Tower of Hell Wiki
"Why do I rarely see this section?"
This section, pathStraight, is a secret section. Secret sections are very rare and thus do not appear in towers often. They often have unique features that cannot be found in vanilla sections.
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Not to be confused with the secret section pathRight.

pathStraight is a secret section created by uwuPyxl and was added on an unknown date.


This green section contains multiple one stud blocks connected by lines that leads to the end of the section. The position of the dots are determined by random number generation, but they follow a trendline from the start platform to the end platform.

To complete this section, the player must jump onto the line and traverse it to reach the end of the section.


  • This was the first section to ever be created for Tower of Hell.
  • This section sometimes randomizes in a way that causes incompatibility and makes towers impossible/difficult to complete without mutators or gears.
  • On the bar at the side of the screen this section appears to have a gray color, however the section itself is actually green.
  • This section's platforms at the start and end are much thicker than usual, this was most likely done to hide the ends of the line, since they have the same thickness as the dots.
  • This section is very similar to pathRight, however it is green.