace or else they will fall. It is advised to watch the duration and layout of the phantom blocks before attempting to complete it.
  • Instead of climbing the first stack of phantom blocks, you can stand at the spot they are about to appear and let them bring you up naturally.
  • The four simultaneously appearing cylinders appear and disappear quickly. Anticipate when the cylinders will appear before attempting to jump on them to reduce the chances of touching the killpart.
  • When going up the conveyor, it is quicker to hold jump and walk at the same time.
    • When jumping over the killparts on the conveyor, it is recommended to walk close to the killpart, using the conveyor's speed as an advantage to move slowly. Time the jump to reduce the chances of dying on the killparts.
  • Due to the nature of the conveyor moving the player backwards, it is recommended to use the hourglass gear to jump over the killparts easier.
  • Although the block at the end of the conveyor is mainly to wait for the phantom blocks to appear again, it is recommended to use it to watch the duration and layout of last set of phantom blocks.


  • This section is the only section that utilizes phantom blocks as a ladder.
  • This section has the second longest strip of conveyor, only Slide contains a longer conveyor.