"Where can I find this section???"
This section is a modded section. Modded Sections can only be accessed in VIP Servers. You might not have much info on these pages, but feel free to edit necessary information.

Pinball is a modded section created by Archimetropolis, which was added on July 5, 2019.


This blue section makes the use of ice blocks and neon kill parts. Hence the name of this section, it includes the arcade game, Pinball. The player has to progress through a giant slanted pinball arcade, but as they continue, the platform that the player stands on is ice, which makes players easily slide into a neon kill part.


  • It's recomended to keep on jumping, that way when you want to stop, you can stop faster than sliding to stop.


  • The name of this section is inspired by the arcade game, Pinball.
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