Pain is a section created by Flre_Ball and was added on July 1, 2019.


This is a red section that starts with 3 bricks that lead up to truss. Climb the truss and there will be downhill with 3 neon bricks. After that, there is a neon brick that leads to the second truss. Climb that truss and that will lead you to 2 more neon bricks. Then, There are 2 neon bricks with a path in the middle, and down the slope is a neon brick. After that, there are 3 more neon bricks and all 3 of them are slightly tall. These can be jumped over by the player. Then there is a downslope with a neon brick and 2 neon bricks in the middle. After that, there is an upslope with 1 neon brick and then there are 2 neon bricks on a path that leads to truss. And after that, The is a downslope with a neon block at the end and there are 5 trusses above it at the end.


  • This is the 52nd section in THE Tower of Hell.
  • Most people die from this because it is high up. After that, there is a truss that leads up to the next section.
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